Extended Medicaid IT Architecture (MITA) - Now with video at the end!


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This presentation describes M2MSys vision of the Medicaid IT Architecture (MITA). M2MSys believes that MITA (a CMS architecture), can take advantage of making use of a more BPM oriented architecture.

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Extended Medicaid IT Architecture (MITA) - Now with video at the end!

  1. 1. www.m2msysonline.com © 2005-2007 M2MSys® LLC
  2. 2. Introduction This presentation discusses the advantages of implementing MITA within the scope of Business Process Management (BPM) and the Social Service Information System™ (SSIS) supported by a Social Service Architecture (SSA). SSIS™ MITA MITA BPM SSA Extended
  3. 3. Why MITA Extended?  MITA Extended will enable a more in depth business alignment by doing it at the departmental level and not just at Medicaid Management. Starts with the end in mind.  MITA Extended places the core of the discussion around the PROCESS. We believe that most of the discussion around MITA is narrowly focused on SOA and not enough on the Process. MITA is polarized around SOA.  MITA Extended utilizes the concept of a Social Service Information System, supported by a solid Social Service Architecture, to seek a better utilization of the resources and staff. It unifies efforts around a common goal.  MITA Extended enforces that the CITIZEN and Service Providers be at the core of the effort. Citizen centric.
  4. 4. Why Business Process Management? Business Process Management (BPM) is a MANAGEMENT philosophy built on over 100 years of lessons learned and solid scientific foundations. IT came of age in the mid 80s with the work of Harvard professor Michael Porter. Modeling Business Quality Process Management Redesign SOA is just one of System Theory Mathematics the components of BPM! Business Science BPM SOA
  5. 5. Why the Social Service System ? ™ Information Medicaid is just one of the many services that modern Health and Human Service Departments need to provide those in temporary need of assistance. The SSIS is an information platform that manages ANY type of social service. The main principles of SSIS are:  Single-Point of Management  Leverage current systems  Increase accountability  Monitor results in realtime  Significantly increase efficiency and adaptability of HHSD  Reconnect social workers with citizens Technically it is a process-oriented, realtime event-driven platform, built using COTS products which incorporates Unified Compliance (ITIL, HIPAA, etc)
  6. 6. CMS MITA Blueprint Technical Services Forms External Data Management Exchange Hub EDI Gateway System Services Access MITA Enterprise Service Bus Services Business Services Verify Process Enroll Provider Claims Provider Credentials MMIS 2007 - MITA Compatibility with State-Wide Architectures Avoiding “Islands of Automation”
  7. 7. MITA Extended Community Health and Human Services Department Social Service Information System Business Tech Staff Activity ITIL, HIPAA, etc Monitoring NO WRONG DOOR Medicaid #N Citizens Process Portal Medicaid #2 Medicaid #1 Eligibility Meta Trading Partner Social Service Management Social Service Partners Managers Realtime Reporting Gateway Computer Process M2M Systems Process Virtual Machine Modeling Intelligent HHS Staff Assets Health and Humans Enterprise Services Bus Process Oriented Back Office SOA Back Office Application Application
  8. 8. Summary  MITA is a methodology that will allow governments increase efficiency Medicaid Management and thus decrease the per-transaction cost .  MITA Extended is a ZERO COST implementation methodology that uses proven approaches to significantly increase the advantages introduced by MITA.  MITA Extended is HOLISTIC by nature and thus is able to bring to the for front of Health and Human Services the delivery of very important HHS concepts like “NO WRONG DOOR”.
  9. 9. M2MSys® Free Consultation  M2MSys® is a developer of next generation Health and Human Services solutions using COTS cognitive- event-driven information platforms,  M2MSys® assists its government and healthcare customers significantly reduced their per- transaction cost.  Schedule your FREE consultation today! 404-388-6744
  10. 10. www.m2msysonline.com