Public Input Matrix


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A matrix of the feedback received from the first public meeting.

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Public Input Matrix

  1. 1. Public Input Matrix Wollaston Visioning Meeting November 29, 2012The following pages provide the summarized feedback provided bymeeting attendees at the first Wollaston Center visioning meetingheld on November 29, 2012 by the City of Quincy and theMetropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC).
  2. 2. What do you value most about Wollaston? Times MentionedConvenience and proximity (transportation, food, shopping, beach, airport, etc.) 7Walkability 5Friendly neighborhood atmosphere 5Transportation options (bus, rail, walk, drive) 4Presence of nice historical structures (Wollaston theater, post office, library, etc.) 3Safe neighborhood 3Diversity of people 3Open space (Merrymount Park) 2Proximity to Boston 2Small neighborhood-oriented businesses 2Diverse housing stock 2Central Middle School 1Business clients are base repeat customers 1High potential to become a desirable destination 1Opportunity for civic participation 1Hannaford grocery store 1
  3. 3. What types of housing can help address future needs? Times MentionedNeed for more studio and 1 bedroom rental units 1Affordable housing, 2 bedrooms with parking 1Need more housing centrally located for empty nesters/young professionals 1Assisted living besides the existing low-income senior housing 1Affordable, moderately priced housing 1Where are the best opportunities for locating new housing? Times MentionedMBTA parking lot 5Mixed-use, housing above current retail (e.g., Chapman/Beale area) 4Along Newport Avenue 3CVS parking lot 3Flat land close to the MBTA station 1Air rights development over the station or tracks 1Corner of Hancock and Beale 1Hannaford parking lot 1Locate housing near businesses to support commercial center 1Sams Billboard 1Storage facility on Weston 1Supreme Liquor parking lot 1
  4. 4. What types of businesses could be supported, and where is the best location? Times MentionedRestaurants 4Small hardware store 4Neighborhood grocery store 3Family-oriented businesses (theater, bowling alley, recreation facility, etc.) 3Lounge/bar/pub 3Expanded library/media center 3Community center 2Coffee shop 2Cultural event space/music 2Gym/health club 2Pharmacy/small medical offices 1Bakery 1Bookstore 1Banks 1Offices on the second floor of buildings 1Artist space 1High end retail 1A senior center 1Food vendors in the MBTA station 1Need anchor stores to complement smaller shops in the area 1
  5. 5. What improvemens could be made to better connect surrounding neighborhoods? Times MentionedImproved streetscaping in the area/safety (e.g., street trees, lighting, benches, etc.) 5Bike accommodations on Beale and Hancock Streets (e.g., bike lanes, bike parking, bike share system, etc.) 4Sidewalk improvements on every street 2Return MBTA bus routes through Wollaston from other Quincy areas (e.g. West Squantum), need more bus connections to 2the Red Line stationBetter signage from the MBTA Red Line station to Wollaston destinations (e.g., beach, school, parks) 2Better connections to the new middle school 2Widen Beale Street 1Sidewalk improvements on Beach Street 1Sidewalk improvements on Old Colony Avenue 1Sidewalk improvements on Berlin Street 1Pedestrian bridge over Newport Avenue 1Flooding issues around the Red Line station 1Crosswalk at Chapman and Beale Streets 1Connection from Clay Street to Pitts Avenue 1Look at ways to calm traffic in the area 1Crossing Newport Avenue from MBTA station needs to be improved 1Improve mid-block crossing at Beale Street and Old Colony Avenue 1Improve pedestrian circulation in the MBTA parking lot 1Improve handicap accessibility at the MBTA station 1Re-time traffic signals to include more pedestrian crossing time 1Signage to make crosswalks more prominent 1
  6. 6. Other comments Times MentionedNeed better/more trash collection 2Move library to the new middle school 1Add a police substation to the library 1Need better tree maintenance 1Develop a local attraction in Wollaston to keep people in Wollaston after returning from work 1Increase lighting and security at MBTA station 1Use arts as a way to attract people to the area 1Bus stops in the area take up too much space 1Wollaston needs an identity 1Need to reduce crowding on the MBTA Red Line 1Parking Comments Times MentionedNeed parking garages 2Link parking to any new development 2Parking is an issue in the area 1Need to centralize parking 1Shared parking, and parking management are needed 1Need for upgraded parking, balance housing and parking ratio 1