Mary Alice Harrington - Impact Marketing


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Impact Marketing - Creative examples, clients, case studies

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Mary Alice Harrington - Impact Marketing

  1. 1. Creative Samples
  2. 2. Store Graphics:Clean lines and images of shapes, colors andtextures drawn from nature create atransformative retail shopping experience.
  3. 3. Exterior Signs:.
  4. 4. Signage & Collateral:.
  5. 5. Signage & Collateral:.
  6. 6. Signage & Collateral:.
  7. 7. Signage & Collateral:.
  8. 8. Public Relations:
  9. 9. Traffic Building Programs:.
  10. 10. Traffic Building Programs:.
  11. 11. Traffic Building Programs:.
  12. 12. Traffic Building Programs: Presentation by town Selectman Ribbon Cutting: Patricia Queeney, Owner Tony Agnitti, Building Owner Mayor of Weymouth, Susan Kay Partnership with local wine distributor to provide and serve wine.
  13. 13. Alternative Media
  14. 14. Case Studies
  15. 15. We drive traffic & sales!THE SITUATION: THE APPROACH: THE RESULT:The Specialty Catalog Market research was conducted with the target •A successful test within the NewCorporation, manufacturer and audience and competitive brands to further England market led to a nationaldirect marketer of fashion wigs validate the business model, gain a better roll out in July, 2003.for women, developed a new understanding of the marketplace, and to •1,700 authorized retailers enrolledbusiness model targeting salons identify opportunities or potential obstacles. within an 8-month period.and health boutiques catering to With this knowledge, working directly with the •Market research led to thethe needs of women Vice President of Marketing an integrated development of an innovativeexperiencing medically related marketing campaign was developed to product collection for the companyhair loss. introduce the Heart of Gold brand to target retail and the industry. accounts, consumers and the medicalThis client required the community. The scope of this project included:assistance of an outsourced development of brand positioning, marketingmarketing professional to work strategy and execution, including: printwith their internal marketing team advertising, website development, consumerto conduct market research, and education materials; retail employee trainingoversee the development and materials, partnership programs with thelaunch of the new brand. medical community, retail sell-in programs using direct mail, catalogs and telemarketing; customer service training, employee incentive programs, program analysis and reporting
  16. 16. We drive traffic & sales!THE SITUATION: THE APPROACH:IMO, Independent Mobile, a new Based on the scope of this project, Impactnational multi-carrier mobile Marketing worked hand-in-hand with IMO’sretailer developed a retail model Senior Management Team for an 18 month THE RESULT:designed to take the confusion period. •Met extremely aggressive deadlinesand frustration out of purchasing and successfully launched two retailsa cell phone by helping Our first step was to conduct market research to stores on-time.customers make informed gain a better understanding of the marketplace, •Developed all collateral, in-storedecisions when choosing the and the challenges consumers face when signage and operational materials tophone and plan that best meets shopping for wireless phones. We then worked support store openings.their needs. closely with the Senior Management Team to •Set-up turn-key fulfillment programs to develop a marketing and PR campaign that replenish collateral materials andBeing a start-up IMO had limited would promote the IMO brand to both execute signage changes.headcount and required the consumers and key influencers within the •Overcame headcount challenges byassistance of an outsourced wireless community. selecting and retaining a strong networkmarketing company to help them of vendors to help IMO effectivelylaunch their brand, open two Based on IMO’s limited headcount, we also execute marketing, visual, PR andretail stores and create conducted a capabilities assessment and operational initiatives.messaging that would effectively identified critical areas where outside resources •Tested marketing programs andcommunicate their point of were needed to execute key initiatives. conducted analysis to determine mostdifference. effective marketing mix for reaching key consumers. •Helped IMO build recognition of their brand and acquire consumers in an extremely competitive marketplace.
  17. 17. We drive traffic & sales! THE APPROACH: THE RESULT: Through extensive customer research and industry In year one, Reebok Outlet analysis a comprehensive loyalty program was Stores achieved an 85% sign-up developed and implemented. This card-based loyalty rate and added over 800,000 program offered customers who became members customers and their purchase special benefits such as additional discounts on in- history to their database. This store merchandise, advance notification of sales and transactional data was utilized to events, information on new product introductions and create more targeted mail exclusive coupon offers. POS modifications were also campaigns which led to a 150% implemented so the retailer could track consumer increase in response over purchases and build a relational database. In order to previous campaigns. Members’ effectively implement and execute this program at the average transactions were also store level, comprehensive training materials were also 20% higher than that of non-THE SITUATION: developed for Store Managers and Associates. The members and pilot storesReebok Outlet Stores were facing program was piloted in 40 stores. achieved a 4.2% sales lift overcomp store decreases and a non-pilot stores during the testcustomer base that was more loyal a price point than to their brand.They wanted to gain a betterunderstanding of their customerbase, build brand loyalty, increasesales and profits and develop amechanism to effectivelycommunicate with their customers.
  18. 18. We drive traffic & sales!THE SITUATION: THE APPROACH: THE RESULT:Reebok & Rockport Outlet A creative solution was needed that did This partnership resulted in over $2Stores faced lagging sales and hadnot require a large marketing investment million of free advertising exposurelimited marketing and did not create any channel conflicts. in the first year alone. Thesefunds to promote their In order to impact sales, this solution needed to drive programs generated $15 million instores nationwide. new customers to their stores. Analysis was conducted sales over a one year period. StoreBeing the outlet arm of the and a profile of their existing customer base was Managers reported that 85% of thecompany, they also faced developed. Research was then conducted on national members who came in stated “theyrestrictions on how they organizations whose member base had never shopped their storescould advertise their closely matched the demographics of before.” These programsstores in order to avoid Reebok/Rockport’s customers and whose mission had also created brand loyaltydirect competition with their relevance to their industry. and drove repeat transactions.wholesale accounts. Two major organizations were identified and contacted. A partnership was created where members of these organizations received a discount when they shopped their stores. In trade for offering members this discount, these organizations agreed to promote this offer to their members through their print, direct mail and web based advertising vehicles.
  19. 19. We drive traffic and sales!THE SITUATION: THE APPROACH: THE RESULT:Reebok Outlet & Full Price A comprehensive marketing tool kit These grass roots andStores were searching for cost was created for Store Managers that outreach programs droveeffective ways to drive traffic contained turn key programs to drive over $10 million in sales onand increase sales by traffic and sales. These programs an annual basis. Theleveraging their employee base could be tailored to meet specific flexibility & turn-key natureand taking advantage of the opportunities within each marketplace. of these programs enabledunique opportunities that each The marketing kit also contained Reebok to take advantagestore’s marketplace held. information and guidelines on how to of unique opportunities properly execute these programs. within each marketplace Outreach programs that leveraged while minimizing the impact Reebok’s employee base and their to the budget. The point- network of friends and family were also based incentive program developed to drive traffic and sales. created excitement, An incentive program was created to sustained momentum, and support these grass roots and outreach maximized participation in programs which rewarded managers these programs. and associates for the sales contributions their efforts brought to their store. This incentive program, enabled managers and associates to earn points based on the volume of revenue they generated. These points could be used to redeem a variety of prizes from a customized catalog.