"You Want Something, Go Get It, Period!

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Vegas Baby, Make it Happen!

Vegas Baby, Make it Happen!

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  • 1. “You Want Something,
    Go Get It, Period!”
    Pursuit of Happyness
  • 2. I want to tell you a story about a woman who was at
    last year's No Excuses Summit.
    After the first night during the breakout sessions,
    Ferny (one of the NES hosts) met this woman who was
    wearing biking shorts and was walking her bicycle
    around the breakout rooms. She had a huge smile on
    her face and seemed super excited about being there...
    then she shared her unbelievable story...
    She had biked 25 miles in the 110 degree Las Vegas
    heat from her home to the event, with $70 in her
    bank account, no job and having to borrow money to
    purchase her ticket.
    Ferny's jaw dropped. "Holy crap, you did what?!?"
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  • 4. That night she would also have to bicycle another
    25 miles home and then again in the morning back to
    the event for 3 freaking days! (That's 150 miles!)
    Ferny's first impulse was to tell her she's crazy.
    His 2nd feeling was a desire to pay to have someone
    take her home, because he felt so bad.
    But he didn't do either, because he knew he would
    be robbing her of the story she'll be able to tell
    from stage one day and how much this meant to her.
  • 5.
  • 6. For the entire weekend, she didn't even sit in the
    chairs. She sat on the floor, against the wall,
    right up close to the stage, taking notes ferociously
    and not missing 1 second of the powerful teaching
    from our speakers.
    Talk about No Excuses!
    Simply put, that is the difference between those
    that succeed and those who don't. She had no money,
    but was willing to do whatever it took to make
    it to this incredible event and learn everything
    she could.
    What she lacked in money to travel, she made up with
    blood, sweat and tears... literally!
  • 7.
  • 8. This woman who bicycled through the desert had inspired Ray & Ferny to turn it up a notch and put on the best damn event in the history of this industry.
    They didn't let her down, nor the 1000 other people who made sacrifices - financial, time away from family, time off their jobs and traveling from as far away as Thailand!
    This event is called "No Excuses Summit", because it eliminated every possible excuse for not succeeding in this industry.
  • 9. So , if you have not gotten your ticket to
    this potential life transforming event, I don't
    know what excuses you got. I don't know what your
    story is, but time is not on your side.
    If it's simply information you need and have questions,
    a bunch of this year's No Excuses II instructors
    including Tim Erway, David Wood, Norbert Orlewicz,
    Diane Hochman, Jackie Ulmer, Andrew Cass, Ferny Ceballos & Raymond Fong will be conducting a LIVE Q&A tonight
    @ 6pm PST (9pm EST).
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  • 11. Click Here to Register:
    And tonight is the last night to get tickets to No
    Excuses II, plus the recordings from last year's
    event as bonus. These recordings contains the full
    teaching from Mike Dillard, Jonathan Budd, Katie
    Freiling, Cedrick Harris, Todd Falcone, Jim Yaghi,
    David Schwind, Brian Fanale and many other top earners
    from last year!
    These NES1 recordings are not available for public
    sale and this will be your last opportunity to own
    them, in addition to getting your tickets for No
    Excuses Summit II.
    Plus, Ferny and Ray just added a payment option, to
    make getting this bonus and going to the event, fit
    any budget.
  • 12. Click Here to Get Your Tickets by Midnight Tonight:
    And here's something else which eliminates yet another
    Did you know you can actually attend 2 days of the No
    Excuses Summit II and still get a refund if you are
    not satisfied with the event?
    Yup, on the Saturday of the event by 4pm, you can
    come to the registration desk and ask for a FULL refund
    of your ticket purchase and spend the rest of the
    weekend enjoying Vegas, if you are not completely
    satisfied with your investment.
  • 13. No Excuses! I’m behind the man in the white shirt. Can you spy Mike Dillard?
  • 14. BTW, I'm happy to report that the woman mentioned above
    is doing great, has setup an amazing online presence
    on almost zero budget, getting leads & traffic for
    her business, sponsoring people, traveling the world,
    and WILL be at this year's No Excuses event to
    continue her education.
    I can't wait to meet her!
    Click Here to Get Your Tickets by Midnight Tonight:
    See you on tonight's Q&A and in Vegas!
    Lynn Clarke
    Go for it Make it Happen, No Excuses!