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Measuring the Value of Mobile Apps - a project of the Smart Services CRC. This presentation briefly descrobes the project and what museums are doing in the app world.

Measuring the Value of Mobile Apps - a project of the Smart Services CRC. This presentation briefly descrobes the project and what museums are doing in the app world.

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. Measuring the Value of Mobile Applications Dr Lynda Kelly Head of Web and Audience Research Australian Museum 2 December 2010
  • 2. Why mobile?
    • +23 million mobile phones in Australia:
      • one-third internet enabled
    • App downloads (Webling, 2010) :
      • iPhone store passed 5bn downloads in June 2010
      • Android passed 1bn downloads in July 2010
      • Blackberry app world 1m downloads daily
      • iPad store 35m app downloads in first 65 days
    • Generation C (Nielsen, Oct 2010) :
      • The connected collective consumer
      • “ I share therefore I am”
  • 3. Why museums and mobile?
    • Research tells us that Australians are in these spaces greater numbers
    • Research also tells us that museum visitors:
      • are in these spaces in even greater numbers
      • they tend to be early adopters and comfortable with technology
      • have higher education and income levels than general population
      • have high visitation from students
  • 4. What are museums doing with mobile?
    • iTunes store search on museums and education:
      • 76 apps for iPad
      • 207 apps for iPhones
    • Active ‘developer’ groups on Twitter and FB:
      • #mtogo, #nodem10, MCN, Museum3,
    • Some cool apps:
      • Melbourne Museum Please Touch the Exhibit for iPad
      • MoMA Abstract Expressionist New York
      • AMNH Dinosaurs , Cosmic Discoveries
  • 5. Why mobile at the Australian Museum?
    • Increase access to our research and collections:
      • Inspiring the exploration of nature and cultures
      • repurpose existing content
    • Share our content + enable user-generated content:
      • richer data, collections more ‘findable’
    • Build new audiences:
      • + extend experience for existing audiences
    • Raise revenue / generate income:
      • bring more visitors to College Street site
    • Extend our brand as contemporary, connected, cool
  • 6. Why measure “value” in an app?
    • Extend touchpoints and reach
    • Rework user experience based on feedback:
      • improve product for user
      • generate income
    • Show synergies between websites and mobile:
      • complement, not compete
    • Increase sponsorship and advertising prospects
    • ROI measures assist in continued funding and organisation buy-in / support
  • 7. Why measure “value” in museum apps?
    • Mobile next key trend for online learning (Horizon Report Museum Edition 2010)
    • Visitors strongly identify museums with learning, education and entertainment (Kelly, 2007)
    • Provide a better and more varied learning experience for users ... stand out in an increasingly crowded market ... maximise revenue and sponsorship opportunities
    • Demonstrate relevance
  • 8. The museum without walls ...
    • “ The people’s museum should be more than a house full of specimens in glass cases. It should be a house full of ideas” George Brown Goode (c. 1880)
    • The 21 st century museum audience will be: better connected, more informed, more engaged, older, more culturally diverse, architects of their own learning ... and our partners
    • The 21 st century museum will need to be:
    • a house full of ideas and a museum without walls enabling learners, users, visitors to became participants wherever they are and however they choose
  • 9. What does “value” mean?
    • Many things to many people:
      • Define measure then define value?
      • Define value the define measures?
    • Enhancing ‘brand’
    • Tangible:
      • Revenue, downloads, buy other products, likes, shares, ratings, user reviews
    • Intangible:
      • Brand perception, user experience, learning outcomes, behaviour change, ‘viral-ness’, personalisation/identity
  • 10. Work Package 5: Measuring the Value of Mobile Applications
    • Leaders:
      • Dr Lynda Kelly, Head of Web and Audience Research, Australian Museum
      • Dr Dian Tjondronegoro, Head of Mobile Lab, QUT
    • Partners / Potential Partners:
      • Fairfax Digital
      • Australian Museum
      • Powerhouse Museum
      • Botanic Gardens Trust
      • NSW Government (GCIO)
  • 11. What are we doing?
    • Tease out ideas around value:
      • initial partner meeting/brainstorm
    • Generate set of measures:
      • tangible and intangible
    • Environmental scan:
      • what’s happening in the marketplace?
    • Pilot test, evaluate and learn
    • Share findings widely
      • generate input and discussion