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Are you for or against euthanasia?
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Are you for or against euthanasia?


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Writing: Are you for or against Euthanasia by Hassan Ouhdouch

Writing: Are you for or against Euthanasia by Hassan Ouhdouch

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  • 1. WRITING EUTHANASIA? ARE YOU IN FAVOUR OR AGAINST… EUTHANASIA? (This composition has been written by Hassan Ouhdouch, 2nd Baccalaureate A student- IES Playa de Arinaga- Agüimes) – (Unit 5- For or against compositions) "Euthanasia” is to cause death to another human being with or without his/her consent to avoid physical pain or other conditions considered unbearable. Therefore, euthanasia always represents a form of homicide because it implies that a man kills another by a positive act or by omission of due care and attention. It can be done to prevent suffering that may be present or future, but predictable, or when it is considered that the quality of life of the victim will not achieve or maintain an acceptable minimum. The subjective element of eliminating pain or weakness of others is a necessary factor to consider what euthanasia is. If not, it would result in other forms of homicide. Various associations have fought against those who defend the possibility to choose a dignified death. The arguments that legitimize these groups range from respect for the divine to the fear of creating legal loopholes that provide impunity to any murders. The debates on euthanasia generally end up being dominated by moral, religious, emotional prejudices, etc. From the point of view of its practitioners, there are two types of euthanasia: passive and active. In the case of the first, is meant when the patient left to die, whereas the second requires an action by another person to "help the patient die”. Therefore it is called "assisted dying." Passive euthanasia (or indirect), euthanasia does not exactly seek to alleviate the physical pain of illness. It can also be classified from the perspective of the patient, being a voluntary or involuntary euthanasia. In my opinion, I am against euthanasia because none of us has the right to choose the time and place of his death, except God. Apart from that, I also consider it a form of disrespect for humanity.