Democratization of BI


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Technology has evolved to make software & hardware Smarter, Faster & Cheaper. Business Intelligence space also is undergoing change and moving from Top Management to Strategic & Operational levels.
Democratization of BI is a presentation about how BI is changing and organizations are implementing BI Solutions even to Operational Level.

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  • MAIA Intelligence is a whole new kind of software company.Our 1KEY BI tool uniquely solves critical business problems for large and small companies alike.It’s generating significant results for business users worldwide.The proof is that 1KEY BI users are the most successful and satisfied in the industry.That’s why 1KEY has been adopted at more than 100 corporate companies.A lot of people ask us ”Why does 1KEY BI have so much market traction and growth?”It’s because it takes a totally different approach to BI.Think about Google.They simplified the process of searching information for hundreds of millions of consumers.Like Google, 1KEY has simplified accessing and analyzing business information.
  • Democratization of BI

    1. 1. Smarter Faster Cheaper
    2. 2. • Complex• Costly• Time Consuming Used by Few Experts
    3. 3. Large data to manageToo many ad hocreports requestFrequent changes toexisting reportsConstant Pressure on ITMIS team to deliver ontime
    4. 4. Simple Affordable Quicker
    5. 5. Organizations seeking totruly capitalize on theirBusiness Intelligence (BI)must create aninformation democracy. BI for All
    6. 6. Access to Relevant DataSourcesBuild, Modify Your OwnReportsLess Dependency on ITMIS teamsBetter, Faster Decisionsat all Levels
    7. 7. Currently Addressed Currently Addressed With BI Software C-Level With BI Software Managers Bottom of the Bottom of the Pyramid is Pyramid is Under served Under served & Uncontested Front Line Executives & & Uncontested Back Office OperationsBottom of Pyramid either using spreadsheets or dependent onapplication vendor for reports. They are constantly struggling with theiroperational reporting needs.
    8. 8. Deploy BI solution at Operation level with Affordable Cost,Low TCO & Quick Deployment
    9. 9. Architecture of 1KEY Agile
    10. 10. Compete companies larger than your sizeVIEW has been engineered to fullyaddress the reporting requirements Look as bigof your organization helping you to as youcompete and win in the want to bemarketplace without much effort orcompromise.It provides runtime analysis, Savegrouping, column customizations hourswith Parent-Child Relationships, Drill dailyDown and Drill Back functionalitieswith a extremely intuitive report Keeps youformatting for Business users. always moving ahead
    11. 11. Monitor, Manage & PerformCUBE is a comprehensive data analysis,data mining, and multi-dimensionalvisual reporting solution. Do itWith its powerful data architecture, Trend are yourselfCUBE is able to slice and dice like friendsinformation efficiently and provide users reportingwith an extremely intuitive experience.Regardless of the perspective, data canbe rendered to answer businessquestions - and best of all - it allowsbusiness users to focus on business rules Centralized Givesrather than creating dozens and dozens Information Competitiveof reports. for growth Edge
    12. 12. Create Impact with business dataCHART is a graphical representationand visual reporting which representsbusiness performance via stunningand meaningful diagrams. It helps todrive organizational achievements by Identify Emerginggiving information in a much Spot Trends Opportunitiesconsolidated and easy to understandmanner. Track & Point IssuesRuntime user definable drill down &drill back functionality availabledirect from the charts. Customer Powerful Insightssegmentation, forecasting, trendanalysis, etc. all made easy
    13. 13. Offline Reports – Portable Cubes Works in backgroundSCHEDULER enables users to On Time MISschedule the reports as per therecurrence pattern in the varietyof formats like PDF, TXT, XLS, Constantly CommunicatingHTML, MHT and RTF to be storedon hard disk, to be emailed to Flexible Schedulesrespective business users, or toFTP. It automates the completeprocess of reporting and avoids Simple Processthe cumbersome work ofmanually creating and/ordelivering reports to respectivebusiness users on a periodicbasis.
    14. 14. Streaming commercial data Bring life to your Enhanced reporting desktop style. Real time update1KEY TICKER is an enterprise alternative to Yahoo Widgets, Google Gadgets, Vista Sidebar, AppleDashboard. It authenticates you with 1KEY server with all permission rights and then beams rolebased data in a scheduled manner.
    15. 15. Run your company from anywhere DASHBOARDS, users can define their own Dashboards Advanced having combination of Zero Foot Data multiple reports like View, Publish Data Print Visualization Deployment Tools Gauge, Chart, KPIs, RSS Feeds Real Time Securely Web Actionable etc, on one single screen. Based Information PlatformDashboard is a reporting tool that can be defined as a user interface for organizing andpresenting data in a consolidated manner. Data from multiple sources are integrated andunified for display on a single platform. This makes the information easy to read andcomprehend, all on the same screen.
    16. 16. Hitting the sweet spot S– M- A- R– T– SMART Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Timely KPIKPI are high-level snapshots of a business or organization based on specific predefinedmeasures. KPIs typically consist of any combination of multiple reports. They may include globalor regional sales figures, personnel stats, real-time supply chain information, or anything elsethat is deemed critical to a corporations success. KPI allows goals to be observed with differentwarning colors that will be switched on as defined giving the user a quick view of how well orhow poorly each goal is met.
    17. 17. • Drill Down - Drill down to multiple levels into different report types • Scheduler - Create your own Schedules for Report
    18. 18. • Export Function - Export / Mail your reports into different formats such as PDF, HTML, Excel etc. • Outlook Integration – Integrate 1KEY with your Outlook Client
    19. 19. 26
    20. 20. 27
    21. 21. 1000+ Users on 1KEY BI1000+ Users on 1KEY BI700+ Users on 1KEY BI
    22. 22. • India-based company, founded in 2006 in Mumbai• Broad Base of 100+ Enterprise & OEM Customers• High customer success rate• Trusted by 45000+ users• 25+ global consulting and OEM partners• Team of 50 Technocrats• Microsoft ISV Innovation of the Year Award in 2010• Microsoft Solution Partner of the Year Award in 2011
    23. 23. • Accommodate thousands of users with ease of affordability without prohibitive software license costs• Provide highly interactive interface, flexibility, most intuitive reporting that improves decision making• Access any or multiple enterprise data source• Single Reporting Platform• Performance and Scalability• Security, Rights & Administrations• Multi Formatted, Visually Stunning & Flexible Reporting and Charts
    24. 24. Milestones2006 • MAIA Intelligence established with 1KEY BI product offering • postXBRL – Interactive Data Publishing was released.2007 • Featured in NASSCOM 100 IT Innovators • Gets Microsoft Gold Partner Status • Participated in 1st World Wide BI conference held by Microsoft in Seattle 20082008 • 1KEY Agile BI Suite featured in Microsoft Solution Directory SQL 2008 launch. • 1KEY the 1st Indian BI to be recognized by NICSI for tender ( • Government of India ) • Gartner’s Hype Cycle for ICT in India, Report mentioned MAIA • Red Herring Asia Finalist 100 • Launch of 1KEY FCM (Financial Consolidation Module) • Winner of India’s Most Trusted IT Vendor in BI category by Survey The CTOForum
    25. 25. Milestones2009 • ‘Most Successful Startup’ to watch out by readers and editorial board of I.T. Magz • Government NIC BIDW division recommends MAIA 1KEY for National Award. • Gartner Report on BI Trends mentions MAIA Intelligence . • Becomes a Microsoft ISV Case Study & Compatibility Testing logo with Windows 7 • Emerging Technology Analysis Report from Gartner mentions MAIA Intelligence • Red Herring Asia 100 Winner & mentions MAIA Intelligence as company to watch.2010 • Winner of Microsoft Innovation Award for ISV • Managed partner of Microsoft • Finalist in UTV Bloomberg ISV Innovation Award. • Launched Vertical Solutions DW model for Financial Services Industry, SAP customers, Ports & Terminals2011 • First ISV to get under new MPN Gold Status • Certification from Indiamart ET - Leaders of Tomorrow • Launched 1KEY Touch Dashboards Product & Released Frame work for building Executive Dashboards • Launched Vertical Solutions DW model for , Banks on Finacle Core Banking Software, • Crossed 45000+ users of 1KEY BI • Working with Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) for XBRL
    26. 26. • 1KEY BI on diverse • 1KEY BI with SAP Data • 1KEY BI used extensively • 1KEY BI implemented for applications to give with FI, CO, MM, SD retail for Inventory and SCM their 13 container port reports on Sales ,SCM and reports. They choose with on SAP and non SAP terminal integration with Collection Users of 1KEY 1KEY because of speed of data. Primary and NAVIS and IFS ERP for all FCM and Touch deployment & Secondary Sales engineering, logistics, Dashboards engagement cost. Reporting also covered finance reports and Nilkamal Plastic Company dashboardsPidilite Industries – At Home – Retail Cadila Pharma – Sunil APMT Terminals –Apurva Parekh Abdulla Fataya - CIO Korde CIO Vincent Elfring CIO • 1KEY BI was used on MFG • 1KEY BI was proposed by • 1KEY BI purchase by a TCI Pro & subsequently Microsoft to ensure the which had data on Oracle migrated to Oracle Apps reporting requirements Apps for an Enterprise and Microsoft Dynamics were met and move from Version Roll out also work CRM. Also user of 1KEY Excel to standardize on other host of data Touch Dashboards and reporting platform on SAP sources for SLA tracking in 1KEY FCM house apps Emerson Network Bharat Forge – Transport Power – J Seshadari Corporation of India CI Yogesh Zope CIO – Sudesh Jain CTO
    27. 27. • 1KEY BI on diverse • 1KEY BI with SAP Data • 1KEY BI used extensively • 1KEY BI implemented for applications SAP & non with FI, CO, MM, SD retail for Inventory and SCM their 13 container port SAP to give reports on reports. They choose with on SAP and non SAP terminal integration with Sales ,SCM and Collection 1KEY because of speed of data. Primary and NAVIS and IFS ERP for all Users of 1KEY enterprise deployment & Secondary Sales engineering, logistics, wide engagement cost. Reporting also covered finance reports and Nilkamal Plastic Company dashboardsCEAT RPG Group – At Home – Retail Cadila Pharma – APMT Terminals –Niranjan Bhalivade Abdulla Fataya - Sunil Korde CIO Vincent Elfring CIOCIO CIO • 1KEY BI was used on MFG • 1KEY BI was proposed by • 1KEY FCM was procured Pro & subsequently Microsoft to ensure the to consolidate 47 migrated to Oracle Apps reporting requirements companies in SAP and and Microsoft Dynamics were met and move from non SAP financial data in CRM. Also user of 1KEY Excel to standardize 5 level of company tree Touch Dashboards and reporting platform on SAP hierarchy. 1KEY FCM Emerson Network Bharat Forge – Raymonds – Mr. Power – J Seshadari Yogesh Zope CIO Patil Head Finance CIo
    28. 28. Nilkamal Pvt Ltd Aditya Birla Group NIVEA India Pvt.Ltd. GEPIL Indiabulls Excel Crop Care LtdMedusind Solutions Wunderman Limited Emkay Global Financial Services
    29. 29. Gujarat Pipavav Port Ltd. ALCHEMY Cadila Pharmacuticals Ltd ITW Signode Packaging Raymond Limited Bonanza Limited Solutions Port Of Salalah JM Financial Credit Suisse
    30. 30. BIOSTADT INDIA LTD. APM Terminals LtdPrince Aqua SystemsSemco Electric Pvt. Ltd. Pan India Food Solutions EXIM BANK Brand Marketing India
    31. 31. THANK YOU 41