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Day Spas & Salons on LinkedIn

  1. 1. Title slide The Next Communication Channel: Mobile Marketing and Beyond The Rise of the Mobile Connected Salon
  2. 2. Smartphones • 64% of 25-35 year olds own a smartphone 1 in 4 mobile subscribers over the age of 55 own a smartphone The SMS text messaging market is expected to grow from $150 billion in 2009 to $223 billion by the end of 2014 90minutes Time it takes the average person to respond to an email. Time it takes the average person To respond to a text message: 90 SECONDS. Source: Source: Source: Portio Research
  3. 3. Mobile Coupons get 10 times the redemption rate of traditional coupons 91% of all U.S…. Citizens have their mobile device within reach 24/7 95% of smartphone users looked up local information, & of those, 61% called & 59% visited the business. The majority of 25-34 year olds now own smartphones (64% and 53% respectively) Source: Borrell Associates Source: Morgan Stanley Source: Google IPSOS Source: Nielsen
  4. 4. For the first time in history, the semi-annual survey conducted by CTIA-The Wireless Association shows the number of wireless subscriber connections (322.9 million) has surpassed the population (315.5 million) – October 11, 2011 Facebook has only 50.6% of the North American population – Mobile users with SMS enabled phones is 92% Social vs. Mobile Marketing ® Only 1/3 of Facebook’s 600 million+ user base uses Facebook Mobile Source:
  5. 5. Mobile Internet growth By 2014, mobile internet should take over desktop internet usage Source:
  6. 6. Text MYSALON to 55469 to Receive FREE $10 OFF Your Next Visit MYSALON 55469 KEYWOR D (CHANGES ) SHORTCODE (STAYS THE SAME) When client texts, They are entered Into the database! TEXT MESSAGING 101 Sample Text Call to Action
  7. 7. Taking Your Broadcast Media/ Event/ Flier to your Potential Customer’s handset! Instantly Deliver: •Pictures •Coupons •Links to Website •And more Instantly Deliver: •Video •Your Commercial •A Demonstration Instantly Deliver: A Mobile Landing Page. Studies Show a Text- message stays on the cell-phone an average of 12 days. = This means additional exposures to your audience YOUR COUPON HERE! 55469
  8. 8. Timely Promotions = Higher Redemption Rates Schedule the Delivery of Coupons, Reminders, and Offers at exactly the right moment! Putting the Offers Right in the Hand of your Current and Potential Customers! = More Transactions per Month Regal Salon: Come in today or tomorrow and get a FREE lotion with any manicure. Exp. 4/8 Reply STOP 2end Hair World: Free Kid cut w/ any adult purchase w/ code mb8932, show msg 2 redeem, exp. 5/2 Reply STOP 2end Shannon’s Salon: Our premium massage for $20 OFF this weekend only, FWD 2 friends, call for appt; (816)223-8584 Reply STOP 2end
  9. 9. Industry ranges between 4-13% redemptions on Mobile offers and coupons Quantifiable Return on this direct media! Investment to send 1000 messages to Database? $50 ROI on 40+ Customers walking in, setting an appointment or visiting? $35 average ticket? $1,400 1,000 Customers in your database 4% or Higher Redemption Rate on Promotion or Coupon Average Transaction (Example of Return-on-Investment on a small scale)
  10. 10. 3 Components to Database Building 1. Point of Sale Create engagements with every customer that walks in the salon to encourage them to text. Build a database of 9-20 customers per day. 2. Add the Mobile “Opt-in” Option to your current Website Options to capture online traffic into the Mobile database from the web 3. Traditional Media (capture new clients) Add the Mobile Call-to-Action to every Advertisement; print, radio, coupon, event, TV, etc. To: 55469 MSG: REGIS
  11. 11. Point of Sale Capture Your Current Customers into Database! Angelo Mendi: 20% OFF next visit with purchase of any color and cut, code mb239, FWD to friends, exp. 5.15.11 Reply STOP 2end Options Might Include: 1. Offer each client an instant coupon for a FREE upgrade! Have them Text to get the Instant Coupon! 2. At check-out use flyers, hand-outs, or Displays to encourage them to Text for a coupon for Next Visit; (Coupon can expire within a month to encourage a quick repeat visit) 3. Have Customers Text-in for an instant discount of 20% OFF today’s purchase Future Text-Promotions to Current Clientele will help drive Product sales, increase frequency of visits, help stay top-of-mind So clients refer business, and more…
  12. 12. Capture Web Traffic into Database! Beauty Brands Secret Sale! Text BEAUTY to 72727 Angelo Mendi: Half off your haircut with purchase of color; code mb8938j, watch for more great deals! Reply STOP 2end Enter Mobile NumberDonate NOW! Enter mobile number Send to my Mobile Phone
  13. 13. Capture LEADS with Mobile Keywords! By adding Mobile keywords to every Traditional Broadcast media like Coupon drops, radio spots, event marketing, print ads, and outdoor displays, you can capture New Customers more easily. Taking Your Broadcast Media/ Event/ Flier to your Potential Customer’s handset! Instantly Deliver: •Pictures •Coupons •Links to Website •And more More Conversion = 5-10% Increase in Overall Customer base Once Customers engage off of Traditional Broadcast they are Captured in the Mobile database. Future text-promotions will be delivered right to their handset equating to NEW CUSTOMERS! Studies Show a Text- message stays on the cell-phone an average of 12 days. = This means additional exposures to your audience YOUR COUPON HERE! Text LOOSE to 55469 For a FREE Haircut!
  14. 14. Text Appointment Notification! Beauty Brands Secret Sale! Text BEAUTY to 72727 Britney, Just a reminder that your appt is scheduled for tomorrow at 2:00pm, reply to this msg if you can’t make it and we can reschedule, or call 212- 333-1313 Enter Mobile NumberDonate NOW!
  15. 15. Panchero’s Gift Cards are the best gift! Click here and be finished shopping. http://xmaspanch.wap Reply STOP 2quit • Increase Social Network Followers • More Transactions per year • Capture Email • Support Causes Send Promotions to your Database to do More Than Just Coupon! SalonSalon Style: Facebook ONLY Offer, “Like” us NOW for even more VIP treatment and savings. http://salon.wap Reply STOP 2quit Salon: To complete your entry to win a FREE Makeover reply w/ your email address and watch for more great deals! Salon James: We will be doing the hair of the cheerleaders at the Parade this weekend, come up and we will give you great coupons! Reply STOP 2quit
  16. 16. Contact Lynda Crittendon 513-407-8909