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Short film
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Short film


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor

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  • 1. By Mike Yiadom and Nekeisha John By: Title: Mike Yiadom Short Films
  • 2. What’s Virgin Mean? As a task I was asked to look at Short Films and find one that interests me. This Short Film that I like is called ‘What's Virgin Mean?’. If you want to see this short film click on the link below.
  • 3. Genre  Media is the categorisation of media texts. Genre is an important aspect to consider when creating as film as it then links with audience, text and industry. We think that the genre of this film is a comedy drama  We think it is a comedy drama for many reasons. One reason that it is a drama is because it is a realistic circumstance which may take place in a parents life.  There is also a comedic element as there is a misunderstanding of what the innocent child is asking. This topic of conversation is often a touchy subject which parents may find awkward to speak about. The fact that this is explored in a funny way helps to add a comedic element to what may be seen as a uncomfortable situation.  The child in this film asks her mother what virgin means in the context of oil. This then leads to the mother trying to find a child friendly way to explain it to her daughter but she ends up getting carried away with what sexual intercourse is.
  • 4. Narrative  In this short film, it highlight one of every parents nightmares, the day they have to explain what “making love”  This can then relate to many other parents as people have different ways in which they get around this sort of problem  During the short film when seeing the mother we see close up shots and over the shoulder shot this gives the impression that the child is in control as the camera always shows the moms facial expressions.  This specific film is a single strand narrative as there is only one story line happening on screen.  This is also a open ended narrative as
  • 5. Audience  I think the primary audience targeted was parents and how they would react if they were in the same situation with a child asking what being a virgin is, because it shows the parents point of view on how uncomfortable it is being asked that question.  The secondary audience would be children because the short film involved a young girl basically making her the supporting actress. Also it shows the child point of view of being told what a virgin is by their parents therefore giving the impression that this short film was targeted to children as well as parents.
  • 6. Media Language  During the short film when seeing the mother we see close up shots and over the shoulder shot this gives the impression that the child is in control as the camera always shows the moms facial expressions.
  • 7. Funding and Distribution  It was directed by Michael Davies and produced Sandra Gorel in the UK in 2008. It was funded by Michael Davies Films and Spellbound films. The funding was an estimation of £3,000. It was also distributed by Michael Davies Films and Spellbound films. To various festivals such as:  Encounters Short Film Festival, London, 2008  NFTS DepicT! Special Mention Award, DepicT!, London, 2008  Palm Springs International Film Festival, USA, 2008  Los Angeles International Short Film Festival, USA, 2008  Heart of Gold Film Festival, Australia, 2009  Filmfest, Dresden, Germany, 2009  Tres Courts, France, 2009  Seattle International Film Festival, USA, 2009
  • 8. Success  IMBD gave the short film 6.7/10 from 157 users giving it an average score.