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Ignite Wilmington #4
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Ignite Wilmington #4


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Why is Your Mom on Facebook & Why Does She Want To Be Friends with Your Ex? : Besides checking up on a high school sweetheart or playing Farmville, discover the five motivators for why people …

Why is Your Mom on Facebook & Why Does She Want To Be Friends with Your Ex? : Besides checking up on a high school sweetheart or playing Farmville, discover the five motivators for why people participate in social networking online. By understanding what's in it for them, you will get a better understanding of what's in it for you, and in the process figure out what your mom needs to friend your ex for.

Video can be found at :

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  • why anyone friend anyone online?\nyou could say that online social networks exist to answer a simple need of humans in the modern age…\n
  • ‘what’s in it for me?’ them? you? your mom?\nmake money / play Farmville\nshows what, not WHY\nreverse engineer what people do\nfind why they’re on Facebook\n
  • companies use this - but this is what marketers do\nTHIS doesn’t match what people want - only what businesses want\npeople motivators into 5 different drivers\n
  • trained to be consumers\nTV - radio\nsocial network platforms - choices to consume\n
  • info at fingertips not just homogenized mass media\ntwitter celebrities, cooking / youtube, tech blogs \nyour mom - dating “that guy” - Facebook relationship status\n
  • online media - not replace traditional\nshift to replace the container, not the content\nincreased drive to consume - someone has to be making all this content\n
  • online network ‘carte blanche’ to create our own\ndream it / make it / say it\nno more waiting for Oprah / be your own show\n
  • blog / cat herding\nvideo / travel\ntwitter / stuff your dad says\n
  • creating fills the need to define ourselves, show who we are\ncreate for ourselves / friends family\ndigital soapbox and shout our thoughts to the world\n
  • and then the world gets to shout back at us\n$0.02 / opinion -- instant gratification on feedback\nparticipate in conversation -- join in the cocktail party\n
  • comments / blog post & FB status\nchatting during live events on ustream or CNN\nyour mom comment on your FB photo / gained 10 lbs\n...why contribute?\n
  • show that we are useful, valuable, we belong\nraise hand/voice & participate\nsuggestions, contribute ideas, give feedback\n
  • leads us to collaboration\nbrainstorming / teamwork / working together on projects / do something BIG\nso that the result: the whole is greater than the sum of the parts\n
  • fundraising / PTA to raise money for class trip\nvideo games / clan to help with boss fight\nsocial / mom & girlfriends looking for a blind date for you\n
  • why collaborate?\nto be part of something bigger than ourselves\nto achieve what they can’t on their own\nmany aspire to do great things, \n
  • be a tribe - not meant to be alone\nshared interest / goal\nfind love / money\n
  • scariest part of all, reaching out and saying i want to get to know you, friend/like/follow/connect\nonline networks not meant to replace our lives, but enhance them\n
  • being connected is a very strong motivator online\nwe all want to be part of something / community\nto be accepted and acknowledged ... to be liked\n
  • Woman 45+ (your mom) are most responsible for growth in social networking site usage\nwhy on FB?\n consume\n create\n contribute\n collaborate\n … and connect\n
  • if that doesn’t tell you why your mom wants to friend your ex - go with the obvious...\nsocial networking kittens sometimes grow up to be cougars and you ex is now fair prey\n
  • Transcript

    • 1. Why is Your Mom on Facebook & Why Does She Want To Be Friends with Your Ex?
    • 2. I can haz?
    • 3. Goals Nothing Useful To Your MomTactics Strategy
    • 4. Consume
    • 5. Fat. Dumb. Happy.
    • 6. Online Information Sources100 75 50 25 0 Mashable Facebook MSNBC Fark
    • 7. Create
    • 8. I baked you a cake but I eated it.
    • 9. Link Leads To... Rick AstleyActual Content Affiliate Link
    • 10. Contribute
    • 11. Im in yur blog leavin teh commentz
    • 12. Smart Your Ideas Inexpensive Expensive Your Manager’s IdeasThe idea your boss Dumbmakes you go with.
    • 13. Collaborate
    • 14. All your base are belong to us.
    • 15. You WE Me
    • 16. Connect
    • 17. Matched Online : February 12, 2009
    • 18. Productivity Analysis 9067.5 Paycheck 4522.5 0 Number of Farmville Friends
    • 19. Flickr / Karamellzucker
    • 20.