Eliminate Time Theft with Fujitsu PalmSecure™ Palm Vein Biometrics

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This webinar provides an overview of why employee time theft is a serious problem for employers to address including the estimated cost and effect on productivity. It then explains how the affordable …

This webinar provides an overview of why employee time theft is a serious problem for employers to address including the estimated cost and effect on productivity. It then explains how the affordable PC-based biometric time clock called RightPunch from M2SYS Technology used with Fujitsu's palm vein biometric technology can help to eliminate employee time theft and establish a concrete labor tracking strategy. It also covers workforce management benefits including reducing payroll error rates and eliminating identity fraud.

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  • Hi,

    We have developed Warwick PalmSecure scanner and iButton Reader that can be used for Time Attendance System and door access, we will provide API for software developer so that it is easy to integrate with your payroll system and this will reduce the time to market for your biometrics solution, please email me if you are interested.




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  • 1. Eliminate Time Theft with PalmSecure™ Palm Vein
    Bill Geary – Sales Manager, Retail & Education, Fujitsu Frontech North America
    Michael Trader – President, M2SYS Technology
    If tweeting during the presentation, please use hashtag#palmsecure
  • 2. Agenda
    • Fujitsu and M2SYS Overview
    • 3. The Cost of Time Theft
    • 4. Where Do Executives Rank Combatting Time Theft?
    • 5. How Can Biometrics Help?
    • 6. Why PalmSecure™ Palm Vein Biometrics Technology?
    • 7. Why M2SYS?
    • 8. Benefits for Workforce
    • 9. Contact Information
  • Fujitsu Overview
    PalmSecure™ Biometric Solution
    • Leading Provider of Customer – Focused Information Technology and Communication Solutions
    • 10. Founded in 1935 – 76 years in existence
    • 11. Annual Revenue – $53 Billion
    • 12. Over 160,000 Employees
    • 13. 100+ Offices Worldwide
    Products, Services and Support
    • Delivering Computers, Software, Telecommunications, Microelectronics, Electronic Devices
    • 14. 34,000 Patents
    • 15. Providing Consulting, Systems Integration, IT Infrastructure, Solutions
    • 16. Third Largest IT Services Provider in the World
    • 17. Worldwide Support
    • Partnerships with Leading Distributors, Resellers, ISV’s and Software Companies
    • Most Global Fortune 500 Companies
  • M2SYS Overview
    We Simplify the Adoption of Biometric Technology
    • Award-Winning Biometrics R&D Company
    • 18. Primary Markets Served: Public Safety – Law Enforcement, Electoral, Healthcare, Banking, Education, POS, Childcare, Transportation, Workforce Management, Membership Management, Application Security
    • 19. Over 500 enterprise software integrators
    • 20. Tens of Thousands of End User Deployments in 90 Countries Worldwide
    • 21. Winner of 2007 Frost & Sullivan Biometrics Technology Innovation of the Year Award
    • 22. Unique Bio-Plugin™, Bio-SnapOn™ and Hybrid Biometric Platform™ solutions for rapid biometric adoption and deployment
    • 23. Headquarters in Atlanta, GA with Satellite Office in Asia
  • Fujitsu/M2SYS Partnership
    Strategic Relationship Overview
    • Formed partnership in early 2010
    • 24. M2SYS enables PalmSecure™ device to be easily and rapidly integrated into any host software
    • 25. Offering custom solutions to a variety of industries for biometric workforce management, point of sale, patient identification and other uses
    • 26. M2SYS Bio-Hyperpliance solution can match 30,000 palm vein templates per second
    • 27. PalmSecure adds perfect alternative to M2SYS customers for problematic fingerprint biometrics
  • The Cost of Time Theft
    An Impact on Money and Productivity
    According to the American Payroll Association, buddy punching alone costs 2-5% of gross annual payroll and 75% of businesses suffer from it. The Boston Globe and Denver Post also reported that US companies lose nearly $400 billion per year due to time theft.
  • 28. Time on the Totem Poll
    Executive Focus on Improving Time Management
    In 2007, the Society for Human Resource Management reported that CFOs feel their #1 challenge is time management.
    In their 2009 Retail Technology Study, RIS reported that Cost Management and Workforce Efficiency/Productivity were #2 and #3 on the Key Business and IT Strategies list.
  • 29. How Can Biometrics Help?
    PalmSecure™ Palm Vein Biometrics for WFM and POS
    • More affordable alternative to expensive time clocks
    • 30. Save at least 2-4% of your gross payroll
    • 31. Speed – employees only need to scan their biometric
    • 32. Increase productivity by eliminating “buddy punching”
    • 33. Reduce payroll inflation and payroll error rates
    • 34. Eliminate ID cards or PINs
    • 35. Ensure compliance with labor laws
    • 36. Reduce store shrinkage
    *Calculate your savings at: www.RightPunch.net
  • 37. Why PalmSecure™?
    Key Advantages
    High Authentication Accuracy
    • FAR: 0.00008%
    • 38. FRR: 0.01%
    Non-Traceable and Non-Shareable Authentication Method
    • Delivering unmatched security and privacy that is virtually impossible to forge
    Non-Intrusive Interface
    • Contactless solution that leaves no biometric footprints following authentication
    • 39. High level of user acceptance
    Applicable to All Users with Virtual No Enrollment Failure
    • Works regardless of ethnicity, age, and other demographical statistics
    • 40. Highly applicable to all users due to minimal impact from external factors (abrasions, dry skin, chemical damage, wearing skin lotion, etc.)
  • Why M2SYS?
    Key Advantages
    • Instantly interfaces with any third-party WFM or POS application
    • 41. Custom versions already built for Kronos, ADP, Qqest, Empower, GlobalStore and others
    • 42. Can facilitate offline punch capture and discreet “typeless” schedule enforcement (Kronos and ADP)
    • 43. Easily scale to share templates across terminals or stores
    • 44. Seamless interface to end users
  • Benefits for Workforce
    All the Features of a Clock at a Fraction of the Cost
    • Instantly interfaces with any third-party workforce management without requiring any development or upgrades.
    • 45. Custom versions already built for major workforce management platforms like Kronos, ADP, Empower, and Qqest.
    • 46. Can be easily scaled to meet customer’s unique needs.
    • 47. Kronos and ADP version include offline punch capture and discreet “typeless” schedule enforcement.
    • 48. 1:N matching - all that's required is a biometric scan (no need for PIN or card).
    • 49. Automated biometric template distribution to support “floating” employees.
  • Benefits for Workforce
    Reduce Payroll Error Rates & Eliminate Identity Fraud
    • More affordable alternative to expensive time clocks.
    • 50. Save at least 2-4% of your gross payroll.
    • 51. Speed – employees only need to scan their biometric.
    • 52. Increase productivity by eliminating “buddy punching”.
    • 53. Reduce payroll inflation and payroll error rates.
    • 54. More secure and efficient than ID cards or PINs.
    • 55. Hybrid Biometrics™ support ensures that 100% of your employees can be reliably and consistently authenticated.
    • 56. Ensure compliance with labor laws.
  • Contact Information
    Bill GearySales Manager, Retail & EducationBiometric SolutionsFujitsu Frontech North America25902 Towne Centre DrFoothill Ranch, CA 92610bill.geary@us.fujitsu.com+1-813-855 8452 office+1-813-380 9423 cellwww.fujitsu.com/us/services/biometrics/palm-vein/
    M2SYS Technology1050 Crown Pointe Pkwy.Suite 470Atlanta, GA 30338info@m2sys.com+1-770-393-0986www.m2sys.comTwitter: twitter.com/m2sysFacebook: facebook.com/m2sysLinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/ m2sys-technology