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Rénover + is an territorial experiment which aims to shake up an ambitious energy renovation market in Fréjus (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur – France)

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Renover + Frejus

  1. 1. Telegram No. 1 July 2013   Undertaking to foster effective thermal renovations moves into high gear! The Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Regional Council, the Regional Chamber for Trades and Crafts and the Effinergie association are jointly undertaking an ambitious project aimed at pinpointing, creating and putting into practice effective action to make it easier to achieve the necessary match between supply and demand in the market for thermal renovation in the home. Targeting the private sector, homeowners and landowners, either in individual houses or in small apartment blocks, the undertaking is also geared towards craft enterprises working in the building sector that are in the front line of this market, as well as their partners such as wholesalers, dealers, manufacturers, etc. CONTENTS • Renovate more in Fréjus Website • Development of a network of companies and professionals at the ready • In focus this month! The 'Renovate more in Fréjus' Challenge • Keep up to date with Renovate more in Fréjus LEARN ALL ABOUT RENOVATE MORE Download the press kit ► Renovate more in Fréjus Website A tool for use by private individuals, craft enterprises and generally everyone involved in the initiative, the internet site 'Renovate more in Fréjus' is now operational. This tool will enable those involved in the undertaking to advertise their offers and publish their news. Would you like to share some essential information about your activities or present your projects? Contact us Created in cooperation with the Club de l’Amélioration de l’Habitat (Home Improvement Club), the site offers two kinds of information: specific local information about the undertaking and general information about how to go about renovating your home and the relevant national mechanisms (regulations, financing, etc.).
  2. 2. Telegram No. 1 July 2013 ► Development of a network of companies and professionals at the ready Shake up the market, everyone counts! The main goal of this undertaking is to offer a space suitable for all kinds of initiatives with a view to fostering and developing home renovations and energy efficiency. For some months now, Renovate more in Fréjus has been generating a great many encounters where the goals and operating methods of the undertaking can be presented. This is an opportunity for prospective partners to make their ambitions and constraints known and to take time to reflect on offers that are coherent with the undertaking's goals and their own strategies. Some enterprises like to try things out first, taking advantage of 'Renovate more in Fréjus' to test the waters and launch new and innovative offers; for example, they might suggest an all-inclusive service, starting from the initial analysis all the way through to final completion. To date, twenty-five partners have already signed the charter, offering specific services as part of the Renovate more in Fréjus undertaking. And the list of partners is certainly not complete because the undertaking is intended to continue indefinitely. Any organisation, enterprise or professional person interested in energy efficient thermal renovation is invited to join the undertaking at any time, proposing their cooperation and putting forward offers. • Private individuals: find all partner offers that match the needs of your renovation projects here • Renovation professionals: find all partner offers that match your enterprise's needs here Your contacts in the field Renovate more in Fréjus needs someone who can really promote the undertaking in the field and act as a contact for partners. We have two such people keen to make it easier for everyone to work together, creating opportunities for cooperation and finding practical solutions to the problems encountered. ► At the Chamber for Trades and Crafts in the Var Region, Patrick Nondé is in daily contact with the craftspeople and their obvious business partners: wholesalers, dealers, manufacturers, project managers, instructors, professional organisations, etc. ► In the city of Fréjus, Julien Lyan is in charge of taking action aimed at informing, advising and encouraging owners and finding partners willing to participate in these actions: advice bureaux, estate agencies, asset managers, notaries, banks, etc. Home
  3. 3. Telegram No. 1 July 2013 ► In focus this month! A challenge to recognise and reward the best renovation practices: enter now! In Fréjus, many professionals are at the ready with offers of renovation adapted to meet clients' needs, offering the energy 'plus' that also brings with it greater well-being, more comfort and bigger savings. A challenge has been organised to highlight the best ideas and practices. It will reward: ► in the 'Excellence' category: ideal renovations that have been able to combine the energy efficiency 'plus', the quality service 'plus' and, of course, the readiness and coordination 'plus' of the people involved. ► in the 'Smart' category: renovations that have found a way around constraints and difficulties inherent to the rehabilitation project to achieve the 'plus' in terms of comfort and energy efficiency. ► in the 'Innovation' category: renovations that have been able to invent new routes and approaches to achieve better energy performance, by shaking up the usual methods. © photo Gabrielle Prompt Var Matin Renovation work being carried out on a villa in Agay by a partner company specialising in heating, fitting of solar panels and installation of heat pumps. The challenge is open to all participants in the 'Renovate more in Fréjus' undertaking. Between now and 30 November 2013, you can nominate projects that you would like to see highlighted and benefit from personalised assistance in preparing your entry. •Download the full rules of the challenge here •Download your expression of interest here Home
  4. 4. Telegram No. 1 July 2013 ► Keep up to date with Renovate more in Fréjus Several actions are already ongoing as part of the undertaking. These include: ► The official launch evening of Renovate more in Fréjus, which took place in the Port-Fréjus Municipal Hall on 28 March, was attended by around 100 people: building sector professionals, elected office-holders, representatives of other associated professions, such as banks, etc., and several private individuals. The evening afforded an opportunity to present the Renovate more in Fréjus undertaking and to raise the awareness of local players about the issues it represents. A large number of meetings were arranged during the event, leading to the forming of partnerships. Read more. ► On 19 June, a public meeting, organised jointly by Cobaty 83, the Sustainable Mediterranean Buildings Association (BFM), EDF and the East Var Energy Information Bureau, brought together around twenty people interested in the question of analysis and pertinent solutions. Read more. ► On 25 June a dozen or so professionals attended a training course to become 'BDM Monitors'. See next course ► ► On 29 and 30 March, as part of the energy information events being organised by the East Var Energy Information Bureau, displays of insulating materials and a conference about insulation in the home afforded an information opportunity for interested private individuals and professionals. Read more … All our online... news RENOVATE MORE IN FRÉJUS WEBSITE • All the news for private individuals • All the news for the professionals GET INVOLVED IN RENOVATE MORE IN FRÉJUS! Contact us Home