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Wikis and multimedia as student resources

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  • iSpring Free is simple to use and you will see that it is 5 simple steps to create a flash movie and embedding it to your wikispace.
  • Follow the link to view and listen to the flash movie
  • Create your presentation in Ms PowerPoint Save the presentation
  • Click Slide Show to display the Slide Show ribbon In the Setup group, click Record Slide Show Click Start recording from the beginning If you have an earlier version of PowerPoint then click Slide Show, click Record Narration
  • Click iSpring Free to open the iSpring Free ribbon Click Publish
  • Give your presentation a Title Save in required location Tick Generate HTML Untick Start presentation automatically – it will drive you crazy if it starts automatically! Click Publish
  • Ask participants to How could you use iSpring Free? Ask them to write on the whiteboard Ask them to explain some comments
  • Has anyone uploaded audio files to wikis? Any more ideas on how you could
  • In editing view, when your file has been inserted it looks a little odd and not like an audio file at all but all will be revealed when you save it!
  • As with the example of the Interview with Sarah I showed you earlier, it is often a good idea to have a printed version of the audio file underneath as an added resource depending on the abilities of your students or participants.
  • Wikis & mm_as_ student_ resources_7-6-12vs5_lgg

    1. 1. Eastern Metro Region eMentor Project Team Welcomes you to Wikis and multimedia as student resourcesChristine Dix Karen George Lynne Gibb
    2. 2. IntroductionsWrite up your name and where you are from
    3. 3. PowerPoint and iSpring Free PowerPoint to Flash Converter
    4. 4.
    5. 5. Step 1 – Create Presentation
    6. 6. Step 2 – Record Narration & Set Timings Slide Show ribbon  Record Slide Show
    7. 7. Step 3 – Publish with iSpring Free
    8. 8. Step 4 – Publish to Flash
    9. 9. How could you use iSpring Free?
    10. 10. Step 5 – Upload file to Wiki• Edit wikispace• Files  Upload files• Choose file to upload presentation.swf• Click to embed file
    11. 11. Uses
    12. 12. Embedding videos
    13. 13. Finding videosThe most well known source of video resources is YouTubebut there are others such as•Teacher tube•Blip TV•Yahoo video•Your own videosSpecific video sites provide the tools for embedding ontowikis.Uploading videos from your mobile phone or other device isanother way to share your videos on wiki. This methodrequires patience as uploading directly from the device maytake a while.
    14. 14. Found a video? What next?Click on Share
    15. 15. Copy the codeClick “Embed”Copy the codeprovided
    16. 16. Use the WidgetOn your chosen wiki page, click “Edit” then click on the “Widget” tool Choose “Video” then “YouTube”
    17. 17. Place code in wikiPaste the codefrom YouTubeClick on “Save”
    18. 18. Saving to wikiWhen you save your widget,it will appear as a grey boxNext, click to Save your wiki pageand your video will be embeddedand ready for viewing.
    19. 19. Using audio files with wikisWhy use audio?•CALD Learners•Acquired brain injury•Literacy•All students•Engaging•Using another of the senses
    20. 20. So where do I get audio files to upload?1. Find podcasts and audio files that are already available on the internet on your topicAdvantages:• Podcasts – already done for you eg – ABC interviews – Helen Doron Early Childhood podcasts • Good quality audio • Variety from worldwide sources • Quick to source & uploadDisadvantages:•You may not find any on your particular topic•Not able to be edited - copyright
    21. 21. 1. Create your own simple audio fileAdvantages:•Customisable – create your own content – addmusic, editable etc•Students get to hear your voice – or their own•Students can make their own audio & upload forthemselves•Just plug in device and upload instantlyDisadvantages:•To make good quality requires a bit of learning curve – time•Students sometimes reluctant to hear own voice
    22. 22. Recording Devices Easi-speak Microphone Advantages: •Very user friendly •Plug directly into USB port - & upload directly into your wiki or blog •Comes in bright yellow!
    23. 23. Smart Pen MP3 Recorder/Player Advantages: Advantages: •Easy to upload - plug into USB •Easy to upload -plug port and upload audio into USB port and upload •Has advantage of text as well as audio audio •Discreet •DiscreetDisadvantages: Disadvantages:•Some people find it requires a bit of •Bit fiddly to use –practise to use eg Livescribe requires a bit of practisedesktop software
    24. 24. Record and upload files from a smart phone:Advantages:•Ubiquitous!•User-friendly•Many students already know how to use themDisadvantages:•Could be daunting for older students afraidof new technology or who do not own a smartphone – cost of internet
    25. 25. iPad and Tablet handheldsAdvantages and disadvantages similar to smart phones
    26. 26. Uploading to the wiki
    27. 27. STEP 1 – Open to wiki page and click the EDIT buttonSTEP 2 – Click where you want your audio file to go onthe page
    28. 28. STEP 3 – Click on FILE The box below appearsSTEP 4 – Click on the +UPLOAD FILES button
    29. 29. STEP 5 – Search your computer for the audio file, click on it to highlightit then click on OPEN
    30. 30. STEP 6 - Wait until your audio file has completed uploading then click on the fileto insert it into your wiki page.
    31. 31. STEP 7 - Your file is inserted into your pageSTEP 7 – If you are happy with the placement of your file, click the SAVE buttonon your editing toolbar
    32. 32. VOILA! Your audio file is ready for playing!
    33. 33. Your turn to play! Now you can pop into the EMR ementor wiki and listen to the little snippet of the podcast I have just demonstrated. Click on the address in the text chat window to go directly there.
    34. 34. Thank you for joining us today & we hope you picked up some new skills and/or whetted your appetite to learn more. Please feel free to visit the ementor wiki at any time and browse though our resources Gibb – Ementor EMR Christine Dix – eChampion EMR Karen George – eChampion