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  • 1. Archaeopteryx for a pet by Terry and Nathan
  • 2. IntroductionArchaeopteryx is a colourful flying dinosaur.The latin word Archaeopteryx means ancientfeather. This report will explain why theArchaeopteryx would make a good pet.
  • 3. AppearanceArchaeopteryx is the size of a crow. It hastropical colours, a heavy body and it hashundreds of teeth.
  • 4. BehaviourArchaeopteryx does a lot of things. It fliesaround and runs on two back feet. It couldprotects itself by flying and it could use it’sclaws to climb trees. Archaeopteryx would alsomake a good pet because when robbers come,Archaeopteryx could shout like an alarm andcall you to come to catch the robber.
  • 5. DietArchaeopteryx eats bugs. It doesn’t eat meat soit would be a good pet because it would helpkill the insects in and around the house. It fliesand catches bugs in the air. It also searches forbugs on the ground so it’s useful to clean upbugs on the ground too. This means it’s easy tofeed because it will eat bugs that it findsaround the house. Archaeopteryxes enemiesare big meat-eaters like Compsognathus.
  • 6. diet continued.....Heaps of meat eaters hunt it. It will be safe ifyou put it in your house at night time and putit in your backyard in a cage during the daytime.
  • 7. HabitatArchaeopteryx lived in forests, trees andjungles. It lived on land and it came fromEurope. It could be put in your back-yard butyou would have to have it in a cage or it mightfly away.
  • 8. ConclusionArchaeopteryx would make a good petbecause it doesn’t eat meat and so it wouldn’thurt humans. Also, it feeds itself so you don’thave to feed it and it can protect itself fromenemies.