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  1. 1. Lynne, Raz , Parris and Shanique
  2. 2. The Hit List Plot • The killer is a girl who seeks revenge on four people who upset her in the past
  3. 3. The genre we choose is Thriller • The reason we picked Thriller as a genre because it is a genre which can • Our Film title
  4. 4. Film inspiration
  5. 5. Lynne Parris Raz Shanique Researcher Looking at similar products, product design and audience research Story board Music
  6. 6. The film synopsis • Equilibrium: The story takes a look at / follows 4 young adults, who, at some point throughout their life’s had some sort of connection with the antagonist, They believe they are living what they think is a normal day – to – day life. • Disequilibrium: The antagonist has formed a hit list out of spite for the things that have happened to her because of these four people. As a form of revenge she makes it her priority to hunt them down, kidnap them and imprison them in a lift. There only way to survival is to re-live the painful truths from the past, even then they may not be in luck! • New equilibrium – The antagonist is soon killed at the scene of her last murder. The person who takes her life became suspicious of her behaviour, and decided to investigate what she was up to. In doing this he finds out that she was plotting to murder all of the 4 innocent victims. He doesn’t purposely mean to kill her, it was a form of defence when he confronts her about what she has done. • Protagonist – The 4 innocent young adults. • Antagonist - Lauren, in her early 20’s.
  7. 7. The Certificate for our product The reason why we choose the classification 15 because our target audience is 17 – 25 years old because they are the main target audience of thriller films. However it also depends on the sub- genre of the film because the film Se7en is a crime thriller so it will attract a mature audience .
  8. 8. Who would be the audience for our product This is a picture of a young adult male who lives in London and listens to indie , Dub-step , Electro house and Hip-hop music because it is not commercial music .He prefers house parties to clubs and raves because he prefers the small and intimate atmosphere . He watches programmes like misfits, True blood and documentaries because he enjoys programmes with a creative edge to it . He shops in charity shops. Vintage stores, H&M , Topman and Nike because his style of dress is described as indie and he is fashion forward . His favourite films are inception and
  9. 9. The media production company that will distribute our product The reason I picked this company because it is a premier independent film that distribute low budget films like shank and are likely to pick our film. Also revolver Entertainment is based in the United Kingdom and is a company that accept different types of film from French noir thriller to William Shakespeare tragic play Macbeth.
  10. 10. Our media project represents a particular social group