Campaigns Capstone Project


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Researched, planned, designed and implemented targeted strategic messaging strategies including media placement and commercial production for recognized health insurance leader while recognizing barriers of legislative and industry complexities.

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Campaigns Capstone Project

  2. 2. Table of Contents 3 Executive Summary 5 Client Analysis 6 Industry Overview 8 Competitors 11 SWOT Analysis 12 Creative Brief 16 Target Audience 18 Media Plan 34 Media Integration 35 Prediction & Evaluation 36 Media Budget 38 Additional Recommendations 44 Hexagon Solutions
  3. 3. exe cutiThe Blue KC Brand Research FindingsBlue KC is a recognized household name and an Our research resulted in three key findings. First, ourestablished brand within its service area. target does not understand health insurance and often learns about it when in the midst of dealing with a crisis or ve summaryAs of May 2011, it holds 41.3 percent local market share. claim. This contributes to an overall negative connotationBlue KC asked our team to target 18- to 34-year olds of the industry.with fresh strategies to engage and promote its respectedbrand and services. Hexagon Solutions, true to form, Second, our target does not trust institutions with a staketackled this challenge from various “angles.” Primary in a sale, but prefers to research and reference otherand secondary research, coupled with our unique insight consumers online.into the minds of our target created a multi-dimensionalcampaign mixing both logic and emotion. Finally, our target does not think about health insurance. It spends less than an hour a week contemplating the topic. Because half of our target (18-25) has an opportunity toTarget Segmentation stay on a parent plan, it will continue to disregard theWe found the various life stages within this broad age issue. Messages directed toward this group will focus ongroup consume health insurance differently. We used this positioning Blue KC as top-of-mind for future purchasinginsight to split the target into two segments: 18- to 25- actions.year olds and 26- to 34-year olds. We made the division atage 25 because recent rulings have determined this as the The second half of our target (26-34), and those coveredage a person can no longer be covered by a parent’s plan. by employer-sponsored plans and therefore ineligible for parental coverage, are more likely to take purchasingOur research has helped differentiate five life stage action and better understand the value of coverage.profiles within these two segments. This helped HexagonSolutions better target specific individuals based on theirhabits and trends through different media. 3
  4. 4. Campaign Strategy In-person tactics such as photo opportunities withThe campaign segment targeting 18- to 25-year olds, cutouts of anatomical bodies, promotional T-shirts andfocused on raising awareness, asks consumers to “Get the thermometers and on-site iPad quizzes, will engage theFacts. Go Blue.” The message encourages empowerment audience and make them excited about health care.through education. By learning about the insuranceindustry and process, the consumers will have more Social media will promote positive user-generated contentpositive experiences when they choose an in-network of the brand. Tagged Facebook photos from promotionaldoctor, file claims and interact with providers in the events, retweets by consumers during contests on Twitterfuture. Communication about preventative measures will and uploads to the Blue KC YouTube brand channelpromote wellness and lower overall costs. will allow Blue KC to engage in conversations with its consumers.The campaign’s segment targeting 26- to 34-year oldsis focused on a direct call-to-action. The campaign We’ve strategically chosen our media platforms to push theencourages consumers to “Take Charge. Go Blue.” greatest number of impressions to engage our audiencesPurchases are motivated by emotion and then rationalized. through their unique interests and locations.Appealing to consumers through a humanistic approachby showcasing true stories, the Blue KC message will Hexagon Solutions has considered the angles of Blue KC’sresonate and elicit a positive response. By using an situation and provided solutions based on your requests.interactive, testimonial-driven campaign, users will Our approach is relevant, fresh and timely.upload videos highlighting relatable personal experienceswith Blue KC. Current and prospective consumers will: Get the Facts. Take Charge.Media Integration Go Blue.Our strategies lie primarily in digital mediums and out-of-home promotional events. Our integrated approach Thank you for giving us the opportunity to “shape” yourwill drive consumers to interact with the Blue KC brand and face-to-face. Sincerely, Hexagon Solutions4
  5. 5. assignment brand image clieBlue KC asked us to create a campaign Focus group participants frequently nt atargeting 18- to 34-year olds, changing associated Blue KC with the words below:the brand image from “grandfatherly” to“young” and “hip.” local commercialsWe aim to maintain Blue KC’s image as an logo nalysisestablished, respectable and trustworthy well-knownhealth insurance provider while makingthe brand more user-friendly and Considering the target market is notappealing for the target age group. particularly fascinated with health insurance, it is a reassuring sign thatWe are taking advantage of its strong the majority of the target has a positivebrand awareness and using it to create a impression of Blue KC’s brand andfresh, interactive campaign that 18- to 34- performance. 80%year olds will respond positively to andact upon. Blue KC was top-of-mind for brand awarenessWithin the target, brand awareness of focus group extremely high. From our primaryresearch findings, Blue KC has the highestbrand awareness. This can be attributed toits high-exposure advertising campaignsand word-of-mouth due to positivecustomer experiences. 5
  6. 6. Industry overview & trends w rvie Health care reform will be officially implemented on January 1, 2014. Insurance exchanges as an additional marketplaceindustry ove Insurance exchanges will serve as an online platform to provide individuals or employees an easy, affordable way to Health Care Reform get health insurance. Businesses will offer employees health Large Employers insurance or face penalties. Major industry players make transitions Almost all of Blue KC’s competitors offer educational Small Employers Private Health materials to walk their clients through this marketplace switch. Many competitors have also launched more Insurance customized plans to cater to consumers’ needs. Furthermore, these plans are becoming more benefit-driven rather than price-driven. Focusing on life stages helps potential Health Insurance customers to easily determine where they belong. Individuals Exchange Mandated coverage Health care reform will require all Americans, to have health insurance. This way, the healthy will help fund the cost of people who need more medical care. However, optional opt-out penalty fees will more often be chosen. According to the Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis, roughly 93 percent of the uninsured under age 35 would rather pay the penalty fee than buy health insurance. 6
  7. 7. Consumer viewsof the industry Unless you really need healthOur primary and secondary research uncovered care, why pay for it?some interesting consumer viewpoints regarding - KU Focus Group Participantthe health care industry. Irresponsible E xpens doctor of our target, especially those still on parent plans, say they are ignorant about health care reform. Online survey findings ive Reform Words most frequently used by focus group participants in reference to health care 7
  8. 8. aetna cigna rs Strengths Weaknesses Strengths Weaknesses tito student plans prices “Go You” ads broad targeting website design limited education info interactive website limited education info social media presence website features direct customer social media presencecompe and integration relationships and integration Aetna offers student health insurance plans through Cigna recently launched its “Go You” ad campaign, Aetna Student Health. Aetna also has a variety of online focusing on individual consumers and fulfilling the communities to connect with consumers in their realm. need for self-actualization. This includes Aetna Mobile and “Ann,” a virtual assistant on its member website. The national campaign emphasizes wellness. The company is taking strides to improve direct relationships Aetna’s focus on life stages and its push for integrity as with customers through many different media its core brand value are keys in marketing to the selected channels including social media use. target market. 8
  9. 9. coventry humana Strengths Weaknesses Strengths Weaknesses benefits on website wordy website website Facebook presence life-stage plans limited education info prices limited education info information about social media presence MyHumana Mobile reliability brokers and integrationCoventryOne includes Coventry’s health coverage Humana understands the need to connect with individualsfor individuals and families. Similar to other Blue through HumanaOne’s easy and convenient home page.KC competitors, Coventry offers affordable student, With descriptions such as “I need a short-term solution”individual and family health insurance plans. These and “I’m buying my first individual plan,” customers canplans are tailored to fit the needs of consumers in each easily navigate the site to find a plan that fits their needs.category. MyHumana Mobile emphasizes Humana’s understandingCoventry lacks the social networking presence and of the importance of convenience. Humana also boastsmedia placement of Aetna, Humana and Cigna. affordability, especially after establishing a partnership with Wal-Mart in 2010. 9
  10. 10. united healthcare do nothings Strengths Weaknesses Strengths Weaknesses student plans too many websites freedom no education reputation employer based no premium penalties with reform health information social media presence out of sight, out of high risk exchange and integration mind UnitedHealthcare is top-ranked among health insurance The “do nothings” are those individuals who will remain and managed care companies in Fortune’s 2011 “World’s on a parent plan or simply choose to not have health Most Admired Companies List.” In relation to the insurance and pay a penalty instead. selected target market, United will pose a threat with its affordable StudentResources student health insurance With the advent of health care reform, those who plans. United also has begun a health information remain uninsured will be forced to pay a penalty fee, but exchange, increasing the sharing of medical information because of the fee’s affordability, the opt-out option will while reducing overall costs. continue to “steal” business from Blue KC. “As of right now, I’ve been on my parents’ health insurance, and I’m on it until I’ve graduated, and I honestly haven’t thought about that until right now.” - KU Focus Group Participant10
  11. 11. strengths weaknesses SWHigh quality for the price KCHealthCareReform.orgBlue KC must maintain this strength by continuing to This website offers useful information on healthoffer excellent customer service in relation to the prices care reform, but it may be too complicated forof their products. the everyday consumer. Updating the “Education OTLarge hospital and physician network Center” may help the average customer betterBlue KC already has a large network of health care understand the reform. People are more likelyproviders. This network, however, could be expanded, to voluntarily read the material if it is in simple,which presents an opportunity for Blue KC. everyday language. analysisLocal Uninformed employeesBlue KC is involved and highly recognizable within the Customers expressed frustration about Blue KCcommunity. employees. Customers believed the employees were not as knowledgeable about health insurance as they should be. opportunitiesWellness rewards threatsThe Blue365 program offers discounts to businesses Healthcare reformthat support health and wellness. There is an When the reform takes effect, Blue KC will be forcedopportunity for Blue KC to offer individual to accept every customer applying for coverage. Thisconsumers a similar program. could leave Blue KC responsible for covering manyVariety of communication channels high-risk individuals.Blue KC needs to make sure it has a wide range Student plansof communication with current and potential Aetna, Humana and United offer plans cateredcustomers, while avoiding risky individuals. This specifically to college students. These plans teachcould also create a threat. By using brokers to individuals to prepare for making bigger healthtarget individuals, Blue KC could build and improve insurance decisions later in life. These plans targetpersonal relationships with individual consumers. the 18- to 34-year olds Blue KC is targeting.Healthcare education Life stage plansThe target is confused about health insurance, Aetna and Humana created plans that targetedcreating an opportunity for Blue KC to educate individuals based on lifestyles and life stages whichpeople which would ultimately foster trust among creates an immediate connection with customers.consumers. 11
  12. 12. f brie Why are we advertising?creative What You Asked Blue KC asked us to help secure its place in the ever-changing health insurance market by morphing its “grandfatherly” image into one that is more lively and relatable to 18- to 34- year olds. Our Overall Goal With this advertising campaign, we will drive leads and increase consumer participation with Blue KC, while we gain awareness with the target market that will be purchasing in the future or for the first time. We want Blue KC to be a household name and must drive away confusion and sour attitudes toward this industry by replacing them with positive perceptions to sustain Blue KC’s iconic brand identification. Key Brand Insight Through our comprehensive research strategies we uncovered many insights. Perhaps our biggest insight about Blue KC is that its “grandfatherly” image may not be a bad thing. We must spin grandpa into the wise, yet modern and educational leader that he is. 12
  13. 13. What will advertising achieve? This campaign cannot sell insurance plans, but it can evoke interest, emotional appeal, human connection and consideration. We want to attain new users, retain current users and stake out a spot in the minds of future users. Advertising Goals Encourage Thought Create top-of-mind brand awareness in 18- to 25-year olds • This segment of the market may still be insured through their parents’ plans • When this segment turns 26, or obtains full-time employment and is forced to make the switch, Blue KC Encourage Action needs to be their first choice. Evoke emotion, interaction and action with the purchasing segment, 26- to 34-year olds • Preventative health strategies within this segment are • Depending on legislation, many people in this segment also important to reduce costs in the future and increase may transition from employer-sponsored plans to the target knowledge of health insurance prior to purchasing. health insurance exchange in 2014. • Understanding plans throughout purchase and usage • To maintain Blue KC’s market share, we want to will reduce negative experiences communicate value, transparency and stability by providing educational solutions and clarity in such uncertain times. • Emotional testimonial messages will be used to attain new purchasers and stake out a spot in the minds of future users. 13
  14. 14. Who is the consumer? Our agency has a unique perspective into the minds of 18- to 34-year olds, as we are part of the selected target. Therefore, we wanted to truly grasp how our peers feel about Blue KC and health insurance. The insights we unveiled of these consumers are qualitative, explanatory, emotional and creative. Behavior Resistance Invincibility The target demographic does not trust business or government The 18- to 25-year-old segment considers themselves “invincible” institutions; therefore, they view health insurance companies with suspicion, continuing to remain unknowledgeable about differences • They do not think about health insurance—it is not a priority in details and benefits when comparing plans. • Many are still eligible under their parents’ plans—they have To overcome this lack of trust, Blue KC will need to meet the never considered the benefits of having health insurance consumer in their realm and interact in simple, transparent ways. No Understanding Understanding of health insurance does not develop until consumers Insight directly interact with purchasing and using the service Eighteen- to 34-year olds are constantly interacting with others • Blue KC must create positive interaction with consumers to through the online community. Because of this, the target is earn top-of-mind consideration inundated with complicated messages, which they often ignore. • Interactions must provide basic levels of education before The target seeks simple, quick and easy messages that allow them consumers directly interact with the service to think without trying. It is also important to consider the return on investment for consumers. Ask,“What’s in it for them?” and help Uncertainty consumers find the path of least resistance. Current purchasers, 26- to 34-year-olds, are uncertain about this industry Both target segments are turning to online platforms for • This segment likely has experience using their plans, but do not information. However, they still want to have someone to call and know what to expect in the future get a fast, understandable solution. Conversations about the Blue KC brand are already taking place, but we need to be a part of them • Blue KC can connect with these individuals through testimonials to ensure the value of the brand. providing human-to-human interactions and peace of mind 14
  15. 15. What’s our big idea? Communicating the Idea Goal 18-25 Encourage thought and create understanding Single Most Important Thing Tagline Blue KC must increase transparency by creating positive educational experiences with consumers through digitally and personally interactive means. Get the Facts. Go Blue. Advertising MessageSupport “We Want Your Body” Lack of Trust In our focus group research we heard repeatedly that Consumers lack trust in institutions humor was the best way to get through to the younger target segment. This advertising message is provocative and • Blue KC must approach the target in their realm; reach out to sensual. The juxtaposition between the mood of the message consumers directly in their own conversations via social media and the scientific anatomical body will be humorous and and in person. intriguing to the 18- to 25-year old segment, making health care approachable and interesting. • By encouraging consumers to interact with the company and one another, Blue KC will build trust. Goal 26-34 It’s the least of my Encourage action and provide certainty Tagline: worries right now. -KU Focus Group Participant Take Charge. Go Blue. Lack of Care and Understanding Advertising Message Health insurance is not a priority for consumers “What’s Your Story” Because the 26- to 34-year-old segment is the segment most • Consumers do not care about health insurance because it is not likely to purchase healthcare, it is vital to connect with these a priority; therefore, they do not understand it. individuals on an emotional level. This advertising message is intriguing, and along with testimonial videos, it will • Blue KC will need to interact with and meet consumers where reveal emotional stories about real-life individuals creating they are in order to create basic levels of awareness and a top- a connection between Blue KC and the target. of-mind consideration. 15
  16. 16. e ienctarget aud Target Profiles These five consumer profiles emerged repeatedly throughout our research. Uninsured Invincibles Students/Dependents The target, 18- to 34-year olds, is a These individuals are on top of These individuals are covered by a broad segment. By breaking it down the world. Nothing can hurt them. parent’s insurance plan. They take into five distinct categories, Blue Health insurance is the last thing health insurance for granted. The KC will be able to better reach and on their minds and they do not only time they think about it is when interact with all members of the understand why they should care they are asked to pay the co-pay. They audience and understand their unique until it’s too late. Until they get are used to being insured and having perspectives and needs. injured or become seriously ill, proper medical care and regular they have no knowledge of health check-ups. Uninsured 18-year olds have different insurance or the benefits Blue KC views than a 34-year-old newlywed could offer them. These individuals are health- couple expecting its first child. The conscious and tech-savvy. Like the second paragraph of each profile maps These individuals constantly use the previous profile, this group will be consumer interaction with media and Internet and cell phones. These social reached via social media and mobile lays out how best to approach each media addicts get news and info from advertisements. These individuals will target. Facebook and Twitter and trust their go to parents and friends for help on peers’ opinions. health insurance. “That would never “My dad takes care happen to me.” of that for me.” 16
  17. 17. Workplace Rookies Dropped Individuals Young FamiliesThese individuals are beginning This profile includes people who will This segment is made up of newlyweds andcareers where their employer is be dropped from employer coverage or expecting parents. Married individualsproviding health insurance coverage. from a parent’s insurance upon turning are not typically covered by a parent’sThis group understands the value of 26. These individuals also understand plan. These individuals want the besthealth insurance and will purchase. the value of health insurance and want plan to ensure their families are covered. good coverage for a fair price. They They are very cost-conscious and expectBlue KC can communicate with this are living examples of the health care bang for their while at work via Pandora’s reform and are searching for a reliableonline advertisements and social source for facts. We will target this segment via digital-media efforts, as well as promotional TV and positive social media presence.partnerships that prompt consumers The integration of all online efforts New parents trust family, friends andto give email addresses in return for will help Blue KC to create multiple online reviews for information ona chance to win prizes. These emails impressions with the consumer and health insurance. They will conductwill provide sales leads and events will become the expert these individuals extensive research of plans traffic to the Blue KC website. are looking for on the reform and YouTube uploads and incentives to insurance in uncertain times. be on testimonial commercials will resonate with this profile. “Not right now; “I need this now; “I expect affordable maybe later.” whom can I trust?” family coverage.” 17
  18. 18. Reaching the Targets n pla Our strategies lie primarily in digital mediums and out-of-home promotional events. Our integrated 18-25 approach will drive consumers to interact with the Blue KC brand online and face-to-face. Get the Facts. Go Blue. Our first message, “Get the Facts. Go Blue,” caters to the youngermedia half of the target. Individuals 18 to 25 are less likely to be purchasing health insurance because they are likely on a parent plan. Our goal for this group is to raise awareness. By using a clever, attention-grabbing campaign, we will peak the interest of the younger individuals in the target, giving them a reason to get the facts on Blue KC and health insurance in general. By using social media and trendy online radio sites such as Pandora and Spotify, we will reach the target where they consume media to secure top-of-mind consideration when the target ages into action. 26-34 Online Interaction While you cannot control the conversation, you can be a part Take Charge. Go Blue. For 26- to 34-year-old individuals, our message revolves of it. This target relies on online reviews when making major around interaction and personal experience. The campaign purchases. By creating a strong, positive online presence, you will encourage individuals to “Take Charge. Go Blue.” This can better interact with and understand consumers. is a direct call-to-action targeting individuals who are likely health insurance purchasers. This group wants to be heard. These groups want personal interaction and attention. They live By incorporating an interactive campaign asking individuals online. As a participant in our broker focus group said, “I’m not to upload videos of themselves, this strategy will give them a sure the 18 to 34 [year olds] watch that much TV—they are on chance to voice their opinions. These videos will give real-life the Internet. Online, digital marketing is where it’s at for the ad examples of Blue KC’s service which can be used as testimonial agencies. Newspapers are becoming obsolete because of that.” advertisements. 18
  19. 19. Close-up of banner ad to be shown on Hulu.All five target profiles work on their ownschedules. They want what they want, whenthey want it. These groups have busy lifestyles.Because of this, online television sites, such asHulu, are popular.Plan ContentHulu offers $40 cost per thousand Videos shown during programmingimpressions (CPM) with a minimum will be content from testimonial videosof $25K in a local market 1 featuring real Blue KC customers. For more information on the testimonialWe plan to spend $33,000 per month, videos, reference the “Testimonial”which will cap at 833,000 impressions page. The banner ad will directlyper month. Over six month, this totals correlate with the video content.$200,000 with five million impressions.Support Americans spent more than 2.5 billion minutes watching online video advertising in August 2011.2 Hulu generated the highest number of video ad impressions at 996 million and Screenshot from testimonial video to be shown as Hulu ad Hulu led the competition with an average of 45 ads per viewer. 2 Hulu is sixth among the top 10 generators of video ad impressions. 2 Advertising impressions on online television are more than on traditional television. 1 Hulu Budget: 1 $200,000 2 ComScore Metrics 19
  20. 20. The individuals in our target like to multi-task and they enjoy constantentertainment. Pandora Internet Radio is a popular source for music onthe computer or a mobile device.Plan ContentPandora’s research indicates its 18- Because of Pandora’s specific targeting,to 24-year-old users are best reached we will use the “Get the Facts. Go Blue.”through mobile outlets. On the other advertisements for 18- to 25-year oldshand, 26- to 34-year olds should be and the “Take Charge. Go Blue.” adstargeted online on desktops while at for 26- to 34-year olds. Mock ads canwork. This is the basis for our segment be seen to the right and in more detailtargeting. in the appendix.Our budget allocates $20,000 per All advertisements are links drivingmonth for six months totaling consumers who click the ads to the$120,000. If desired, Pandora will website where they can explore theproduce audio for the ads with five to Blue KC’s information on health10 production days at no extra charge. insurance and subscribe to an email.Support It is less intimidating to register for an email on a mobile device. 1 Seventy percent of listening hours happen on mobile devices on Pandora. 1 1 Pandora Pandora Budget: $120,000 Geared toward 26- to 34-year olds, this Pandoa ad fits the screenshot to the right. 20
  21. 21. Pandora Desktop AdsThis Pandora ad is geared toward 18- to 25-year olds. 21
  22. 22. Pandora Desktop Ad This Pandora ad is another option for targeting 18- to 25-year olds.22
  23. 23. Pandora Mobile AdThis Pandora ad is the mobile option for targeting 18- to 25-year olds. 23
  24. 24. Spotify Budget: $60,000All Things Digital marketing documents indicate Spotify isthe newest social music sharing outlet, and with projectionsof 50 million users in 2011, by 2013, it will be an important Screenshot of a Spotify ad.platform to reach both segments of the target.Plan ContentFront page rectangle ads will run Like the Pandora ads, we willfor six months targeting Kansas use the “Get the Facts. Go Blue.”City 18- to 34-year olds. Cost per advertisements for 18- to 25-yearthousand per ad is $15.00 and we olds and the “Take Charge. Goexpect an estimated four million Blue.” ads for 26- to 34-year olds.impressions. This will cost a total Mock ads can be seen below andof $60,000. in more detail in the appendix.Support This year, the company merged with Facebook creating a sustainable, strong partner in the social media landscape. 24
  25. 25. Testimonial WebpageThe 26- to 34-year olds belong to the “actiongroup” because they are no longer on a parent’splan and most of them need to provide coveragenot only for themselves, but also for their families.PlanBlue KC will implement a people-to-peoplestrategy to encourage the target to share theirreal stories online, reminding the audience of theimportance of health insurance and the benefitsof taking a pro-active approach.ContentBy integrating the website with social media, BlueKC will encourage users to share their stories. Toprovide an incentive for customers to producevideos, Blue KC will choose some of the videos tofeature as real television spots.SupportAccording to focus group insights, the targettends to trust people who share similar situations.Because of this, viral video sharing is a trend. Byadding a testimonial page on the Blue KC website,it will allow for consumers to emotionally connect Sample testimony website for Blue KCwith each other. Website Contingency Budget: $10,000 25
  26. 26. Blue KC has already created a YouTube channelwith educational videos. Currently, the channelsubscription is relatively low at seven subscribers.To optimize the channel, testimonial videos andeducational videos will be featured on it. Thisstrategy will promote more brand engagementwith Blue KC customers, and an emotional pitch ismore likely to generate buzz and feedback than aninformative one.PlanSelf-advertising strategies with a managed brandnetwork are free to create. Using the websitecontingency budget to design the testimonial pagefeaturing Blue KC’s YouTube videos will encourageusers to upload their own videos to the Blue KC Screenshot from a testimonial videopage. Also, using YouTube Analytics can also help Support YouTube has 490 million users worldwide1.Blue KC track their audience and video views.Content It generates an estimated 92 billion page views each month.Participants in the “Tell Your Story” campaignwill upload their videos to YouTube. For more Over 4 million people are connected and auto-sharing to at least one socialinformation on the testimonial videos, reference network.the example testimony webpage on the oppositepage. YouTube mobile gets over 100 million views a day. 1. YouTube Statistics: 26
  27. 27. New Local Partnerships We propose a partnership with Healthy Meals Inc., a local company that delivers customized healthy meals to customers’ doors. This is a growing trend among healthy individuals, especially among the older audience in our target. Healthy Meals Inc. will: • Offer a 20 percent discount to Blue KC clients • Be willing to put Blue KC’s logo on its promotional materials Promotions with Healthy Meals will provide direct contact with consumers. This partnership will not require additional costs other than shared benefits. Healthy Meals will also host Blue KC’s promotional booth at two events costing an average of $500 for each event. To pursue this partnership, Blue KC can contact Kerstin or Scott Kluck at 816-587-6325. We also suggest a partnership with the Kansas Speedway. While Hexagon Solutions was unable to enter into negotiations with the Speedway, the company expressed a high level of interest in partnering with Blue KC. The partnership would: • Better reach the rural market of the target 18- to 34-year olds • Provide Blue KC with another large local partner Further, holding promotional events at the October 13, 2013 race weekend would allow Blue KC to reach a large audience and cost $30,000, which has been factored into the budget. Partnership Budget: $30,500+negotiations To pursue this partnership, Blue KC can contact Joe Fowler at 913-328-3308. 27
  28. 28. Out-of-homeThis campaign focuses on connecting with the target and meeting themwhere they are. To further encourage thought and action outside of theonline realm, we will meet the target in person through promotional eventswith Blue KC’s partners. Promotional Booths Booth Set-up Three interns will occupy each promotional booth to engage in out-of-home, face-to-face interaction with the Overview consumers, creating positive experiences. In order to increase return on investment with Blue KC’s current partnerships, Blue KC will set up booths, staffed by Blue KC interns, during local sporting events The booths will have a cardboard cutout of an anatomical such as Kansas City Chiefs games. These booths will attract the younger audience body for people to take pictures with, as seen on page 31. of 18- to 25-year olds with the slogan, “We want your body,” yet also engage the Pictures will be taken by interns and will be posted on older 26- to 34-year-old audience. the Blue KC Facebook page. For more information on the Facebook integration, reference page 32. Budget Booth prices will be negotiated with current partners such as the Kansas City Interns will also have iPads to encourage participants to Chiefs and Sporting Kansas City. Pricing for a booth at the Kansas Speedway will take a short quiz on health insurance facts. After taking be $30,000 for the October 2013 race weekend. Please see page 27 for further the quiz, individuals will enter an e-mail address to be partnership information. eligible for prizes such as the Ugg boots and sporting event tickets which are featured in the quizzes. Promotional We will spend $54,000 to buy embroidered Blue KC table cloths, iPads, a digital thermometers and Blue KC T-shirts will also be given camera, anatomical cutouts, 10,000 T-shirts, 3,000 thermometers with the Blue away as an incentive for individuals to participate. KC logo, signs and brochures to start up the booths. Social media interns will staff booths at events and be compensated according to OOH Budget: the social media budget. $74,650 Our budget also allocates $21,000 for prizes such as Ugg boots and sports tickets to reward quiz takers. 28
  29. 29. Contact: Bizi Ferguson FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASETel: 913-491-8228Cell Phone: 913-461-6693Email: bferg@ku.eduBLUE CROSS AND BLUE SHIELD OF KANSAS CITY TO LAUNCH NEW CAMPAIGN Interactive Booths at Sporting Events and New Advertising TechniquesKansas City, Nov. 25, 2011. Blue KC will host booths at sporting events at the Kan-sas Speedway and Sporting Kansas City arena in the fall of 2013. The booths will be Promoting the Boothsinteractive with the people in hope to educate them about health insurance. We will advertise these promotional events by distributing the press release on the left to :The booths will have a cardboard cutout for people to take their pictures with, andthen photos will be posted on Blue KC’s Facebook page. Quizzes on iPads will be set Newspapers:up to educate participants about health insurance. Participating in the quizzes willalso give people a chance to win a prize. The Kansas City Star, The Pitch, KC Magazine and Kansas City Home & Gardens“The booths should really get the people engaged with Blue KC,” John Doe, SportingKansas City. Local Television: Channel 5 KCTV-TV CBS, Channel 4 WDAF-TV FOX“We really want to connect to our customers and are interested to see the reactions and Channel 9 KMBC-TV ABC, Channel 41 KSHB-TVwe get when the new campaign is launched in 2013,” Jane Doe, Blue Cross and Blue NBCShield of Kansas City. “I think that we will have a great response.” ### 29
  30. 30. Mock screen shots of the iPad quizSample Quiz Questions How many pairs of Ugg boots can a broken arm cost? a. 5 pairs of Ugg boots b. 7 pairs of Ugg boots c. 15 pairs of Ugg boots (correct answer) What is a premium? a. The amount a member or group pays on a periodic basis for coverage as defined in the member’s health insurance plan. (Correct answer) b. A reward for living a healthy lifestyle. Which prescriptions are covered by your plan? a. All of them b. None of them c. It depends on your plan. (Correct answer) All quiz questions will lead to a page that explains the answer in further detail and provides links to the Blue KC online education center. 30
  31. 31. Photos of participantsposing with thecardboard cutout Mock T-shirt design for promotional use 31
  32. 32. Plan We budgeted $50 per day for Facebook ads starting July 1, 2013 through December 31, 2013, totaling $9,200. Also, to pay for a custom Facebook page will be $13.25 per month for six months totalling $80.Facebook is currently the most commonly used online socialnetworking site among adults. Through Facebook ads, Blue In order to manage the social media, Blue KC will hire three internsKC can better target consumers. These ads use filters to target for the summer and three interns for the fall. Each intern will be paidthe correct demographics such as location and life stages. a $1,200 stipend, which will total $7,200. These interns will update Blue KC’s Facebook and Twitter once every two or three days. All promotional events will also be managed by interns. Content Social media updates will include information about upcoming events, event pictures and educational information. The Facebook page will also coordinate with the on-site events. Pictures taken of people with the cardboard cutout will be posted in an album specified for that event. Participants can then tag themselves and share the pictures with their friends, which will generate more traffic. Ultimately, this will lead participants to the website, increasing interaction. Support Among adult profile owners, 73 percent have a profile on Facebook. 1 Thirty-nine percent of online patients use a social networking site such as Facebook, of those, only a small portion keep up with health related updates. 1 This plan has an estimated reach of 1.1 million people. 3 Social Media Budget: $16,400 Facebook welcome page 32
  33. 33. The Pew Research Center indicates that Internet users ages 18 to 29 aresignificantly more likely to use Twitter than older adults. This is a vitalway for Blue KC to communicate and interact with the selected target.Plan SupportUsing the same interns with the Twelve percent of e-patients usesame salary listed for Facebook, Twitter or another service to shareBlue KC’s Twitter would update at updates about themselves or to seeleast once a day. updates about others 1Content Twitter usage of our targetThe Twitter account will contain audience spiked in 2005 and hasinformation about upcoming events been increasing each year everas well as educational health care since. 1facts that lead to the website. Twitterwill also have “retweet” contests Forty percent of Twitter users dowhere people can become eligible to not tweet every month but watchwin a prize by “retweeting” one of others tweet. 2Blue KC’s tweets. Additionally, Blue 1 Pew Research InstituteKC can link the testimonial videos 2 Jeff Bullas Blog 3 Facebookin a tweet with a short description.Twitter is also a great place tointeract with customers. If Blue KCsees that someone tweets a questionabout health care, responding tosuch a tweet builds trust throughinteraction. This illustrates potential content that could be used on the Blue KC Twitter. 33
  34. 34. Consumer Media Paths n atio Overall, touch points will be integrated through various media outlets. The online testimony ads will lead people to the “Testimony” webpage, and it will prompt people to upload their own videos on Blue KC’s testimony channel on YouTube. We will offer giveaways to participants who post related conversations on Facebook and Twitter. Here are two examples of potential media consumption integr Online ads “Testimony“ banner ad on Hulu YouTube, Facebook & Purchasing behavior Twitter pages “Testimony“ webpage In-person interaction Cut-out pictures tagged on Facebook Purchasing behavior Cut-out pictures taken on sites Blue KC official website and iPad quizzes 34
  35. 35. Goal#1: preTo increase awareness and education of Blue KCamong 18- to 25-year-old healthy individuals. Goal#2: dictPredictionWe predict that through the use of social media,public relations techniques, and our advertising To gain and retain customers, ages 26-34,plan, the 18- to 25-year olds will be more through changes the reform may cause. In ion & evaluationknowledgeable about health care by the time they addition, we hope to build a trusting relationshiphave to buy their own insurance. between Blue KC and the customer.Evaluation PredictionWe assume this target will most likely not purchase We predict that by focusing more on an emotionalhealth insurance because they will still be on their appeal in advertising and out-of-home techniques,parents’ plans. There will be exceptions, but we people in this target will want Blue KC as theirthink it would be a waste of resources to try to health insurance provider.get this target as a whole to buy health insurance.These people need more education about why Evaluationhealth insurance is important, what it can do for These 26- to 34-year olds will most likely be affectedsomeone and become more familiar with health by the reform because they face be dropped frominsurance terms. Education is extremely vital their employer’s plan and possibly buying their ownfor this market, but it needs to be repackaged as insurance. This target will respond best to emotionalentertaining or intriguing. For this reason, we appeals from people who reflect themselves. Peoplebelieve our approach will be successful. tend to trust someone whom they think would not have an ulterior motive in stating their opinion. Our commercial with a young mother and her children discussing their great experience with Blue KC should resonate well with this audience. When it comes to health insurance, people want to base their purchases on a real testimony they can build trust with, and we believe, to succeed, Blue KC should give them just that. 35
  36. 36. et Media Plan Budget udg Because the health care reform will take place on January 1, 2014, the campaign advertisements will begin runningmedia b in the summer of 2013 and continue through the end of the year. This should create positive momentum leading up to the reform. The specific budget for our campaign is mapped Miscellaneous Costs out on the opposite page. 1. iPad (3) $500 = $1500 2. Digital Camera = ~$200 3. Promotional T-shirts = 10,000 @ $4 ( custom $40,000 4. Thermometers for 3,000 = $8,390 5. Interns: three at $1200 tuition stipend $3,600 fall $3,600 summer 6. Promotional Cutout (x2): ~$500 7. Signage (X2) $400 (fastsigns) 8. Table Cloth ~$400 9. Info Handout/brochure cost: 10,000 for ~$2,000 ( 10. 6 pairs of UGG boots = $1,080 11. 6 pairs of Sporting Tickets= $1,080 “members zone” 12. custom Facebook page, $13.25 per month for six months=$79.50 13. Contingency Money = ~$17,000 Grand Total: $500,000 36
  37. 37. July August September October November December Total Cost Facebook $1500 $1500 $1500 $1500 $1500 $1500 $9200Pandora Mobile $10,000 $10,000 $10,000 $10,000 $10,000 $10,000 $60,000 Twitter no cost no cost no cost no cost no cost no cost N/AOut-of-Home Speedway $30,000 $30,000Pandora Desktop $10,000 $10,000 $10,000 $10,000 $10,000 $10,000 $60,000 Youtube no cost no cost no cost no cost no cost no cost N/A Spotify $10,000 $10,000 $10,000 $10,000 $10,000 $10,000 $60,000 Hulu $33,000 $33,000 $33,000 $33,000 $33,000 $33,000 ~$200,000Out-of-Home $500 $500 $1,000Healthy Meals Total:420,200 37 r
  38. 38. Recommendations s ion Based on our primary and secondary research findings, we suggest exploring four major areas that are not directly incorporated into our campaign which focuses mainly on advertising and reach. al recommendat Plan Benefits Extracting from the insights gathered in our eight focus groups, these are three benefits our target would like to see included in health insurance plans: Wide Network of Medical Resources “I travel a lot for work. Having a wide network and knowing I would be covered overseas exactly demonstrates the reason to have health insurance.” - Kansas City Focus Group Rewards for Living a Healthy Lifestyle “People love rewards as return on investment. Gym memberships or other preventive care [related benefits] are good ideas.” - KU Focus Group tion Best Coverage for the Money “I would be willing to pay a little bit extra each month to receive more benefits and better coverage.” - St. Joe Interview di By incorporating these three benefits, customer satisfaction in the target will increase. Moreover, encouraging a healthy d lifestyle can lower healthcare costs in the long run.a 38
  39. 39. Logo Focus group research indicated multiple consumers felt the new logo was promoting Kansas City as a travel destination. Although consumers have high recognition of the blue cross and the blue shield symbols, the consumers felt “Blue Cross Blue Shield” needs to be present in text and symbol form in the logo.Old Logo New Logo Proposed Solution“Too many words for a logo” “Looks more like a logo”Recognizable, but the tagline is too Simple and clean, appropriatewordy causing people to miss it length for a taglinePro: spells out the company name Company name should be presentText and symbols compliment each Symbols and text look separateother 39
  40. 40. TV Commercials We showed Blue KC’s TV commercial to the KU focus group participants to test their reaction. Overall, most participants agreed the commercial demonstrates Blue KC’s local presence. They said “local buying“ is a trend now, so Blue KC should keep this element. However, they think the dialogue between the two actors was unrealistic because in real life, they do not talk like that when they play video games. The only realistic part of it is one actor saying he thought he did not need health insurance. Keep it local and realistic Realistic situations can be: a prescription talk while a roommate is sick; job searching after college graduation brings up conversations about the need of health insurance; consequence showing commercial is also considered powerful. Less hard-selling, more thought-provoking Most participants found Cigna’s commercial powerful because it was not selling them to buy health insurance plans. Instead, it pushed them to make a change for themselves. Guide consumers back to the website The official website is where consumers can get most information. No matter what campaign is pushed, the final destination of all the pitches is your website.40
  41. 41. Broker Strategy “People will always need guidance.” Brokers have been an important component to Blue KC’s sales force, and as changes arise and uncer- tainty continues, these front-line relationships will remain crucial. It is important to understand how the broker role will change because these relationships should be maintained as a source of education and support for consumers. Suggestion We suggest reaching out to employees through bro- kers by offering educational materials to clients with existing group plans. This will encourage retention of employees who may be making the switch to the exchange. These materials will be branded with the “Take Charge. Go Blue.” segment of our strategic messaging. In a focus group of eight local brokers who work specifically with Blue KC’s target audience shared insight into how their role will remain as important as ever. “[The exchange] will be very confusing All quotes are from the broker focus group. for the individual and it’s going to We will play a bigger role.” 41
  42. 42. Website SimplificationEducation Center UpdateWith 80 percent of American adults online, Blue KC’s website is one of themost important venues for communicating with customers (Pew 2011).Currently, the site is well organized and informative, but a few adjustmentscan increase return on investment. “Education Center” Update Updating the “Education Center” with a dominant visual will draw in the user, prompting them to spend more time on the page. • A scrolling banner’s movement will instinctively draw the eye in, teasing the brain to be alert and connect the visual, text and movement. • The Wireframe on the opposite page provides a visual representation of what the redesigned Education Center website page would look like. Quiz Integration Blue KC must also Include the quiz used at PR events on this page of the website. • Having an interactive and fun educational tool will position Blue KC positively in the consumer mind. • Blue KC will make learning interesting and fun with these interactive, easy-to-understand media.42
  43. 43. BLUE KC LOGO SEARCH BAR The WireframeThe wireframe to the right provides EXISTING BUTTONS TO OTHER PAGE CATEGORIESa visual representation of how theupdated Education Center page HEALTH INSURANCEshould operate. Incorporating BASICSexisting design elements, such as the HEALTH PROSPECTIVEBlue KC logo, search bar and category WELLNESS BASICS SCROLLING BANNERdivisions at the top of the page will VISUAL-- will change along WEEKLY CHALLENGEkeep the design fresh and unified with banner tabs to the leftwith the rest of the website. TERM GLOSSARY WELL AWARE SUBHEAD TEXT DESCRIBING PAGE: Become well aware about your health and wellness. Read articles about healthy lifestyles, nutrition, medical and treatment updates and prevention. GO BLUE EVENTS TESTIMONIALS USERS GO TO Get a quote Learn about Screenshot YOUR WEBSITE TO from Blue KC upcoming and link to DO SOMETHING. and TAKE events and testimonial CHARGE. contests video sharing page MAKE IT EASY. HOW MANY NEW HONDA CIVICS DOES A BROKEN TAKE ARM COST? FIND OUT HERE. THE TAKE THE BLUE KC INSURANCE QUIZ. QUIZ GET THE FACTS. GO BLUE. 43
  44. 44. s tionhexagon solu HEXAGON SOLUTIONS solving your problems from every angle We would like to give a special thanks to: Blue KC Brielyn Dickerson Cheryl Kober David Gentile Denise Linville Diane O’Byrne George Weyrauch Hyunjin Seo Jan Butin Jeff Browne Kim White Marilyn Rausch Matt Anthony Mike Swenson Our classmates Our families and friends Our focus group participants Ramsey Moshen Rich Claussen Rob O’Byrne Sherry Gibbs Skip Quimby Sue Johnson The University of Kansas William Allen White School of Journalism And everyone who has contributed to our campaign in any way 44
  45. 45. Bizi Ferguson Meghan Nuckolls Social Media/PR Director Account Planner Hexagon Solutions Kathleen Kennalley Amanda Roberts Creative Director Account Josie Ho Lyndsey Carrel Research Director Media Planner 45