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Shoes of Prey is an online retail start up specialising in mass customisation of women's shoes. Our website launched in 2009 and since then we've continued to grow.

As it is for many start ups, culture is extremely important to the growth and development of our company. We're a close team and working together in a fun and positive way is critical part of our growth.

We've updated our culture slides on a yearly basis since 2012. This newest version was developed particularly to help us all adjust as our company begins to grow up a little and move into a new chapter.

Enjoy and feel free to ask questions or add thoughts in the comments below.

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Shoes of Prey Culture Code

  1. 1. Culture Code
  2. 2. Culture is the personality of a company, defined here through core beliefs, traditions, shared feelings and values.
  3. 3. What is a culture code? The SoP culture code is all about the way we interact and work together. By following a culture code together as one unified team, we will be stronger, happier and more productive.
  4. 4. Culture is a living thing. It will change and adapt as the company grows and it will take a lot of hard work to maintain... But we believe it’s worth it and we’re up for the challenge.
  5. 5. Working for a startup Can be pretty fun, but it can also be a bit hectic. Here’s a few things that are good to know : ● There’s lots of freedom (with responsibility) ● Lots of opportunities for career growth (but you’ll need to work hard for it!) ● Embrace the chaos ● You’ll join a pretty awesome and inspiring team!
  6. 6. Our vision is to democratise fashion by creating a world where anyone can be their own designer and get exactly what they want
  7. 7. Shoes of Prey Culture Code 1. Passionately create happiness 2. Open, thoughtful communication 3. Make a big impact 4. Always learning 5. Make it fun 6. Deliver on promises 7. We value leaders 8. Work is meaningful
  8. 8. Passionately create happiness Our primary goal is to make customers happy. Allowing women around the world to design their own shoes is the ultimate happiness and we each have the opportunity to magnify this happiness. Ask yourself, “Will this make customers smile?” Stuck in a sticky situation? Yeah, that’ll happen, that’s life. Let’s try and approach these situations with a positive attitude (even when it’s difficult).
  9. 9. Open, thoughtful communication ● We are open, honest, clear and direct. We step up to challenging conversations and we don’t shy away from problems. ● There are many, many communication channels at Shoes of Prey. We understand what each one is for and how to use it. ● Feedback is important. We acknowledge it’s difficult to give and difficult to receive but we also know that it is an important part of growth and we are grateful for it.
  10. 10. Make a big impact Think big We want to be shipping 1000 pairs of shoes a day by 2021, let’s do it. Work hard Implement big (& small ideas) proactively. Try new things Fail. Learn from it. Succeed.
  11. 11. Always learning We’re relatively inexperienced but we far by make up for that with our eagerness and potential to learn and grow, fast. We take responsibility for our own learning. It’s hard and can be frustrating at times, we’re patient with each other and we help share our skills. Inspiration is important to us. We share ideas, articles and inspiring stories openly across the business.
  12. 12. Make it fun We are allowed to enjoy ourselves at work, our product is fun and we embrace that. Customers love Shoes of Prey We’re the place they go when they need time out from reality. The place they go on their lunch break or before they go to sleep at night. Shoes of Play Working hard means playing hard. We enjoy spending time together, we’re not scared to make a fool of ourselves and we celebrate the good times.
  13. 13. Deliver on promises When we say that we’ll do something, we do it. We hold each other accountable. We expect respect We turn up on time to meetings, we complete projects by deadlines set and when we can’t, we communicate this.
  14. 14. We value leaders We value people who stand up and take leadership. We are empowered to be the leader of our role, our projects and our responsibilities. As leaders, we are curious of opinions, our intuition and gathering data but we also know how to make a decision. When a decision is made, it is respected.
  15. 15. Work is meaningful What you do for a job is part of your identity We spend a lot of your time here, it should be something that you feel is meaningful and contributes to your life as whole. We do more than just ‘selling shoes’. We create experiences for our customers which go beyond a pair of shoes. We fulfill dreams and we’re a big part of big days. We know that work isn’t everything though. We take rest when we need to and we find a balance between work & home.