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Interview To Win A Job Offer

Interview To Win A Job Offer






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Interview To Win A Job Offer Interview To Win A Job Offer Presentation Transcript

  • Interview to Win a Job Offer Lynn Hazan President Lynn Hazan & Associates www.lhazan.com
  • Click here to watch movie clip Just like the ants in this humorous advertisement, we all need proper preparation, careful coordination, a strong support system to achieve our goals.Copyright 2012, Lynn Hazan & Associates
  • Lynn’s Mantra: Repeat after me…  If you look like…  Walk like…  Talk like…  Sound like…Copyright 2012, Lynn Hazan & Associates
  • A Duck!Copyright 2012, Lynn Hazan & Associates
  • What is the purpose of the interview? Let’s brainstorm…Copyright 2012, Lynn Hazan & Associates
  • What is the purpose of an interview? The interview is between you, the interviewer, and the company.  3 R’s: Resume, Rapport and Relationship  Determine candidate’s fit for job  Determine job’s fit for candidate  Connect with corporate culture  Progress to next steps to get hiredCopyright 2012, Lynn Hazan & Associates
  • A Timeline in Chocolate PRESENT PAST FUTURE The job The resume The interview descriptions & is about the is about the specs are about past future the presentCopyright 2012, Lynn Hazan & Associates
  • In hiring, past performance is a good indicator of future performance. PRESENT PAST FUTURE The job The resume The interview descriptions & is about the is about the specs are about past future the presentCopyright 2012, Lynn Hazan & Associates
  • How well do you match the job?  Does your service address a critical need?  Can you explain what you do easily?  Do you have a niche in the market?  Are you the “go to” person?  Can you make money?Copyright 2012, Lynn Hazan & Associates
  • Do you mirror the Or not? job specs? The more duck-like you are, the better your chances of success!Copyright 2012, Lynn Hazan & Associates
  • Why Should I Hire YOU? Write down your answers.Copyright 2012, Lynn Hazan & Associates
  • Unique Positioning Statement Why employer should hire you Summary statement for resume Lead off for a successful interviewCopyright 2012, Lynn Hazan & Associates
  • How to Create Your UPS What makes you unique? What makes you special? ?? What’s your story? ? ?? ? ?Copyright 2012, Lynn Hazan & Associates
  • Elevator Speech  30-60 second speech  Reasons why employer should hire you  What can you bring to the employer?  Make it interesting!  Practice! Practice! Practice!Copyright 2012, Lynn Hazan & Associates
  • Try it out: Paired Share  Why you should hire me?  Make it interesting!  Time: 1 minute eachCopyright 2012, Lynn Hazan & Associates
  • The InterviewCopyright 2012, Lynn Hazan & Associates
  • Before the interview: Research the company n Use the web and social media tools n Look for recent articles n Check out their competition n What is company known for? n What is their culture? How do you fit?Copyright 2012, Lynn Hazan & Associates
  • Interview Protocol  Have correct directions  Know title and name of person interviewing you  Be in professional dress  Mirror interviewer  followthe lead  give and take  Progressionfrom past performance to futureCopyright 2012, Lynn Hazan & Associates
  • Do’s and Donts of Interviewing Do:  Arrive on time!  Bring extra resumes & samples  Establish rapport  Demonstrate by work & deed your fit for the job  Show enthusiasm  Know the points that you want to make!  Send thank you note or email within 24 hoursCopyright 2012, Lynn Hazan & Associates
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Interviewing Don’t:  Oversell yourself  Undersell yourself  Be haughty or arrogant  Be too casual  Go to an interview hungry It was a mistake for Eric to wear a t-shirt to his job interview, and it was a bigger mistake to wear that particular t-shirt.Copyright 2012, Lynn Hazan & Associates
  • Don’t Lie! Tell the TRUTH about:  Dates of past employment/graduation  Money  Layoffs / breaks in employment  Budget cutsCopyright 2012, Lynn Hazan & Associates
  • True Life Stories You Won’t Believe! One candidate…  asked for food.  took off shoes.  was sloppily dressed.  swore 3x.  wore perfume so strong, I almost passed out.Copyright 2012, Lynn Hazan & Associates
  • Tough Questions? Not really *Real interview questions* Practice your answers!  “How do you resolve conflict?”  “Describe a time when you had to work as part of a team. What was your role and what was the outcome?”  “Why should we hire you?”  “Describe your work ethic.”  “Do you have any questions for me?”Copyright 2012, Lynn Hazan & Associates
  • Role Playing in the Interview  May be asked to answer real life questions  How would you handle…?  Hypothetical questions / scenarios are on the rise!  Sell me this pen.  How many tennis balls could fit into a school bus?  Why are man hole covers round?  How many baseballs are sold in Chicago per year?Copyright 2012, Lynn Hazan & Associates
  • Frame the Process: Storytelling at its Best 1. Problem or need 2. Opportunity or challenge 3. Strategies and tactics 4. Results 5. What you did with resultsCopyright 2012, Lynn Hazan & Associates
  • What was a difficult scenario you encountered and how did you handle it?Copyright 2012, Lynn Hazan & Associates
  • Conversation & Dialogue The interview should be a two-sided conversation.  Be actively engaged  Ask probing questions  Yes/No answers = Conversation Killers  No Shy Talk  Be aware of dialog cues / turn-takingCopyright 2012, Lynn Hazan & Associates
  • Beware of bad habits and sloppy speech! Pitch, tone, speed, and word choice can eliminate you from an interview process. It happens!  Up-talking/Down-talking  Speaking too fast  Speaking too slow  Colloquialisms/Dialects/JargonCopyright 2012, Lynn Hazan & Associates
  • Beware of bad habits and sloppy speech! Examples:  One candidate started each sentence with “No…”  One spoke so fast the interviewer couldn’t find time to speak Recently discussed in the New York Times! “They’re, Like, Way Ahead of the Linguistic Currrrve”  Douglas Quenqua, New York Times, February 27, 2012Copyright 2012, Lynn Hazan & Associates
  • Video Interviews: The new phone screen  Focus on the interview  Do not check email or look things up while in the call  Good audio and lighting  Be aware of things in the background  Beaware of your body language!Copyright 2012, Lynn Hazan & Associates
  • Portfolios  Examples of your work  Not just for creative  Work you did as part of a team  Gives context and tells story of the project.  Digital formats may be more useful  Electronicfiles on a USB key  VisualCV, About.me, etc.  blogs (Blogger, Wordpress, Tumblr) or personal websitesCopyright 2012, Lynn Hazan & Associates
  • Wow Project  Candidates who are dazzled by a job opportunity should “dazzle employers back” with a “Wow!” project.  Shows initiative and capabilityCopyright 2012, Lynn Hazan & Associates
  • Money, money, money…  Be prepared to answer questions about salary  Know salary range for position  Salary.com, Payscale.com, Monster, Glassdoor  beware of salary surveys skewed by demographics  Consider stalling tactics:  “What range were you considering?”  “I feel it’s too early to discuss. I’d like to learn more.”  “I’m flexible and I’d like to hear more.”  Don’t get defensiveCopyright 2012, Lynn Hazan & Associates
  • To sign up for Lynn’s E-jobs, the free, confidential listserv from Lynn Hazan & Associates: Clearly print your name and email address on the sign up sheet!Copyright 2012, Lynn Hazan & Associates
  • Proper interviewing technique CAN help you to win a job offer! Lynn Hazan lynn@lhazan.com www.lhazan.com 312.863.5401 Follow me on Connect with me on Twitter: Linkedin: lynnhazan Lynn HazanCopyright 2012, Lynn Hazan & Associates