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KL Breakfast seminar 4th September 2013


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  • Talent is THE driving force for success and economic opportunity; that holds true for both individual professionals and the companies they work for. At our core, LinkedIn is in the business of connecting talent with opportunity at massive scale.  We are able to do this in an unprecedented way due to the convergence of two unique trends:Scalable infrastructure that connects hundreds of millions of people in milliseconds, andExtraordinary shifts in online behavior related to the way people represent their identities, build their networks and share information and knowledge. This is fundamentally changing the world in the way we live, play, and, of course, work. And that’s where LinkedIn is focused: On fundamentally transforming the way the world works.
  • For us, fundamentally changing the way the world works begins with our mission statement: To connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. This means not only helping people to find their dream jobs, but also enabling them to be great at the jobs they’re already in.
  • We’re making great strides toward our mission:LinkedIn has over 238 million members, and we’re now adding more than two members per second. This is the fastest rate of absolute member growth in the company’s history. Sixty-five percent of LinkedIn members are currently located outside of the United States.LinkedIn counts executives from all 2013 Fortune 500 companies as members; its corporate talent solutions are used by 90 of the Fortune 100 companies.More than 3 million companies have LinkedIn Company Pages.LinkedIn members did over 5.7 billion professionally-oriented searches on the platform in 2012.[See for a complete list of LinkedIn facts and stats]
  • Our most important core value is that members come first. We develop products across three dimensions to deliver value to our members: 1.Professional Identity, which helps professionals connect, find, and be found;LinkedIn is the most powerful, professionally-oriented search engine on the planet. In becoming a member, you are carving out a piece of digital real estate and creating your professional profile of record. When you need to find someone, connect with someone, do a business deal or tap professional knowledge, LinkedIn is the place to go. 2.Insights, which help people get the information and knowledge they need to be great at what they do; A fire hose of unique and valuable information, knowledge, data and insight flow through the LinkedIn network as a result of our members connecting and sharing.Our job is to build products that derive information and insights from that data for our members to help them be better at what they do every day. Examples of some of these products are LI Today, Groups, Homepage3.And Everywhere, which ensures that our platform works wherever our members work, regardless of where they are, on the Web or off. We live in an age where we can no longer expect our members to be tethered to their desks. We live in a mobile, ubiquitous computer age. LinkedIn is focused on providing members with access to their professional identity and insights wherever they may be -- whether it is on and off the desktop or on and off We know our members will still visit other sites, and we want to continue to scale our API offerings to provide value to our members no matter where they are.If you’re taking time to build your professional identity, network and knowledge..the sum total of our value proposition is that LinkedIn will enable our members to find dream jobs and be great at jobs they’re already in.
  • …This meaningfully contributes to the growth of our three diverse revenue streams – Talent Solutions, Marketing Solutions, and Premium Subscriptions:Talent Solutions:As the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn is the single best place to connect with passive and high-quality active job candidates. LinkedIn Talent Solutions improves the efficiency of recruiting the best at scale, giving recruiting teams a competitive edge in the war for talent. [LinkedIn uniquely possesses an unprecedented wealth of accurate and up-to-date professional information, the full extent of which can only be accessed through LinkedIn Talent Solutions. We provide the tools that enable recruiting teams to understand their target audience, position their company as the employer of choice, engage with relevant, high-quality candidates at scale and accurately measure their results.]Marketing Solutions:LinkedIn Marketing Solutions helps advertisers and marketers reach influential, affluent and highly-educated audiences in a very relevant and engaging way. LinkedIn has the most valuable audience by composition anywhere on the internet. This global and unique asset gets products and services in front of right professional at right time. [LinkedIn Marketing Solutions helps advertisers/marketers reach influential, affluent and highly-educated audiences in a very relevant and engaging way. Ithas three competitive advantages over any other online platform: Scale, Accuracy, and Portfolio: Scale: Over 238 million members that are all professionals; one of the most influential, affluent and highly educated audiences on the Web; more decision makers, higher average household incomes, and more college or post-college graduates than U.S. visitors of many leading business websites.  Accuracy: Rich profile-based targeting allows advertisers to reach very specific audiences; targeting includes by geography, job function, industry, company size, seniority, age, gender, company name, LinkedIn Group and even job title. Portfolio: A suite of high-impact and engaging products helps advertisers get their messages across, from text-based ads to massive display campaigns to socially-driven branding opportunities like Company Pages and Groups.] Premium Subscriptions:LinkedIn Premium Subscriptions are tailored for an array of member needs and segments, to provide the right/additional tools to enable customers to be better at what they do every day / more productive and successful in their careers. The aim of our three business lines, and all of the products and services we develop is to connect talent and opportunity at a massive scale, and to make the world’s professionals more productive and successful. In doing so, we aspire to create economic opportunity for every professional in the world.
  • Emergence of social media People open to sharing and consuming informationExample, restaurant reviews
  • [THIS SLIDE IS A BUILD]An average of 30 percent of unique visiting members come through mobile apps, versus just 19 percent a year ago (Q1 2013 earnings) More than 100,000 developers are using LinkedIn APIs to create innovative tools and services for professionals.
  • In order to meet your key TA objectives [reference their specific objectives, which you should have already uncovered during discovery], we should first take a look at the evolution of recruiting and where your organization is today. Companies are evolving away from the traditional recruiting model and putting a few foundational elements in place to become more efficient and strategic. In doing so, they’re developing sourcing expertise in-house,using automation to personalize their job opportunities, ensuring the right talent brand is in front of the right individuals and arming their recruiters with access to the right talent pools. (Note: From bottom to top, each row in the framework represents a recruiting capability):SOURCING: From agency reliance  to developing in-house sourcing and pipelining expertiseJOBS: From post-and-pray  to targeted & personalized job matchingBRAND:From no consideration of talent brand  to developing an employer branding strategyMETRICS: From no metrics established  to using talent data to improve recruiting effectiveness and ultimately shape business strategyWhere do you think you are in this evolution? [Have a conversation with the client and calibrate where they think they are in this process vs. what you think and come to a mutual agreement. Anchor them so that you can create a vision of where they can go next.]:Many clients will start at the “Developing” stageThe LinkedIn Core Solution helps get them to “Foundational.” This is a necessary first step.Clients already using the LinkedIn Core products can then think about more advanced strategies to get to the “Strategic” stage in the longer term (e.g., through Student recruiting, Campaign media, Branding Accelerator, Followers, etc).
  • By becoming more strategic and less reactive, companies are able to increase the efficiency of their teams and increase quality of hire. [Link this statement back to the client’s explicit goals & challenges].Remaining status quo won’t help solve the issues we discussed.
  • Transcript

    • 1. LinkedIn Malaysia: how companies use LinkedIn to Recruit the Best Talent Carine Syriani Sales Manager, LinkedIn Vanessa Westerhout Lee Head of Marketing
    • 2. Agenda • 8.30 am: Breakfast and Networking • 9.00 am: Insights on the hiring industry in Malaysia and overview of LinkedIn Talent Solutions • LinkedIn • LinkedIn SEA Trends • Malaysians & The Job Market • 9.40 am: LinkedIn & Air Asia Q&A • 10 am: Demo “SHOW ME”
    • 3. LinkedIn connects talent with opportunity at massive scale + Fundamentally transforming the way the world works
    • 4. Singapore#ConnectinSing Our Mission. Connect the world‟s professionals to make them more productive and successful
    • 5. The world‟s largest professional network 1 As of Aug 1, 2013 2 As of June 27, 2013 238M+ Members Worldwide Growing at more than two members per second 2 per sec 1.2M+ 1 2 Members MALAYSIA 1
    • 6. The value we bring to our members Identity. Insights. Everywhere.
    • 7. Singapore#ConnectinSing The business of connecting talent with opportunity Talent Solutions Marketing Solutions Premium Subscriptions Providing passive recruiting at scale and adding social relevancy to active job searches Delivering marketers targeted access to one of the most influential, affluent and educated audiences on the web Enabling professionals to be more productive with premium tools tailored by customer segment
    • 8. 8 Emergence of Social Media
    • 9. Singapore#ConnectinSing Identity.Insights.Everywhere 9
    • 10. Singapore#ConnectinSing Identity Connect, find, and be found FY 2011 5.7B+Search Queries
    • 11. Singapore#ConnectinSing Identity Connect, find, and be found
    • 12. Singapore#ConnectinSing Insights Be great at what you do Feb 2012 2B+Network Updates Viewed Weekly1M+ Professional Groups1.5M Unique Publishers
    • 13. Singapore#ConnectinSing Everywhere Working everywhere our members work 27%Unique Visiting Members Come Through Mobile Apps Feb 2013 100K+ Developers Leveraging Our APIs
    • 14. Singapore#ConnectinSing LinkedIn SEA 14
    • 15. Singapore#ConnectinSing The Southeast Asia Recruiting Landscape 1 According to SEA Professionals… The 5 most important trends shaping the future of recruiting 2 3 4 5 Social professional networks are increasingly impacting quality of hire Employer branding is both a competitive threat and a competitive advantage Data is used to make better hiring and branding decisions Companies are investing in hiring internally to stop top talent from walking out the door Companies are figuring out the mobile recruiting terrain For details on survey methodology, please see page 22 To access global and other country-specific reports and infographics, visit:
    • 16. Singapore#ConnectinSing What is at the top of your peers’ list for 2013 Talent leaders are most focused on improving the basics: how to source, pipeline, and hire the best talent 2013 Top 5 Priorities 1. Recruiting/sourcing highly-skilled talent 44% 44% 2. Pipeline talent 39% 25% 3. Improving quality of hire 29% 30% 4. Improving sourcing techniques 24% 18% 5. Employer brand 18% 25% What makes Southeast Asia unique?  Southeast Asia talent leaders are concentrating on pipelining talent more so than those in other markets  Your peers rank „competition‟ as an obstacle to attract top talent higher than its peers in other countries  Southeast Asia is more nervous about its competitors investing in employer brand, than any other country
    • 17. Singapore#ConnectinSing With hiring increasing faster than budgets, talent leaders must be more strategic with their resources “Considering only full and part-time professional employees, how do you expect the hiring volume across your organization to change this year?” “How has your organization's budget for recruiting solutions changed from last year?” Increase Same Decrease 18% 24% 42% 47% 40% 30% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% SEA Hiring Budget Global Hiring Budget 22% 21% 29% 35% 49% 44% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% SEA Hiring Volume Global Hiring Volume Hiring Volume Hiring Budget
    • 18. Singapore#ConnectinSing Social professional networks are the #2 source of quality hires in the Southeast Asia… Top 10 most important places to find quality hires “Think about the key quality hires that your organization made in 2012. Which of the following were the most important sources for those key positions?” 2013 Recruitment agencies 45% Social professional networks 38% Internet job boards 36% Employee referral programs 35% Internal hires 35% Internet resume databases 16% Company career website 16% College recruiting programs 16% Your ATS/internal candidate database 11% Print newspapers/trade journals 6% Recruiters are relying more and more on professional social networks to engage top talent. Stay ahead of the competition by training your team and employees how to be effective. Sources of Quality Hires
    • 19. Singapore#ConnectinSing …And talent leaders around the globe think social professional networks will shape recruiting in the long term too “What do you consider to be the three most essential and long-lasting trends in recruiting for professional roles?” Pay attention, these trends are here to stay Ensure you are investing adequately in social and professional networks for the long run Utilizing social and professional networks 40% 39% Boosting referral programs 36% 21% Finding better ways to source passive candidates 34% 27% Upgrading employer branding 29% 33% Being a strategic talent advisor to the business 25% 22% Reducing spend on staffing firms 17% 12% Training recruiters and hiring managers 14% 16% Optimizing your career site 14% 15% Recruiting globally 10% 14% Measuring quality of hire more consistently 10% 11% Top 10 long-lasting trends
    • 20. Your existing recruiting model can develop into a strategic sourcing strategy Agency reliance, Reactive Sourcing excellence, team-wide pipelining Internal and external talent engagement Post-and-pray Targeted engagement Engage everywhere, including mobile Employees as talent brand ambassadors Success metrics World class marketing of talent brand Talent data guides business strategy Developing Foundational Strategic Early emphasis on passive talent Job board and social recruiting Defined Employer Value Proposition Traditional Segment-specific campaigns 20 Most Malaysian companies are here
    • 21. Singapore#ConnectinSing We want to help you become more strategic and compete for talent Strategic: Low cost Efficient Quality of hire focus Proactive pipeline-based process Reactive: High cost Labor-intensive Applicant quantity focus Req to req process Developing Foundational Strategic Traditional 21 Where do you want to be?
    • 22. Singapore#ConnectinSing LinkedIn Malaysia 22
    • 23. Singapore#ConnectinSing Malaysians on LinkedIn ©2013 LinkedIn 23 • 37% of all Malaysian Professionals are on LinkedIn • We estimate within the year we will have over 65% of Malaysian Professionals on the platform • Some of our Business Leaders on LinkedIn;
    • 24. 24 Largest Talent Pools in Malaysia
    • 25. Singapore#ConnectinSing How to get ahead? 2013 Top 5 Action Items Internal Hiring Mobile Recruiting 1 4 5 Recruiters are relying more and more on social media to engage top talent. Stay ahead of the competition by training your team and employees how to be effective. Ensure you are adequately investing in social and professional networks for the long run. Quality Hires 2 Understand your employer brand and how it can set you apart from the competition. Take the opportunity to engage not only candidates, but employees as well. Be a marketer: Determine what are your company's most effective channels and incorporate them into your employer brand strategy. Employer Brand Understand the benefits of internal recruiting and use data to get buy-in and increase awareness. Support and encourage employees to look internally. Get ahead by taking action now on your company‟s mobile strategy, and you‟ll expand your talent pool and become more visible to passive candidates. 3 Identify what information you use to make decisions and what additional data is available that you can leverage to inform your decisions and employer brand. Survey new hires regularly to get a qualitative review of your talent brand. Use numerical metrics to measure your brand quantitatively over time and against competitors. Data
    • 26. Singapore#ConnectinSing LinkedIn & AirAsia 26
    • 27. Singapore#ConnectinSing 27
    • 28. LinkedIn Confidential 28 Successfully engaging regional talents Talent Brand Index of 34% Highest among its peers in the Airline Industry across Asia 21000+ New followers on career page in 12 months
    • 29. Singapore#ConnectinSing What‟s Next 29
    • 30. What‟s Next…. Student Video
    • 31. Singapore#ConnectinSing Demo 31