John Foley Jr presents @ The Global Channel Partners Summit 2013


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John Foley Jr of Interlink One and Grow Socially presented for the 2nd time at the Global Channel Partners Summit during Print 2013, (John also presented for us at our 1st Global Channel Partners Summit during Graph Expo 2012 too). John's subject this year was 'Content Marketing, SEO and Inbound Marketing' he kept his audience (one of the largest at this year's summit) enthralled with practical hints, sound advice and thought provoking anecdotes on how to create, develop and manage the social media new business opportunity, all delivered in John's renowned, humorous and inimitable style.

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John Foley Jr presents @ The Global Channel Partners Summit 2013

  1. 1. The Three-Legged Stool: Content Marketing, SEO, and Inbound Marketing John Foley, Jr. interlinkONE & Grow Socially
  2. 2. John Foley, Jr. Grow Socially: • Marketing from start to finish. • Websites, strategic planning, online marketing & mobile. interlinkONE: • Enterprise Marketing Management Software (Saa S). • Warehouse, order management, sales, CRM, & fulfillment.
  3. 3. The Books
  4. 4. #PRINT13
  5. 5. Today’s Overview 1)Content Marketing 2)SEO 3)Inbound Marketing
  6. 6. “Content is king!” -Bill Gates The Three-Legged Stool: Content Marketing, SEO, and Inbound Marketing John Foley, Jr. interlinkONE & Grow Socially
  7. 7. Content Marketing • Pull, rather than a push, strategy • Content doesn’t interrupt, it attracts • Your content can be disruptive!
  8. 8. Content Marketing is the Top Go-To-Market Priority in 2013 Percent of Business to Business Respondents Using Content Marketing
  9. 9. Content Engine Grid
  10. 10. What Do You Wish to Achieve With Content Marketing? B2B Content Marketing Goals in 2013 Top Three: 1. Brand Awareness 2. Customer Acquisition 3. Lead Generation
  11. 11. Brand Awareness • Today marketing is all about earning the customer’s trust • Familiarity and consistency are key components of acquiring and maintaining customer loyalty • Establish an identity and distinctive qualities consumers relate to your product or service
  12. 12. The Drivers
  13. 13. Customer Acquisition • Publishing content that produces loyalty and better traffic to your website • Follow through with prospects via dialogue until and after conversion occurs
  14. 14. Lead Generation
  15. 15. Methods • Define what you should talk about • Create compelling content in multiple formats • Freely share in appropriate channels • Be consistent
  16. 16. Types of Content for Different Stages Triple A’s of Content Awareness eBook, Kit, Tip Sheet, Webinar, Educational Video, Whitepaper Assessment Product Sample, Case Study, Demo Video, FAQ $ Tips Acquisition Coupons, Free Trial, Estimate
  17. 17. What’s Your Biggest Challenge? • Producing engaging content • Producing enough content • Integrating content across marketing platforms
  18. 18. Solutions To create content that engages: 1. Give an inch to get a mile 2. Make your audience feel valued 3. Tell a Story
  19. 19. Strategy • Research • Gather Data • Prepare • Prospect • Promote • Measure
  20. 20. Goals • Define your brand • Create optimal pieces of imagery and written content • Place your content where it needs to be • Generate leads • Convert to customers
  21. 21. Target YOUR Audience • Who is your target audience? • What are their values? • What can you do for them?
  22. 22. Execute • Develop your audience • Convert leads • Nurture customers
  23. 23. Measure 1) Awareness • Search engine ranking • Increase in page visitors • Social metrics 2) Consideration • Page Visitors and Page time • Lower bounce rates • Social metrics 3) Conversion • Sales and leads • Subscription behavior • Social metrics
  24. 24. Getting found to make sales The Three-Legged Stool: Content Marketing, SEO, and Inbound Marketing John Foley, Jr. interlinkONE & Grow Socially
  25. 25. Google Stats • 34,000 searches per second • 2 million per minute • 121 million per hour • 3 billion per day • 88 billion per month
  26. 26. SEO Best Practices Keyword usage Creating content Encourage sharing Mobile
  27. 27. Keywords Identify which keywords relating to your products or services that: • Yield traffic that spends the most time on a page • Visits the most pages • Host overall quantities for different search phrases
  28. 28. Keyword Usage • Build a well-researched list of keywords • Incorporate in your content:     Page Titles (H1, H2 tags) Website copy Meta description Image Names (Alt tags) • Use throughout all content distribution
  29. 29. Create Content Develop good and original content that showcases your expertise and: • tells a story of how you can help • communicates your value proposition effectively The website itself must be usable and updated regularly. It's also beneficial to create engaging blog content about your services.
  30. 30. Content Rules • Google rewards fresh content --- update your website regularly! • Create & provide content that informs, helps, and interests your audience! • Best way to do this: start blogging
  31. 31. Encourage Sharing The content you create: • Have a strategy to build links back to your site • Should be easily shareable on social channels
  32. 32. Inbound Links • You want: inbound links from high-authority sites (trusted, popular, PR, etc.) with relevant content. • How do you get them? Create share-worthy & timely content! Ask! Link-exchange Increase PR strategy and efforts
  33. 33. Blogging • Blogging lets search engines know your page is relevant • Blogging can include rich, highly used keywords • Backlinks in your blogs can increase traffic to your page
  34. 34. Share Useful Information with Blogs
  35. 35. Social Sharing Trends Today Facebook Twitter YouTube LinkedIn
  36. 36. Facebook Sharing • Volume isn’t everything- share interesting pictures and written material • If your message is long, make it worthwhile! Stand out with your posts • Hand pick your target audience with PPT (page post targeting)
  37. 37. Facebook: Showcase Your Brand! Utilize the Cover Photo and About Message
  38. 38. Facebook: Post a Variety of Content
  39. 39. Twitter Sharing • Find your voice and keep it consistent to each post, and to your brand • Use hashtags to gain more followers • Tweet live coverage of things happening in your industry • Be a thought leader, be yourself, show the human side of your business • Review efforts & measure results • Tweet lively, relevant images
  40. 40. Twitter: Personal and Company Pages
  41. 41. Twitter: Advanced Search Feature
  42. 42. YouTube Sharing Feature variety of employees, mix up the tone Experiment with different backdrops, scenes, etc.
  43. 43. Sharing on LinkedIn • Use LinkedIn groups and get new leads daily • Ask and answer questions • Host events • Do an advanced search on your target market • Send personal messages to your leads
  44. 44. LinkedIn Tip: Update Your Status Daily!
  45. 45. LinkedIn Tip: Complete Your Profile Industry & Location Current Position Past Positions Education Skills Photos Connections
  46. 46. LinkedIn Company Page
  47. 47. Mobile • Smartphone ownership and mobile web viewing continues to rise! • Google is rewarding sites that have mobile websites in its AdWords program
  48. 48. Avoid These SEO Practices • Buying Links • Over-using/forcing keywords – content should sound natural • Adding so much content that your page load-times suffer
  49. 49. Remember… Getting found is only half the battle…. … Optimize your landing pages and product/services pages to drive people down the sales funnel!
  50. 50. Focus on attracting potential customers through the offering of useful information The Three-Legged Stool: Content Marketing, SEO, and Inbound Marketing John Foley, Jr. interlinkONE & Grow Socially
  51. 51. What is Inbound Marketing? “Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on attracting prospective customers by offering useful information.”
  52. 52. Content is Essential to Inbound Marketing Source:
  53. 53. Your Inbound Goal: Drive INQUIRIES!
  54. 54. The Cycle
  55. 55. Be Authentic • Forget about the cold calls and ad spots • Demonstrate expertise through content • Get found through high ranking SEO
  56. 56. Generating Leads Via Inbound Marketing • Leads are acquired through time • Establish your business as a resource • Generate content that shines • Develop warmer leads • Customer conversion
  57. 57. Let Inbound Marketing Work for You • Produce measurable ROI • Increases leads • Increase company revenue
  58. 58. Why Should You Use Inbound Tactics? • It works! • Increase Awareness & Drive Inquiries • Reach More Customers & Prospects • Sell more things!
  59. 59. Success Stories Can Those Tools Actually Help Service Providers? Let’s look at an example!
  60. 60. Vivid Laminating Technologies • Coalville, UK • Vivid designs and manufactures pouch laminators, wide format laminators, roll laminators and single side laminator
  61. 61. Vivid on Facebook
  62. 62. Vivid on Twitter Background Image Profile – Logo and Info Current Tweets
  63. 63. Vivid on LinkedIn
  64. 64. What they’re doing right! • They have a strategy and a plan! • They produce a lot of content. • Social media is integrated across multiple channels. • They are committed! Time and energy, but it pays off! • Vivid Crowned 'Social Media Champion‘ at FESPA 2013
  65. 65. Wrap Up • Start with a Plan • Create a Online Marketing Strategy • Incorporate Your Social Media, SEO and Website • Measure the Results!
  66. 66. What’s Next? IT’S UP TO YOU! Devote time to creating content, sharing, and measuring its effectiveness
  67. 67. Resources for You • Free White Paper on Inbound Marketing! •
  68. 68. Q & A / Contact Me!: QR Code
  69. 69. THANK YOU The Three-Legged Stool: Content Marketing, SEO, and Inbound Marketing John Foley, Jr. interlinkONE & Grow Socially