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The future of recruitment advertising

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  • From the film 2001 A Space Oddessy – which is Samsung defence against Apple in their patent wars (i.e. Stanley Kubrick actually invented the Ipad)
  • It will happen!!
  • Hire within our database?
  • Become the consumer must have
  • Will our thirst for media consumption continue top grow unabated? And will we continue to be happy publishing ourselves in minute detail, almost autobiographic?
  • But before we do.....A good place to start is by looking at The humble Lightbulb – Thomas Edison circa 1880...In terms of the problem it solves it’s still the same, in fact it looks the same!However there’s improvements – it use to only shine for 13 hours, and used a lot of energy – the need it fills is still the same today..
  • Today – it uses less power and is better for the environment – as that's important to usThere’s been tweaks in the gases used, and probably numerous other changes...But it’s primary purpose is still the same – it provides a need to solve a problem...So has in recruitment has the need stayed the same – person x for job y!
  • And on that noteWe want to firstly address that while there’s a squillion things that are here right now, and coming up fast around the corner.... people Needs haven't changed. So before we start anything we should always look at the need! before we look at the channel or address the idea.So before we start talking about the latest and the greatest, emerging new media, trends and channels... Lets remind ourselves of what candidates/consumers need, and what’s work for them. What technology has done has allowed us to deliver and response to those needs FASTER and more efficiently.... And its creating deand
  • Australian dataPersonal contacts, networks and referrals together make the most common way of identifying a new role.
  • So let’s get the Crystal ball out – these are our opinions as to what the future may hold!  
  • Everyone’s candidate
  • Damian: Tighter on direct....more accurate returns for your investment. Right river - right fish – what fly to use...
  • Smartphone use in other developed markets is 37%. Low in NZ possibly due to high data costs.What of the impact of iPads and other table devices? - Predicted to nearly triple in penetration this year to 143,000 (Source: Nielsen Online Retail Report, 2011)
  • Get to candidates on the go, make sure anything you build is now mobile compatible.Big Brother is job seekers according to their exact location. Connect in real time about opportunities First thing people do when they wake up is grab their phones and check their messages - we have to be part of that
  • And mobile can add ensure you really engage with your candidates. The centrepiece of this campaign was a fully interactive website. But even the outdoor campaign had an interactive element. Poster sites, branded trams and taxis featured advanced image recognition technology, enabling candidates to choose the LV=person they’d like to hear from. You took a photo of the ad, text in the picture and get a call back from that very person. Historically, LV= hired over 75% of their people through consultants. But in the last year, direct applications have doubled and 82% of all hires are now direct. Cost per hire has dropped from around £2,000 to under £900. And since that applies to just over 1000 people in the last twelve months, it equates to a saving of around £1.1 million.
  • Mobile at large gives us the ability to target using geography. We are not fully using this to our benefit, combine it with sourcing
  • 1500 attends300 registered with ASBOver a third were relevantWhy such a high up take?
  • Starbucks, a company that already rewards frequent customers with the Barista badge on social gaming app Foursquare — is officially turning on the rewards side of its experimental Foursquare loyalty program with the first-ever nationwide mayor special.Starting today, mayors of individual Starbucks stores can unlock the Mayor Offer and enjoy a money-saving perk for their frequent store checkins.The deal offers customers a $1 discount on a Frappucino. The special greets mayors with this message: “As mayor of this store, enjoy $1 off a NEW however-you-want-it Frappuccino blended beverage. Any size, any flavor. Offer valid until 6/28
  • People like spreading good news, and sharing good news. The internet has made it easy to do so, and often employment is linked to a positive story
  • Recently -   The Waterview Connection - Fletcher, McConnell Dowell Constructors, Obayashi Corporation, PB New Zealand, Beca Infrastructure and Tonkin & Taylor Lots of work, lots of PR…how about lots of people? Leverage comms and pr and ‘piggyback’ with a recruitment message. It’s also great branding, as it shows you’re succeeding.
  • Even ads from a brand perspective
  • . Qantas are hiring pilots, engineers and cabin crews overseas where labour costs are lower. It makes sense. Or does it? When most people choose to fly Qantas many think they are paying inflated Qantas fares for the expertise of its staff. At the moment, the pilots have restricted their industrial campaign to a short cockpit announcementthat says: ''We are proud of our profession and our airline, and trust you will support us in keeping Qantas pilots in Qantas aircraft and ensuring our great iconic airline remains uniquely Australian.'‘ In short this story shows how interlinked PR and the attitudes of staff can be.The picture is of the TV finalists from the Qantas Film & TV AwardsRead more:
  • After incorrectly making the same prediction every 4 years this time I think I have it right.
  • August seminar final

    1. 1. The Evolution <br />Now and Next <br />
    2. 2. Sometimes Predictions are bang-on<br />
    3. 3. Many are wrong<br />”We do not like their sound, and guitar music is on the way out of fashion.”<br />Grandpa Recording in 1962 after refusing to sign the Beatles.<br />
    4. 4. Some take longer to come true<br />
    5. 5. Some we all get wrong<br />
    6. 6.
    7. 7. Job Boards have thrived <br />Challenger to challenged in less than a decade??<br />
    8. 8. NZ Newspapers have proved to be resilient<br />
    9. 9. Applicant Tracking Systems have become mainstream<br />What have they delivered? Have you <br />followed the instructions?<br />
    10. 10. Much talk about Workforce Planning & Employer Branding <br />
    11. 11. I-Everything has taken the technology to the people<br />
    12. 12. How much attention have you paid to your Avatar recently?<br />Want to buy some Linden Dollars?<br />
    13. 13. New Products on the market everyday...<br />
    14. 14.
    15. 15. What impact is this having in our lives?<br />
    16. 16.
    17. 17. Change<br />The recruitment industry has undergone massive change recently. Like most functions or industries underpinned by effective communication the pace of change will NEVER BE THIS SLOW AGAIN!<br />
    18. 18. Some things have stayed the same...<br />
    19. 19.
    20. 20.
    21. 21. Candidate/People Needs....<br />It’s about me – so make it personal <br />I want authenticity <br />I’m curious by nature<br />A question needs an answer<br />Give me a purpose<br />
    22. 22. “I found you - you found me”<br />Source: Executive Monitor study, Destination Talent<br />
    23. 23.
    24. 24. Where to with.....<br />
    25. 25. Technology – Social Media <br />
    26. 26. Sourcing <br />In this year’s Executive Monitor study 53.4% of respondents indicated that they have registered on social networking sites to enhance their career and employment opportunities in the last 12 months.<br />Source: Executive Monitor study, Destination Talent<br />
    27. 27. Sourcing <br />“You Google other people<br />so don't you think <br />they are googling<br />You” (Reid Hoffman)<br />
    28. 28. Where does it fit?<br />
    29. 29. Everyone's a candidate – but not everyone's looking<br />But everyone can be found!<br />Matthew Jeffery ERE/CLC Content <br />
    30. 30. Broadcast Campaigns Direct Campaigns<br />...It’s all about what you are trying to catch<br />
    31. 31. A current example<br />Critical roles - How to recruit 500 techies...<br />Critical mass - Find 5,000 qualified people <br />How do we do it...Fishing in both pools<br />
    32. 32. Next – Candidate Sourcing <br />More emphasis on converting candidates <br />Understand their emotional and motivational requirements<br />Engage and build trust with different talent audiences<br />
    33. 33. Engagement – from the other side <br />
    34. 34. Mobile <br />
    35. 35. Technology - A mobile nation<br />90% of New Zealanders aged 15-24yrs own a mobile<br />24% own smart phones<br />23% have used their mobile to cheat in a pub quiz<br />35% update their social networking sites from their mobiles everyday<br />45% say they are the first to know something because of mobile Internet<br />38% used the mobile Internet to settle an argument<br />41% said they check the Internet while on the loo<br />Source: Vodafone Internet Survey 2010<br />
    36. 36. Action – It’s Engagement <br />Integration<br />Broadens your recruitment efforts<br />Potentially better Targeting<br />Timing - What do you do when you wake up...?<br />
    37. 37. Attraction <br />
    38. 38. Attraction<br />
    39. 39. Now <br />
    40. 40.
    41. 41.
    42. 42. Should be doing immediately<br />Makes sure your recruitment message are well presented on mobile devices as well as desktops<br />The bar has been raised in terms of design<br />M-sites the focus – apps are a distraction for virtually every employer<br />
    43. 43. Next “LBS?”<br /><ul><li>Local jobs
    44. 44. Timing and relevance</li></li></ul><li>New News <br />
    45. 45. Word Press, Type pad – free platforms<br />Twitter breaks news fasters .....<br />Remember – we love to share!<br />Technology – Blogs, online news, citizen journalism <br />
    46. 46. Reputation is everything <br />
    47. 47. Action – leverage it, generate content <br />
    48. 48. Attraction - contextual advertising <br />
    49. 49. Now <br />
    50. 50.
    51. 51. Staff/Managers become channels <br />Tactical - Email signatures, LinkedIn profiles<br />The conversation happens at the BBQ , and it can happen online<br />Attraction – Leverage your connections<br />
    52. 52. Is recruitment PR now the new Employer Branding?<br />Matthew Jeffery ERE/CLC Content <br />
    53. 53.
    54. 54. ''There's no one I'd rather have at the controls than a Qantas pilot.'‘<br /> - John Travolta<br />
    55. 55.
    56. 56. In summary<br />Think about your candidate needs<br />Engage with them authentically and responsively<br />Use social media to source direct, source through your networks and to build your brand<br />Promote the ‘good news’<br />Use mobile technology to connect at the right time<br />.......there is no rule book<br />