Adobe creative suite 5 production premium [mac][old version]


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Adobe creative suite 5 production premium [mac][old version]

  1. 1. REVIEWS - Adobe Creative Suite 5 ProductionPremium [Mac][OLD VERSION]ViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating4.8 out of 5Product FeatureAdobe Creative Suite 5 Production Premiumqcombines Premiere Pro CS5, After Effects CS5,Photoshop CS5 Extended, Illustrator CS5, FlashCatalyst CS5, Flash Professional CS5, SoundboothCS5, Encore CS5, OnLocation CS5.Breakthrough native 64-bit performance, GPUqacceleration, and native editing of tapelessformats accelerate workflows from scriptwritingthrough post-production.Accelerate workflows from scriptwriting throughqpost-production with high-performance productiontools.Express your creativity and produce engagingqexperiences with tools that streamline planningand production workflows, and deliver video tovirtually any screen.Integrate Production Premium easily with existingqworkflows, and collaborate more efficiently bytaking advantage of integration with new AdobeCS Live online services.Read moreqProduct DescriptionDescription:Conquer todays deadlines and tomorrows challenges with Adobe Creative Suite 5 Production Premiumsoftware, the ultimate video production toolkit. Craft video productions, motion graphics, visual effects, andinteractive experiences with high-performance, industry-leading creative tools. Boost your productivity withtightly integrated components that deliver breakthrough performance and smooth production workflows, givingyou the power to produce engaging media for virtually any screen.Features:For video editors
  2. 2. Native 64-bit support and the new Mercury Playback EngineBroad format support in Adobe Premiere ProFor motion graphics designers/visual effects artistsRoto Brush in After EffectsRead moreProduct DescriptionMeet todays deadlines and tomorrows challenges with breakthrough performance: Adobe Creative Suite 5Production Premium software accelerates workflows from scriptwriting through post-production, delivers theindustrys best tapeless workflows, and introduces new CS Live online services.Adobe Creative Suite 5 Production Premium combines:• Adobe Premiere Pro CS5• Adobe After Effects CS5• Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended• Adobe Illustrator CS5• Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5• Adobe Flash Professional CS5• Adobe Soundbooth CS5• Adobe Encore CS5• Adobe OnLocation CS5Additional components:• Adobe Bridge CS5• Adobe Dynamic Link• Adobe Device Central CS5• Integration with new Adobe CS Live online servicesUse high-performance production tools to create engaging content for virtually any screenComprehensive, best-of-breed video production environmentWork faster as you tackle a broad spectrum of planning, production, and post-production tasks. Eachcomponent of Production Premium works smoothly with other components thanks to timesaving integration,roundtrip editing with other NLEs, and faster Adobe Dynamic Link performance.Native 64-bit performance and the new Adobe Mercury Playback EngineWork fluidly at HD and higher resolutions with native 64-bit support in Adobe After Effects CS5, Photoshop CS5Extended, and Adobe Premiere Pro CS5. The new Mercury Playback Engine is native 64 bit and GPUaccelerated* and provides rock-solid performance and stability, even at 4K resolution and beyond. Openprojects rapidly, and create multilayer, effects-rich sequences without rendering.* Supported NVIDIA graphics cards for GPU acceleration include Quadro CX (Windows), Quadro FX 3800 (Windows), Quadro FX 4800(Windows and Mac OS), Quadro FX 5800 (Windows), and GeForce GTX 285 (Windows and Mac OS). For an up-to-date list of supportedcards, visit format support in Adobe Premiere ProExperience the industrys best tapeless workflow while working with virtually any format including DV, HDV,RED, DPX, Sony XDCAM, XDCAM 50, XDCAM EX and XDCAM HD, Panasonic P2, DVCPRO HD, AVCHD, and
  3. 3. AVC-Intra. Edit video from DSLR cameras such as the Canon 5D Mark II and 7D; Nikon D90, D300s, and D3000;and others.Richer, more compelling 2D and 3D images with Adobe Photoshop ExtendedExport video sequences from Photoshop Extended and import them into After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, andAdobe Encore. Work with new painting tools; make complex selections more easily; and create 3D logos fromtext, masks, or vectors.Compositing and animation tools in Adobe After EffectsDesign groundbreaking motion graphics and blockbuster visual effects with industry-standard After Effects. Geteverything you need to create opening titles, animated graphics, and visual effects or to create and moveimages in 3D space.Roundtrip editing and streamlined collaborationMove projects back and forth between Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro or Avid editing software.Accelerate workflows by taking advantage of integration with new Adobe CS Live online services, such asAdobe Story for developing scripts. CS Live online services are complimentary for a limited for details.Script-to-screen workflow through integration with Adobe StorySpeed up production and post-production through integration with Adobe Story, a collaborative scriptwritingtool thats part of CS Live online services. Integrated metadata support makes it easy to create shot lists inAdobe OnLocation and rough cuts in Adobe Premiere Pro. CS Live online services are complimentary for alimited time--visit for details.Editing efficiency through metadataAdd intelligence to your assets using innovative metadata features that make editing and compositing easier,and raise the value of your content when it is distributed online.Encoding and delivery for screens everywhereBatch encode source files to a broad selection of formats that meet a variety of standards with Adobe MediaEncoder. Author once in Encore CS5 for DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and searchable web DVDs. Preview and testcontent for mobile phones and other devices in Adobe Device Central.Pristine audio creation in Adobe SoundboothUse Soundbooth to accomplish everyday audio tasks quickly while maintaining high-quality results and creativecontrol. Remove noise from a recording, polish voiceovers, customize music to fit a production, and much more.Craft your story efficiently with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 software, the high-performance video production solutionthat enables you to work dramatically faster thanks to the native 64-bit, GPU-accelerated Adobe Mercury PlaybackEngine. Click to enlarge.
  4. 4. Adobe After Effects CS5 delivers the visual richness required to get noticed in todays media culture. Click toenlarge.Brand new in CS5 Design Premium, Flash Catalyst CS5 equips you to design interactive content using intuitivetools that leverage skills you already have--and without writing code. Click to enlarge.Paint freely in Illustrator CS5 with the vector-based Bristle Brush to produce lifelike brush strokes. Click to enlarge.Interactive design with Adobe Flash Catalyst or Flash ProfessionalDesign interactive online video portfolios without writing code using Flash Catalyst, a new interaction designtool. Easily add video to sophisticated interactive experiences with a flexible, industry-standard workflow inFlash Professional.Adobe Premiere Pro CS5--Accelerate production with the new Adobe Mercury Playback EngineCraft your story efficiently with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 software, the high-performance video productionsolution that enables you to work dramatically faster thanks to the native 64-bit, GPU-accelerated Adobe
  5. 5. Mercury Playback Engine. Edit natively with the video formats you want. Save time by batch encoding sourcecontent to a wide variety of video formats for web, disc, broadcast, film, device, and mobile delivery. Easilyexchange projects with Final Cut Pro and Avid software, and enjoy efficient, collaborative workflows thataccelerate production from scriptwriting to editing, encoding, and final delivery.Improve your production workflowFocus on telling your story with powerful, flexible editing tools. With the native 64-bit Adobe Mercury PlaybackEngine, the industrys best native tapeless workflow, and unparalleled Adobe integration, Adobe Premiere ProCS5 sets a new standard in editing efficiency.Collaborate openly and effectivelyWork in an open, extensible post-production environment. Write scripts collaboratively. Efficiently gatherfeedback from clients and teammates. Easily exchange projects with other Adobe software, Final Cut Pro, andAvid software.Deliver engaging video practically anywhereCreate video optimized for online viewing as well as for broadcast, disc, film, device, and mobile distribution.From capture to final delivery, use metadata to make assets easier to find in production, create engaginginteractive experiences, and help audiences discover your videos online.Adobe After Effects CS5--Create motion graphics and visual effects with the industry standardAdobe After Effects CS5 delivers the visual richness required to get noticed in todays media culture. Useopen-ended creative tools. Work efficiently on high-resolution projects thanks to native 64-bit support. Andbenefit from tight integration with Adobes other leading software. Whether youre working in film, broadcast,online, or mobile media, Adobe After Effects enables you to create groundbreaking motion graphics andblockbuster visual effects.Get 64-bit performanceWork more quickly with groundbreaking 64-bit performance that dramatically improves the experience ofcreating HD and higher resolution content. Streamlined tools and tight Adobe integration also accelerate yourworkflow.Innovate visuallyExpress your visual ideas with freedom. Adobe After Effects CS5 revolutionizes motion design with anopen-ended environment that fosters creative experimentation.Composite efficientlyRealize your vision quickly and efficiently by drawing on a broad and deep set of tools designed to help yousolve any creative challenge.Deliver everywhereMaster modern media: Deliver your completed projects to the widest range of formats, from large formatfeature films and high-definition television to websites and mobile devices.Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended--Create powerful images with the professional standardAdobe Photoshop CS5 Extended software helps you create the ultimate images for print, the web, and video.Enjoy all the state-of-the-art editing, compositing, and painting capabilities in industry-standard Photoshop CS5,and experience fast performance thanks to cross-platform 64-bit support. Also create 3D extrusions for logos,artwork, and motion graphics; edit 3D objects with advanced tools; and create and enhance motion-basedcontent.Innovate in 3DGo beyond traditional image editing by bringing 3D elements to your 2D artwork directly within your favoritedigital imaging application, which now offers an easy on-ramp to 3D image creation.Maximize creative impactExplore new creative possibilities with breakthrough tools that enable you to select, adjust, paint, andrecompose images with tremendous precision and freedom.
  6. 6. Boost productivityAccelerate your workflow with fast performance on 64-bit hardware systems, smoother interactions thanks toGPU acceleration, and dozens of time-savers throughout the application.Adobe Illustrator CS5--Explore new paths with the essential vector toolCreate distinctive designs for any project. Used by creative professionals worldwide, Adobe Illustrator CS5software provides precision and power. Paint expressively with vectors, draw in perspective, and exploredesigning for interactivity. Move easily between Illustrator, other Adobe products, and Adobe CS Live onlineservices. Get the job done efficiently but beautifully, moving quickly from multiple ideas to multiple outputswith complete control and delivering exactly what you had in mind.Design with powerful creative toolsTake advantage of exceptional precision and power to create distinctive vector artwork. Combine highlycontrollable drawing tools with expressive natural brushes and dramatic effects to make unique, strikingdesigns.Work smoothly and efficientlySpeed up your workflow with innovations that encourage efficiency. Get the job done with purpose and agilityusing shortcuts and time-savers to take multiple ideas to multiple outputs.Deliver virtually anywhereIncorporate vector artwork into essentially any project and deliver resolution-independent graphics acrossmedia. Enjoy tighter-than-ever integration with other Adobe products and go anywhere your creativity takesyou.Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5--Create expressive interfaces and interactive content without writingcodeAdobe Flash Catalyst CS5 software is an approachable new interaction design tool. Use it to transform AdobePhotoshop, Illustrator, and Fireworks artwork into expressive interfaces and fully interactive content withoutwriting code, and publish as SWF or Adobe AIR files. Collaborate with developers who can open your projectfiles with Adobe Flash Builder software to extend functionality, and leverage the reach and consistency of theAdobe Flash Platform.Leverage the power of the Adobe Flash Platform to create interactive projectsRapidly create expressive interfaces and interactive content to your exacting design standards. Deliver yourcreative vision with the reach and consistency of the Adobe Flash Platform.Approach interaction design without writing codeTransform static designs from Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or Fireworks software into fully interactive projectswithout requiring development or coding skills. Define behaviors and control sophisticated interactions withsimple yet powerful menu-based commands.Speed the design and development processUse familiar design applications to easily create and edit artwork. Developers can open Flash Catalyst projectsdirectly in Adobe Flash Builder software, preserving design fidelity and interactions defined by the designer.
  7. 7. With Adobe Repoussé, you can extrude, bevel, bend, shear, and twist any text layer, selection, path, or layermask. Apply lighting and materials to create effects never previously possible in Photoshop. View controls.Designers who love fine typography will be thrilled by extensive type controls in Flash Professional CS5. Click toenlarge.Adobe Soundbooth CS5 software is a professional audio editor that makes it easy to create, edit, and clean upaudio for all your productions. Click to enlarge.Adobe Flash Professional CS5--Create and deliver rich interactive contentAdobe Flash Professional CS5 software is the industry-leading environment for interactive authoring anddelivery of immersive experiences that are presented consistently across personal computers, mobile devices,and screens of virtually any size and resolution. Design expressive content with professional typography and
  8. 8. pixel-precise drawing tools, write code precisely and efficiently with code completion and customizable codesnippets, and deliver superior-quality video to audiences practically everywhere.Design with expressionCommunicate your creative vision without sacrifice and set the bar for interactive design with typographicprecision, layout fidelity, and expressive motion-editing capabilities.Write code quickly and easilyQuickly and efficiently write code with powerful authoring tools and integration with Adobe Flash Buildersoftware. Easily add interactivity directly in the ActionScript language by injecting extensible code snippets.Deliver in fewer steps and in more placesSave time and reduce the number of required steps when moving content from design, to development, andultimately to delivery. Distribute consistently across personal computers, mobile devices, and screens ofvirtually any size and resolution.Adobe Soundbooth CS5--Create and edit audio with easeAdobe Soundbooth CS5 software is a professional audio editor that makes it easy to create, edit, and clean upaudio for all your productions. Intuitive, task-based features and tight integration with other Adobe applicationssave time and help you achieve professional results. Mix royalty-free, customizable soundtracks and soundeffects with dialogue in the improved multitrack environment for complete creative control.Simplify audio workflowsMake short work of everyday audio with a smooth, intuitive workflow that features task-based tools and tightintegration with other Adobe Creative Suite Production Premium components.Fix audio problems fastAutomatically detect and fix common flaws in audio such as hisses, hums, phase problems, crackling, and pops.Add reverb to match on-location room ambience. Match the volume of different dialogue clips.Create soundtracks easilyDrag and drop Soundbooth Scores to create soundtracks. Make the music fit your visuals with easy adjustmentsto timing, and suit your projects mood with easy adjustments to intensity, atmosphere, and instrumentation.Get professional-sounding mixesCombine music, dialogue, and sound effects on multiple tracks. Easily control EQ, volume, pan, and effects oneach track using automation. Add mastering effects for final polish.Locate dialogue quicklyConvert spoken dialogue into searchable text, and use custom dictionaries to increase the accuracy of assetsearch. Export transcripts to create searchable video.Searchable web DVDs and other enhancements in Adobe Encore CS5Adobe Encore CS5 software is a versatile, interactive authoring tool for video distribution that allows you todeliver your projects beyond DVD and Blu-ray Disc. In a single operation, you can easily turn your DVD andBlu-ray Disc projects into web DVDs that now include a search interface. The new interface gives viewers amore engaging experience by enabling them to search within a web DVD using keywords. During authoring,Encore automatically creates a search database using metadata from speech-analysis text, subtitles intimelines and slideshows, and menu and button names.Also new in Encore CS5 is the ability to:Further enhance the viewing experience by creating web DVDs with a sleek, customizable playback interfaceqthat features easy-to-use playback controls and the option to watch HD video in full-screen mode.Create a smoother experience for viewers when they choose from options across multiple menus on Blu-rayqDiscs. Browsable multipage menus show options across multiple menu pages without interrupting theplayback of audio and video background elements. Multipage menus can be easily created in AdobePhotoshop or directly in Encore.Working in the Adobe Premiere Pro timeline, you can take 4K projects directly to high-definition Blu-ray Discsq
  9. 9. using a workflow that maintains the original 4K content all the way to output, when it is finally encoded andscaled. This capability is especially meaningful to video editors and motion graphics and visual effects artistswho work on projects at film resolutions.Experienced Encore users will appreciate the ability to share Encore CS5 projects without worrying aboutqplatform compatibility. Encore projects can be moved between Windows and Mac platforms freely, withoutconversion. Editors and motion graphics and effects artists can benefit from native 24p project support forBlu-ray Disc, DVD, and web DVD titles, complete with 24p timecode in the timeline. (Previously, Encore placedall assets in timelines with a default frame rate of 29.97, irrespective of the properties of the assets.)Continue authoring while you transcode your media assets. Adobe Media Encoder, a separate, 64-bit softwareqapplication, encodes your files in the background, freeing Encore to process your authoring tasks. Thisseparation of authoring and encoding is particularly important with 4K workflows, which can be taxing on yourcomputer.Efficient production and tapeless camera support in Adobe OnLocation CS5Adobe OnLocation CS5 provides an impressive array of production tools to help you shoot better and fasterwhile saving time and money, both on set and off. New support for tapeless cameras extend the ways you canuse OnLocation in your production workflows.Spot problems in imported tapeless footage. Thanks to new tapeless camera support, you can use thecomprehensive software waveform monitor and vectorscope as well as the audio spectrum analyzer inOnLocation to identify image and audio problems in imported files by quickly scanning your footage for audiopops, clipping, and video overbrights.Logging with tapeless cameras. Get all the benefits of real-time, on-set logging when working with tapelesscameras. Simply tell OnLocation which shot is currently recording and then enter notes, comments, andadditional metadata into placeholder clips. Using timecode as a reference, OnLocation automatically matchesthe information to the recorded clips when they are imported from the tapeless media, regardless of whetherthe camera is tethered to OnLocation on-set or whether the clips are imported during post-production.Faster logging with Turbo Comments. While recording, the new Turbo Comments feature lets you addfrequently used words--cast names, sports highlights, and so on--with a single keystroke to log live actionaccurately, consistently, and efficiently. OnLocation lets you store up to nine comments with unique shortcuts,for immediate, timecode-accurate logging.Adobe Creative Suite 5With powerful new creative tools, enhanced performance and workflows, and the ability to integrate withtimesaving new Adobe CS Live online services, Adobe Creative Suite 5 software provides the edge you need tocreate rich content for virtually any media--print, web, interactive, video, audio, and mobile. Whether you needto produce printed pages efficiently or design and distribute engaging content online, on film, on air, and ondevice, youll find the right combination of Adobe tools to increase your productivity and keep pace with yourcreative vision.
  10. 10. Read more