The Future of Apps


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An overview of mobile apps, where it is today, who we should be targetting and where it is heading. Presented to the university of western cape ICT department

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The Future of Apps

  1. 1. The future of Apps Lynette Hundermark Apps Business Director @lynetteanthony  
  2. 2. How do I approach Building an app @lynetteanthony  
  3. 3. you have a business challenge and your consumer demands an app @lynetteanthony  
  4. 4. how do you meet your business objectives with understanding your consumer needs @lynetteanthony  
  5. 5. case study: goal and objective what to fill empty cinema seats how provide the avid movie fan with an engaging and seamless ticket purchasing experience on their preferred mobile channel solution mobile apps that allows S.K consumers to engage with and book movie tickets quickly and seamlessly on their preferred mobile platform. @lynetteanthony  
  6. 6. the SK mobile solution @lynetteanthony  
  7. 7. what is your starting point when building your mobile apps strategy @lynetteanthony  
  8. 8. understanding the mobile landscape @lynetteanthony  
  9. 9.     Feature  phone   Feature  phone   Smartphone     Smartphone USA/UK   (iPhone,  Android)   S.A   (Nokia  5110,  BlackBerry  8520,     Samsung  E250   @lynetteanthony  
  10. 10. before embarking on an app strategy do you have a mobile strategy ? @lynetteanthony  
  11. 11. the S.A mobile user is likely to be using any of these 9500+ devices
  12. 12. S.A smartphone ownership 26%   8%   36%   22%   5%   Source: Deloitte Digital Jan ‘14
  13. 13. mobilise for everyone @lynetteanthony  
  14. 14. creating a consistent brand experience across ALL app platforms @lynetteanthony  
  15. 15. Vodacom  AppStar   2012  regional   winner     Ster-Kinekor app suite  
  16. 16. measuring true R.O.D / R.O.I is your app meeting your business challenge
  17. 17. Target Audience Millennials
  18. 18. Defined by Role Models Baby Boomers Gen Y Gen X @lynetteanthony
  19. 19. Meet the millennials Born 1980 – 2000 @lynetteanthony  
  20. 20. Millennial Traits @lynetteanthony  
  21. 21. Confident Open to Change Connected @lynetteanthony  
  22. 22. Defining your Mobile Strategy for Millennials @lynetteanthony  
  23. 23. Understanding their demanding needs as well as wanting fast access to information @lynetteanthony  
  24. 24. context is KING which determines content @lynetteanthony  
  25. 25. situation & circumstance of the mobile user browsing one handed in a queue waiting to pay and want to book a movie ticket lost and needing fast directions geo-locate specials nearby product research and comparisons looking up information quickly between lectures
  26. 26. recognising your user and delivering relevant content
  27. 27. e.g. centralised dashboard Easy access to movie club information Movie recommendations based on your profile
  28. 28. e.g. frequently browsed items product recommendations based on past purchases or most frequently browsed items.
  29. 29. always delivering core functionality that adds value to the user @lynetteanthony  
  30. 30. $18 m mobile solution & unable to book a room
  31. 31. navigation needs to be made simple (transact/find relevant content in < 2 minutes) @lynetteanthony  
  32. 32. Constantly evolving Listen to users and Adapt to their needs @lynetteanthony  
  33. 33. Day 2: 20% apps used Product life cycle Day 30: 5% apps used OFFER VALUE & ENGAGEMENT Source:  
  34. 34. Share-ability and Communities Always connected Mobile is for everyone to share
  35. 35. Social Media Networks Friends + Family Broadcasting Commentary (news events) Sharing visual interests @lynetteanthony  
  36. 36. Community Sharing @lynetteanthony
  37. 37.   Real Time Wine Apps Finalist    
  38. 38. The Enterprise App Apps in the Workforce
  39. 39. Understanding Big Data
  40. 40. Delivering the perfect omni-channel experience
  41. 41. By 2017, apps will be downloaded 268 billion times Gartner prediction
  42. 42. Communicating To your audience In their language
  43. 43. Questions Thank you @lynetteanthony