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Press release

  1. 1. Building Wealth with your IRA through Real Estate andMortgage NotesTired of the stock market? Leverage your own knowledge in real estate, notes and other industriesthrough a Self Directed IRASummary: Kansas City, April 23rd, 2013: Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors has declaredMay the month of Self Directed IRA learning with online training through their website and two livemeetings on May 2ndand May 14thin Kansas City. Learn what a Self Directed IRA can do and bring allyour questions to the May 2ndmeeting and come see some real live examples of deals at the May 14thmeeting. Visit MAREInet.Content:Self Directed IRASelf Directed IRAs have been around since 1975 when the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of1974 created IRAs. The Self Directed IRA is one that is held by a qualified custodian who in turn allowsyou to invest your retirement funds in just about anything . . . real estate, mortgage notes, preciousmetals, oil, businesses and others.In the real estate investing industry, Real Estate Investors utilize the Self Directed IRA and otherretirement funds to grow wealth through real estate with such things as: options, rental propertypurchases, wholesales, private loans, note purchases and more.By utilizing the various real estate strategies it is possible to grow an IRA account quite quickly and quitelarge through sound, well thought out real estate investments rather than relying on the volatility of thestock market and other peoples expertise. Make the retirement account a Roth account where themoney goes in after being taxes and grow true wealth tax free inside the Roth Account.
  2. 2. We encourage everyone to take the time to research out “Self Directed IRA” on the internet to find awealth of information and custodians. Visit our website at to see ourhomework and the two monthly meetings we are holding to educate our members on May 2ndand May14thin the Kansas City Metro. These meetings are open to the general public and have a $25 at the doorfee and a $15 pre-registration fee. Visit our site to learn more.To pre-Register: Go to and follow the links.For more InfoFor more information and to register for the event, please visit or give us a call at913-815-0111 or email us at MAREI:Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors with 100 years of combined experience offers strategies onhow to invest in real estate and the inside story on how to become financially independent by investing inreal estate. Breaking news from Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors in Tax Planning, SelfDirected IRA, Real Estate, Mortgage Notes, Real Estate Association, Real Estate Training.-----------Tags: real estate, real estate investing, kansas city real estate, real estate in kansas city, real estatecontracts, david Nachman