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What is fall

What is fall



I created this powerpoint for my first grade class. I used the book entitled, "Why is it Fall?" by Sara L. Latta.

I created this powerpoint for my first grade class. I used the book entitled, "Why is it Fall?" by Sara L. Latta.



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    What is fall What is fall Presentation Transcript

    • What is Fall?Based on the book, “Why is it Fall?” by SaraL. Latta
    • There are four seasons ofthe year. Fall is one of theseasons. The others arewinter, summer, andspring.
    • • Fall is cooler than summer, but warmer that winter.• Summer is hot.• Winter is cold.Each season lasts aboutthree months and has itsown kind of weather.
    • • It begins right after summer.• Fall is called “Fall” because the leaves fall from the trees. Get it?Fall is also known asAutumn.
    • We go to school.
    • Earth cooler.• Days get moves around thesun on a tilt, which• Days get shorter.causes more or lesssunlight to fall ondifferent parts of theEarth.
    • • With less sunlight, plants make less food. They get ready to rest for winter. The green part of leaves that makes food goes away.• Other plants turn brown and look dead, but they are still alive! Like the bears, they will rest all winter.Why do leaves changecolor?
    • • In fall, animals get ready for winter. Some grow long, thick fur to keep them warm. Others gather food.• Squirrels store nuts.• Bear eat a lot in order to prepare for hibernation.What do animals do in thefall?
    • • Some birds, such as geese and ducks, do not like to live in the cold weather. They fly south to warmer places, where it has summer weather all year round.• Butterflies also migrate.Why do birds fly away?
    • • Halloween• ThanksgivingHolidays in Fall
    • Other cool stuff in the Fall
    • We can jump in theleaves.
    • What have we learnedabout Fall?