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RT Preventology - Skin Care



The breakthrough of skincare treatment from RT Preventology

The breakthrough of skincare treatment from RT Preventology



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RT Preventology - Skin Care RT Preventology - Skin Care Presentation Transcript

  • RT preventology
  •  About RT preventology  RT preventology treatments  Why choosing RT preventology  Relationship between Face reading & your skin care
  •  RT PreventologRT is the name of the 100% natural skincare product, using natural ingredients such as herbs, roots, oils, spices and flowers combined with natural agents, Vitamins and state of the art anti oxidant bouquet formulated by Master Herbalist “Rania Tabbah”  Everything is natural and beyond organic.
  •  RT preventology Formulas has its roots in the 4th millennium BC in Egypt with natural skin care treatments for a variety of skin conditions.  In the modern age, RT preventology remedies still basically the same only with better formulation and wider range of ingredients from around the world to suits people with unique skin types and needs such as (sensitive skin, dry skin, oily skin and combination skin) and give them an alternative choice for their skin care solutions.  Some examples of natural skin care ingredients that RT preventology use include jojoba, safflower oil, rose hip seed oil, shea butter, beeswax, Hamamelis, aloe vera, tea tree oil, chamomile and hundreds more etc…. Many of these natural ingredient combinations can be tailored specifically to the individual's skin type or skin condition.
  • Why natural cosmetics?  Very often people ask 'Why should I use natural beauty products?' The answer is rather simple. Every day we are exposed to different sorts of chemicals and our body absorbs all the sorts of damageable substances. That is why we should do all the possible things to keep such harmful substances away from our body and prevent their getting into it.  Our formula does do what it is made to do and that can be defined…. It is not to do magic, but it does do good. It conditions or moisturizes, the oils nourishes and soften the skin, astringents, cools and stimulates, soothes, cleanses, tones, restores normal acidity.  The ingredients does its job well and gives aesthetic and sensuous pleasure.  Our remedies have no mineral oils and synthetic preservatives.
  • Treatments We offer new skin solution for men and women 45 minute treatment: Skin-Lightening Treatment  USDA Certified Organic natural plant roots.  The treatment contains ingredients that have anti-inflammatory, regenerative & antioxidant properties ingredients. This Herbal mix can inhibit the melanogenesis and is thus used as skin whitening agent giving skin lightening effects, good antiinflammatory, regenerating and soothing effects.
  •  Anti-Acne Treatment Effective long-term regulation of sebum production, reduces greasiness of the skin, prevents skin irritation, leads to smooth skin and improves skin appearance.
  •  Anti-Aging Treatment Regenerative processes may include stimulation of the production of proteins (e.g. collagen, elastin), prevention of water loss, stimulation of the skin's blood circulation, replenishing the subepidermis with natural lipids, and maintenance of the natural homeostasis of the skin cell. Antioxidants like, for example, vitamin C and vitamin E.  Contains high purity alpine flowers. Eco certified organic products, it has a very high radical antioxidant activity twice as much as vitamin C. Potent antioxidant with very effective anti-aging, anti-inflammatory & anti-septic properties, protects the skin before & after sun exposure.
  • Anti-Dark Circles Treatment  Dark circles under the eyes are the result of the engorged blood vessels. Because the skin under eyes is thinner than skin anywhere else on body, blood vessels there are more noticeable and very fragile.  Dark circles are caused by colored pigments that stem from hemoglobin (protein from red blood cells) released from such fragile blood vessels. Now natural formulated ingredients are able to absorb and eliminate such colored hemoglobin pigments.  Our Botanical formula consisting of yeast , soy & rice dramatically reduces dark circles & puffiness around the eyes (Observation study showed 35% reduction after 8 weeks treatment), improves skin smoothness & texture, improves microcirculation of the blood in the skin.
  • Anti-Wrinkle Treatment  There are various active ingredients that can reduce fine lines or also larger wrinkles.  This can be achieved by different mechanisms including reserve of facial skin muscle, tightening, stimulation of the production of proteins in the connective tissue (e.g. collagen, elastin), and best possible hydration of skin cells and prevention of water loss
  • Antioxidants Treatment  Antioxidants are useful in two ways: On the one hand they prevent degradation of natural ingredients (proteins, sugars, lipids) in the cosmetic product. On the other hand antioxidants protect the skin cells from being damaged and slow down the aging process. Antioxidants have been shown to boost the skin's radiance, minimize age spots, sun spots, and fine lines.  Vitamin-like molecule obtained from plant material. Potent antioxidant with effective antiaging & anti-wrinkle properties reinforces collagen & elastin production of connective tissue, potent moisturizer penetrate into skin preventing water-loss.
  • Antiperspirants Treatment  Our treatment prevent odor and reduce sweat malodor by inhibiting bacterial growth.  Our treatment works in that it naturally fixes (traps & absorbs) odor molecules formed during bacterial decomposition of perspiration. It does not inhibit natural transpiration and has no bactericidal or fungicidal properties. Therefore it does not interfere with the natural flora of the skin.
  • Botanical Treatment  All botanical ingredients specifically designed for your skin type, and are made from the finest organic, ethically wild-crafted and best quality plants. All extracts are extracted and preserved with purely natural ingredients using defined standards, practices, and materials. Most extracts are USDA certified organic.  Kelp seaweed is a member of the brown algae family. Root, stem and leaves have been used in this formulas. Sea kelp can be found in the colder coastal waters of North America. Sea kelp has a high content of silicon, vitamins and minerals. Silicon helps strengthen skin and tissue from wrinkling and sagging. The vitamins and minerals nourish and soothe the skin and nourish especially the root of the hair.
  • Conditioners for Hair Treatment  Our conditioners are special surfactants carrying positive electrical charges, thereby neutralizing the negative charges of the hair that occur especially on areas where there is weathering.  The effect is a reduction of static electricity on the hair and the ‘fly away’ associated with it. Not only does this improve the shine and luster of the hair, the change in the hair surface enhances the depth and life of the hair color too. Conditioners also improve detangling and combing the hair, both wet and dry. Proteins in conditioners are able to repair damaged or premed hair by refilling shed cuticle scales.
  • Hair Repair treatment  Very mild plant proteins derived from rice, excellent conditioner, imparts superior dry comb properties, strengthens the hair and provides abrasion resistance, excellent moisturizing & film-forming properties, well absorbed by damaged ends of the hair making it ideal for hair repairing systems.  Contains protein from the seeds of the lupine plant; which are high in proteins and contain 35-45% of all the essential amino acids  Lupine cultivation goes way back to ancient Egypt and Greece. Lupine protein contains a high amount of essential amino acids which provide many benefits and treatment options in the fight against hair damage. Good anti-static, regenerating and conditioning properties.
  • Vitamins Treatment  Vitamins offer various benefits to the skin as suppression of pigmentation & bruising, stimulation of collagen synthesis, refinement of the skin surface, and antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.  The antioxidant effect is particularly appreciated since free radicals generated by UV light or pollutants are effectively neutralized and no longer able to damage skin cells  Vitamins can therefore significantly improve the performance of your skin, Hair, and nails. The most widely used vitamins in our products are vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and provitamin B5
  • Why RT preventology ? RT Preventology has a different approach It’s done in small batches… daily fresh delivery from our facility to you… simple as that Our product has an expiry date and some needs refrigeration, contains absolutely no preservative        We use The best Farms and Honey keepers that we personally supervise We use glass containers and not plastic Hand crafted homemade remedies using only super natural products Lightly scented from natural flower/ distillation process Unisex good for men and women Has a short shelf life to ensure freshness One on one personal care with each customer Seminars and meetings for knowledge about obtaining Supreme beauty of body, mind and soul. Our 100% Natural skin care ingredients are from fruit & Vegetable/ Teas, Flower & Herbs/ Oils/ Nuts/ Seeds/ Spices/ Grains/ Honey/ Earth/ Gums Packaging: Made out of hand made blown glass and natural corks
  • FACE READING  Our face is the mirror of our inner self…  According to Chinese Face reading, a person’s face is, in effect, a 100-year map of his / her life.  Different points on our faces represent the different years as we grow through life. And indeed, practically every facet of our lives, including our wealth, health, career and relationship prospects can be deduced from our faces!  Physiognomy is a theory based upon the idea that the assessment of the person’s outer appearance, primarily the face, facial features, skin texture and quality, may give insights into one’s character or personality.
  • There are also sectors in the face , when evaluated tells a person’s character, nature, challenges, obstacles, talents , and potential for achievements in life.
  • The wisdom of your eyes wrinkles  Did you know that wrinkles under your eyes are a sign of lessons learned and wisdom gained while you were in your 30s?  Did you also know that you can look better in your 50′s if you learn to be in peace with yourself & others in your 30′s ?  During a time of a lot emotions, all your stress goes out under your eyes causing you to have wrinkles as you are struggling with these internal emotions.  Practice on having a good lifestyle ( healthy diet, exercise, healthy mind/positive thinking, healthy skin by using the right treatments ..) do some yoga/meditation daily ( 15-30 minutes).  Learn to love yourself. Be productive, supportive & inspiring Do good deeds if you wish to stay good at your 50′s ! and that’s like reverse
  •  More than just a lack of sleep sign, dark circle eyes are indicative of your relationship with your children.  A bad ‘’ Chi’’ attracts a tense relationship with your loved ones . As a mother, you become worrisome or paranoid .
  • What is your body telling you?  The Mishio Kushi Theory contends that a weakness or toxicity in a certain organ or gland can cause acne on certain areas of the body.  The Mishio Kushi theory, though not a science, can be helpful when trying to pinpoint a reason why one has acne . Thereby, enabling one to treat the cause instead of the symptom.
  • Tips  Oily T-zone - Caused by dietary oils including milk products. If the body is overtaxed with fats it try's to eliminate the fat through the largest eliminating organ of the body: the skin. It may also indicate the possibility of cholesterol build up in arteries. Possible changes include: Cut out milk products use non saturated fats to cook in such as olive oil. Herb ally you might want to look into chickweed.  Enlarged Pores - Long term consumption of white sugar products. If it's overloading the skin, chances are the pancreas could also be overloaded. Possible changes-cut out white refined sugar. Herb ally you may want to take chromium which symptom of deficiency is craving sugar.  Pallid complexion -Mineral and nutrient deficient, especially iron and chlorophyll. Mineral deficiency symptoms also described as "not feeling sick, just not feeling well".
  • Signs  Deep creases in ear lobe - signs of heart problems. Possible changes - check cholesterol and nourish heart. Herbally: Gingko Vitamin E and minerals.  Crows feet - Excessive intake of tannic acid Coffee, Tea and Soda) Tannic acid (increases uric acid) also robs the joints of natural sodium contributing to arthritis and gout. It also destroys the lining of the stomach. Possible changes - Cut out coffee, tea and soda (I believe you will never get rid of arthritis if you continue drinking them) Herbally: Eat more celery.  White exposed below iris - eating dead foods (it is said only live foods can truly nourish the body.) Possible changes - Eat as much raw vegetables and fruits as possible (including the seeds!). Herbally: Herbs are food, drying takes out less value than cooking (30% opposed to 65%).  Bags beneath eyes - lack of rest, kidney problems or kidneys needing flushed out. Again the uric acid could encourage arthritis. Possible changes - Drink plenty of "good" water. Cut out all coffee, tea, soda and artificially colored drinks.  Frown and smile lines - Improper assimilation of fatty acids. Possible changes - cut down on fat. Herb ally: chickweed.  Swollen upper eye lids - proper ratios of potassium and sodium which can also cause gallstones, kidney stones and high blood pressure. CAUTION: Too much of the isolated mineral potassium supplement can adversely effect the heart. Do not take without guidance from a competent health practitioner. Try first to get the potassium from your foods such as: Bananas, oranges and baked potatoes (with skins).
  •  Lines on neck - Sometimes indicates improper assimilation of fatty acids, but usually mean thyroid problems. Possible changes add kelp to food instead of salt.  Dark Circles under the eyes - a lack of rest but if this is not the cause then look to the liver. The liver may be toxic and needs flushed. Or it may be weak (vitamin A). Dark circles can also indicate allergies, usually stemming from the liver. The most common allergies are wheat and dairy. First look at liver, then bowel, then kidney, then respiratory, then skin. Eat a high fiber diet. Avoid all unnecessary chemicals.  Pale lips - anemia (not ingesting, digesting or absorbing iron). Iron filled foods are raisins, cream of wheat and dandelion. Iron should always be taken with Vitamin C. Possible changes - avoid milk it binds iron. B12 is also needed for iron utilization. Herbally: Vitamin C.  Mousy hair - Poor over all health. Lacking minerals especially silicon. Possible changes - Eat better meals, more raw veggies and fresh fruits. (sometimes accompanies eating disorders).  Thin Hair - Thyroid or lack of silica
  • Meaning of Moles on the Face  1. Point of the third eye, the Shiva eye: Someone who has a birthmark here, possesses an infinite intuition, intellect and thirst for knowledge with a gradient of mysticism. 2. Right corner of the eye: The meaning of moles — you are passionate, jealous person. 3. Right eyelid: Poetic nature, a tendency towards intellectual professions. 4. A mole under right eye: This mole – the witness of deep love and fidelity, as well as sensuality and generosity. 5. Under internal right eye: Variable, tangled temperament and short love affairs. 6. Bridge of the nose: A passion for travel, imagination and creativity. 7. Under internal left eye: Meaning of moles in this place — an unjustified jealousy, the prevalence of self-centeredness in nature.
  • Our treatment sessions are available please call us at 407 873 9860 for appointment. Also you can meet Miss H Stephan RN, BSN, CNC Bachelor of Science in Nursing Certified Nutrition Counselor to advises on matters of nutrition
  • RT Preventology Disclaimer  Disclaimer Information and recommendation in this publication are believed to be accurate and given in good faith, but the customer should satisfy itself of the suitability of the contents for its own particular purpose.