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Music video script

  1. 1. Music Video Script My first draft music video script By Lydia Cooke Song name: What I Might Do Artist: Ben Pearce
  2. 2. Music Video Script Video Title: VIDEO AUDIO LYRICS / NARRATION / MUSIC / FX 1. 0:00 – 0:30–close up shot zooming into the artists stood still motionless in a white costume. Dancers in the background also still also in white costumes. As the song has not yet began. Camera is focused on the artist. Red lights begin to flash, within this time they flash 3 times. Introduction as the song begins to play. Nolyrics included lasts for 30seconds exactly until speech is introduced. Artist stands motionless, with holding no expression until lyrics are introduced. Dancers are also still and calm, waiting to perform once the lyrics are introduced. Red lights flash 3 times within the 30 seconds of the music video. First flash within 10 seconds, second flash on 20 seconds and third flash on 30 seconds.
  3. 3. Music Video Script VIDEO AUDIO LYRICS / NARRATION / MUSIC / FX 2. 0:30 – 1:00 – Camera quickly returns to a long shot. Shooting both the artist and dancers perform. 30 seconds into this scene camera angle changes, shooting from the left hand side of the setting so the audience only see one side of the performance. Red lights begin to flash a further 3 times. Lyrics begin sung by the artist immediately ‘I knew just what I had to be when I heard you say what you said to me’ Artist starts to sing about the women he’s been experiencing feelings for. Begins to tell us a story. Dancers begin to perform a dance routine all perform in the same time sequence professionally. Pace of the song stays the same throughout the whole song. Red lights start to flash, 3 times through this scene. Frist flash in 10 seconds, second flash in 20 seconds and the final flash on 30 seconds. 3. 1:00 – 1:30 – Camera shoots a close up shot focused on one of the dancers. Camera moves upwards from the ground towards the sky. Filming the dancer’s body as she dances. Red light flashes once as the camera reaches her face. Lyrics are being sung from the beginning of this shot. ‘ to every dude in sight, it looks like you’re working u an appetite’
  4. 4. Music Video Script VIDEO AUDIO LYRICS / NARRATION / MUSIC / FX Camera slowly moves upwards filming the whole of the body, as she dances. Red light flashes as the scene draws to 1 minute 25 seconds. The camera is emphasizing the dancer’s feminine features and qualities. Catching the audience’s attention. 4. 1:30 – 2:00 –Camera films from the right hand side of the room. So the audience only sees half of each casts body. Red light flashes 3 times. Camera quickly moves to focus directly on the artist with a close up shot of his whole body and face. Lyrics continue ‘by then I just sat at the back peeping you out the way you act it was drinking time getting out of line and I make you get back in your place’ Quick camera transitions are made. Red lights flash within this scene. First flash in 10 seconds, second flash in 20 seconds and third flash in 30 seconds. Music’s tempo is exactly the same as it was at the beginning of the music video. No changes have been made. Dancers all perform their dance routine continuously until the end of the music video. 4. 2:00 – 2:30–camera returns to original shot. Facing the whole of the cast. (long shot) artist still motionless, but yet performing the song. Dancers slowly begin to finish their dance routine off as the song draws to an end. Lyrics continue ‘all is well and all is cool, stay in your place don’t be no fool get along tonight you look like the type that would try to fight’ Camera shoots the whole of the cast performing. No lights are included in this section.
  5. 5. Music Video Script VIDEO AUDIO LYRICS / NARRATION / MUSIC / FX 5. 2:30 – 3:00 –Artist begins to walk towards the camera, quickly stops so only his waist upwards is in the frame. Dancers fall to the ground no longer in the shot. Red light flashes once as the music video ends. All light completely off, complete darkness to end the video. Last lyrics of the song are performed ‘best to be a friend to me you don’t want to play it up, better play it cool. I don’t know what I might do’ As the artist finishes telling his story, he walks towards the camera as if he’s directing interacting with the audience. Dancers fall to the ground as if they have completely shut down. Referring to the end of the music video. Music’s volume slowly becomes quiet. Until not heard at all. Red light flashes once between 2:45 minutes. All lights completely go off exactly on 3:00 minutes. Music video ends.