MAPC Fall Council meeting lightning talks


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On October 24, 2012, MAPC staff gave lightning round presentations on MAPC's work in areas of clean energy, environment, data analysis, transportation, and community engagement.

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  • 3 pieces: Kiosk, map/ad panel, docks
  • Good morning. My name is Heidi Anderson and I’m the Manager of Municipal Procurement Services at MAPC. Thank you for allowing me to introduce you to my projects that I like to collectively call the MAPC Store. Your regional gateway to premium procurement services. Conveniently located in downtown Boston. We make local service calls. Call now to set up an appointment.
  • Today’s presentation is being brought to you by:The number 4 as in MetroFuture Implementation Strategy #4 Build Regional Collaboration and as in 4 fire engines purchased this past July andThe Letter B as in building regional collaboration through cooperative procurement and as in bikes – over 1,000 launched to date as part of Hubway our regional bike sharing system.
  • So what’s missing from your procurement plans?
  • The MAPC Store! All your cooperative procurement needs met. Our staff offers you the right mix of experience, skills & c. 30B know-how to get you what you need and what you want. If we don’t already have what you want in stock; we’ll bid it out. Whether you’re looking for a way to buy supplies & services that provides you with choice and is both efficient and cost effective or
  • you’re collaborating on a great idea with some folks in a few neighboring towns and with some of the planning staff at MAPC. How do you get from the idea phase through the planning phase to seeing that idea become reality? By bringing together the best in procurement with the best in planning, all in house of course, the MAPC Store can help turn ideas into reality.
  • Whether you’re looking to spend $25,000 or $250,000 … whether you’re looking for a tailor-made solution just for you and your project or you’re looking for an off the rack option like one of our cooperative contracts for vehicles, we’ll help you figure out the right fit based on your needs and our expertise.Whether you’re looking for off-the-rack or tailor-made …Stop in and talk to our staff. We’ll fit you with the procurement solutions that are right for you!
  • So if your fire chief is looking to purchase a new ladder truck , pumper engine or ambulance …It’s cost effectiveness and efficiency in purchasing with a focus on public safety and service!A full range of contracts bid and awarded on your behalf and the selection can’t be beat! Wow! Look at the latest for fire, police & DPW!Something for everyone and the selection is growing!Check now to see if your municipality is eligible!
  • Or your police chief has requested appropriations for replacement cruisers … It seems like only last fiscal year she was requesting appropriations for replacement cruisers! The MAPc Store can help … offering a full range of municipal vehicle contracts bid and awarded on your behalf since 2004. It’s cost effectiveness and efficiency in purchasing with a public safety focus. And the selection can’t be beat. Something for everyone and the selection is growing. Call now to see if your municipality is eligible.
  • And if green is your thing contact our procuremnet staff to ask about hybrids and our energy services staff about MAPC’s Clean Energy Initiatives …
  • FCAM 42 units of fire apparatus sold already … 36 fire chiefs served to date … $800,000 estiminated municipal savingsGBPC over 1900 vehicles sold to date, over 200 entities served, value of convenience PRICELESSPublic works over $15,000,000 in services bid across the region last year … folks, that’s a lot of new and improved sidewalks.
  • All procurements are certified 100% MGLc.30B compliant.Conclusion: At the MAPC Store we’re always looking for new ways to help. Our question to you is … “Tell us what you need?”
  • Fatal flaw site assessment
  • Ameresco rooftop solar installation
  • Former Mayor of Revere, Tom Ambrosino and Energy Contractor – HVAC installation
  • Stoughton Chamber of Commerce – Going GoingGoing Green – 10/01
  • People that are really passionate about…planning!
  • Partnering with some really cool people doing really cool things
  • Farmer’s Markets can be fun!
  • …but not during a nor'easter!
  • Having Fun! - The Institute on Leadership in Equity & Development (ILEAD)
  • Every year in January we kick off the year by opening our doors and have an Open House displaying our current projects…raffle prizes, music and appetizers - Kids WelcomeDo I need to ask permission for this slide?
  • …partnering with really cool people doing really cool things – which allows us to meet more people including youth …meeting people where they are…going outside & having hands on shared experiences. …but paying closer attention the weather.…being creative and most importantly enjoying ourselves while doing so!
  • Clark Pond, Manchester-by-the-seaInnovative project to eliminate serious flooding of adjacent development and improve water quality.Restoration removed multiple flow restrictions by replacing an antiquated granite culvert with an open channel covered by a wooden footbridge for public access.
  • = Environmentally Friendly Development
  • Although showing a commercial development just outside our region, this could be any one of our communities.National Flood Insurance Program paid 18,000 claims in the region since 1978, totaling $170 million.1,900 of the affected properties experienced “repetitive loss”=two or more losses greater than $1,000 in a 10-year period.$21.4 billion over 20 yearsLocal regulations to allow for innovative practices (e.g. parking/pavement, stormwater, wastewater)?
  • Reuse of Former Naval Airfield BaseOn site WWTWater Reuse - Irrigation
  • 495 MetroWest & SWAP SubregionsShowing our priority development and priority preservation analysis for the 495/MetroWest Development Compact Plan
  • Best Management PracticesSuccession PlanningLeasingPreservationZoningMarketing
  • Franklin, MA - Rain Gardens at municipal BuildingsWalden Pond Porous Pavement in parking area installed in 1977 – worst climate condition for this material - raised the water table and reduced erosion – still working today!
  • Showing decrease in water pumping from municipal system for potable water due to water conservation practices:
  • Mitigation = 1st stage of adaptationOverlapping practices: Green infrastructure, Water/Energy Conservation, Smart growth/LID
  • MAPC Fall Council meeting lightning talks

    1. 1. Supporting the Growth of Cycling in the Region Eric Bourassa, Director of Transportation Planning
    2. 2. SAVE NOW!The MAPC StoreYour regional gateway to premium procurement services. Heidi Anderson Municipal Services Procurement Manager
    3. 3. Today’s presentation is brought to you by…The number 4 and the Letter B
    4. 4. What’s missing from your procurement plans?
    5. 5. All your needs…at the MAPC Store!Our staff have the right mix of experience, skills & MGL c. 30B know-how to get you what you want!If we don’t already have what you want in stock; we’ll bid it out! Supplies & Services Efficiency, Cost Effectiveness & Choice!
    6. 6. Collaboration… Turns ideas into reality.
    7. 7. The right fit…Off the rack? Tailor-made? We’ll help you figure it out.
    8. 8. Fire trucks
    9. 9. Police cruisers
    10. 10. Is GREEN your thing
    11. 11. Fire Chief Association of Massachusetts (FCAM)42 units of fire apparatus sold36 fire chiefs served$800,000 estimated municipal savings Greater Boston Police Council (GBPC) 1,900+ vehicles sold 200+ entities served Priceless value of convenience Public Works $15,000,000+ in services bid for towns across the region
    13. 13. Metropolitan Area Planning CouncilClean Energy Initiative Rebecca Davis
    14. 14. Renewable Energy SiteAssessment
    15. 15. Solar Development
    16. 16. Rooftop Solar Installation
    17. 17. LED Streetlights
    18. 18. LED Streetlight RetrofitLED Streetlight Retrofit
    19. 19. Energy Efficiency Retrofits
    20. 20. Local Energy Action Program (LEAP)
    21. 21. Business Clean Energy Workshops
    22. 22. Emily Torres-CullinaneGoing beyond meetings…Emily Torres-CullinaneCommunity Liaison
    23. 23. engagingmore peoplein planning
    24. 24. Partners
    25. 25. MetroFuture Walks & Talks
    26. 26. Festivals & Farmer’s Markets
    27. 27. …but not during a noreaster!
    28. 28. Creative, Welcoming & Fun
    29. 29. To recapMAPC is… …partnering with passionate people. …meeting people where they are. …creative, welcoming & having fun!
    30. 30. Emily Torres-CullinaneLast thought…
    31. 31. Natural Resource Protection
    32. 32. Goal: Sustainable Development
    33. 33. Challenges:
    34. 34. We Can Do Better!
    35. 35. Maybe Even This? Source: Green Island
    36. 36. Yes We Can! Corporate Cntr. Apts./Condos/Assisted Open Space/Rec.MBTA Stn. Sports Complex Village Sq. Single FamilySouthfield: Weymouth, Rockland, & Abington, MA
    37. 37. Priority Development/Preservation Areas
    38. 38. Preserve Agriculture
    39. 39. Use Low Impact Development/Green Infrastructure:Source: MA Department of Conservation and Recreation Source: City of Portland, OR
    40. 40. Summer Smart Water Use Source: North/South Rivers Watershed
    41. 41. ResilientCommunitiesClimate ChangeMitigation/Adaption
    42. 42. Climate Change:Not All Bad News…
    43. 43. $1,000,000,000 Question… How can your communities think outside the box to create mutual benefits for society, the environment, and economic development?
    44. 44. Labor Surplus: More workers than jobs Data Surplus:More numbers than needed
    45. 45. Skills Mismatch:Lack of workers with necessary training Data Mismatch: Lack of data withnecessary information
    46. 46. Opportunities for “Mode Shift” Where are these kids?
    47. 47. School Commute Survey 6 questions 6 languages Paper + online 51% return rate
    48. 48. Survey Results
    49. 49. Find the best opportunitiesTarget funding to maximize impact Set goals and measure progress
    50. 50. Labor Immobility: Workers can’t get to job site Data Immobility:Users can’t take data with them
    51. 51. Existing Land Use, Local PDAs with acreage Vacant Developable Commercial & Land, 4,983 Industrial Land Uses, 5,447 UndevelopableResidential Land (Wetlands, Uses, 2,036 Open Space, Other), 3,771
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