Enabling a Smarter Future (Telefónica m2m)


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Enabling a Smarter Future (Telefónica m2m)

  1. 1. Enabling aSmarter FuturePaul EggletonHead of Smart MeteringPaul.Eggleton@O2.COM
  2. 2. Contents01 Telefónica Introduction02 Data Dialogue03 The Vision04 The UK Challenge05 Keys to Success06 Summary
  3. 3. 01 Telefónica Introduction
  4. 4. An Introduction to Telefónica m2m
  5. 5. Not just a network Spent over Leading provider of Machine to Machine (M2M) building and applications in UK with over improving its network, with another Years Experience Managing wireless networks worldwide Global invested Connections in 2012 m2m
  6. 6. Our sustainability credentials The Carbon Footprint We have installed over The Global Telefónica Energy Spend is over of carrying data is PER MB Smart Meters within our own mobile network m2m
  7. 7. Collaboration is key to the way we work m2m
  8. 8. 02 Data Dialogue
  9. 9. The Data Dialogue of the population are ‘non-sharers’ of the population are ‘sceptics’ of the population are ‘pragmatists’ of the population are ‘value hunters’ of the population are ‘enthusiastic sharers’ www.populus.co.uk m2m
  10. 10. 03 The Vision
  11. 11. The Vision ‘The Internet of Everything’ - technology is no longer anadd-on but becomes an integrated part of the way we live The Smart Journey m2m
  12. 12. 04 The Challenge
  13. 13. The UK ChallengeHow can we deliver a… Future Facing Trusted & Secure Smart Metering Infrastructure that Consumers will actively engage with & is supported by An Innovative & Robust Eco-system to enable a ... smarter energy future? m2m
  14. 14. 05 The keys to success
  15. 15. Keys to successConsumer Engagement CONSUMER • Clear benefits here and ENGAGEMENT now – saving money + • Also explain the vision – the why Future Facing • One size doesn’t fit all+ • Learn from other sectors • O2 Guru model – Trusted & Secure understanding + consumer needs • Slick installation process Collaborative & via O2 coverage App Innovative Eco-System • Opportunity to build= customer loyalty m2m
  16. 16. Keys to successFuture Facing CONSUMER • 92% of all data was created in last 2 years ENGAGEMENT + • There are more mobile phones in the world than toothbrushes!! Future Facing • Flexibility and scalability+ are key to leveraging this investment Trusted & Secure • Can’t be shackled in future + by choices made today • Cellular plus infill can Collaborative & provide scalable, flexible Innovative Eco-System and holistic solution= • We have developed tools/applications for accurate coverage modelling m2m
  17. 17. Keys to successTrusted and Secure CONSUMER • Security by design for ENGAGEMENT Critical National + Infrastructure • Cellular inherently secure Future Facing + layered approach+ • We manage huge volumes of consumer data and Trusted & Secure work with Financial and + Government agencies • Cellular is safe Collaborative & Innovative Eco-System • Consumers have different understanding of data use= and benefits of sharing • We are leading the data dialogue m2m
  18. 18. Keys to successEco-System CONSUMER • Collaboration and ENGAGEMENT Partnerships are vital + • Appropriate standards and specifications to Future Facing allow innovation+ • Ongoing independent testing and interoperability Trusted & Secure • New market entrants Collaborative & + innovating and disrupting market Innovative Eco-System • We have a heritage in innovation and developing= new digital skills m2m
  19. 19. Keys to successfor a Smarter Future CONSUMER ENGAGEMENT + Future Facing + Trusted & Secure Collaborative & + Innovative Eco-System = SMARTER FUTURE m2m
  20. 20. 06 To Conclude
  21. 21. To conclude • Smart meters are the essential foundation to our Smarter Energy Future • Consumer engagement will be crucial for deployment success • Collaboration and Partnerships are key to successful delivery and ongoing sustainable eco-system24/01/2013 m2m 21
  22. 22. Any questions?PAUL EGGLETONHead of Smart Metering @thepeggletonPaul.Eggleton@O2.COM #O2m2m