[EN] Luxe Corp Wine Investment


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Diversify your investments in the wine and enjoy a tangible asset, constituting a heritage cellar and accessing a portfolio of wines.
Both fun and safe haven investment wines enjoy a international reputation and guarantees on their qualities and valuations.

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[EN] Luxe Corp Wine Investment

  1. 1. Luxe Corporation Wine InvestmentDiversify your portfolio, Invest in grand cru wines
  2. 2. LUXE  CORP.   FRANCE,   a  French   trading  company  and   exporter   specialising   in   wine,   champagnes,   spirits   and  fine  foodstuffs,  is  present  in  Asia  and  a  leader  in  the  market  in  India. In   response   to   growing   demand   among   clients   who   wish   to   build   up   a   high   quality   wine   cellar,   Luxe   Corp.   France   created   LCellar,   a   complete   solution   that   includes   purchase,   management,   storage   and   possible  resale  of  your  wine  cellar. A concrete, tran#arent, under$andable solution. Luxe  Corp.   France  offers  you  a  new  way  to   invest  by  building  up  a  por4olio  of  wines  at  the  best  price  from  among  our  three  offers:  LCellar   1,  LCellar  2  and  LCellar  3.  These  presBgious  millésime  and  early  wines  are  the  treasures  of  France  and  a  remarkable  investment  opportunity,  wines  that  can  be  stored  and  sold  later  or  enjoyed  by  you.   With   personalised,   professional   management   and   storage,   we   provide   opBmum   service   and   complete  confidenBality.  If   you  wish   to  sell  all   or  a  porBon  of   your  grand  and  second  cru  wines,  we  will  do  that  for  you,  with  the  best  market  prices.  Lastly,  if  you  wish,  the  wines  can  be  shipped  directly  to  you  quickly  and  at  no  charge.   The   minimum   purchase   is   €20,000  in   order   to   opBmise  the  value  upon   resale.   All   purchases  are   stored   at   no  charge  in  our  storehouses  for  24  months;  then  if   you  wish,  we  can  conBnue   storing  it   at  a  cost  of   €21/crate/year.  The  wine  is  insured  against  theQ,  breakage,  or  contaminaBon  and  it  is  stored  in  the  best  condiBons  for  temperature,  humidity  and  safety.   With  Luxe  Corp.  France,  be  in  the  know  and  get  the  best  grand  cru  wines  at  the  best  prices!
  3. 3. The  offerings1   Luxe  CorporaBon  has  created  three  wine  offerings  with  different  investment  profiles: LCellar  1,  a  selecBon  of  grand  cru  Bordeaux  wines,  for  speculaBve  investment. Grand  cru             Made  up  of  grand  cru:     Château  Haut-­‐Brion Château  Figeac 100  % Château  Angelus Château  Léoville  Poyferré .  .  .     LCellar  2,  a  selection  for  medium-­‐term  investment  that  still  boasts  good  profit.             Made  up  of  second  cru  and  grand  cru:       Grand  cru Second  cru Château  Angelus Château  Brane-­‐Cantenac Château  Clinet Domaine  de  Chevalier Pe@t  Mouton  de  Mouton-­‐Rothschild 38  % Château  Canon  La  Gaffelière 62  % Château  Figeac   Pavillon  Rouge  du  Château  Margaux Château  Haut-­‐Brion .  .  . LCellar  3,  a  selection  for  consumption  that  still  provides  profitability  in  the  medium-­‐term.                         Made  up  of  drinking  wines,  champagnes,  second  cru    Grand  cru     Second  cru       and  grand  cru  wines  : 2 Wines  for  drinking   Champagne Château  Coutet Château  Angélus Château  Latour-­‐Mar@llac Château  Gruaud-­‐Larose 26  % Champagne  Bollinger 33  % Château  Picque  Caillou Château  Haut-­‐Brion 38  % Château  Guiraud Château  Chantegrive Château  de  MonIaucon .  .  .1   The   s elections   m ay   b e   a dapted   every   year.2   The   s election   LCellar   3   m ay   b e   a dapted   o n   a   case   by   case   b asis   u pon   request.
  4. 4. Market  Analysis1 Price changes for grand cru Worry  caused  by   the  global  economic  outlook  and  the   450 € recent   sovereign   debt   crisis   in   the   Euro   Zone   have   caused   a   sharp   decline   in   financial   markets   over   the   350 € past  six  months.   The   wine   market   has   undergone   similar   changes,   although   of   a   somewhat   lesser   magnitude,   for   very   250 € different  reasons. Less   than   1%   of   world   producBon   is   acceptable   as   150 € investment  wine.  These  wines  are  the  product  of   great   wine   houses,   able   to   maintain   regular   producBon   of   2 excepBonal  quality  wines  every  year.   Sources:  Liv-­‐ex  100 50 € This  means  that  wine  retains  its   value  and  profitability   potenBal  with  market   volaBlity   that   is  markedly   lower   3 05 06 12 01 08 0 r0 than  financial  markets. r1 n ct n ly ly Ap Ja Ja Ap Ju Ju O Price/stock evolution50 000 crates prices A   wine’s   value   is   determined   by   a   variety   of   factors  –   the   vintner’s   know-­‐how,   the   terroir,   the   weather  37 500 condiBons  in  a  given  year;  the  marks  and  criBques  given   crates by   journalists   and   experts,   be   they   sommeliers   or  25 000 consultants. crates Once  it   has  been  bobled,  the  wine  itself   improves  while   the   stores  of   it  decrease,   thereby  creaBng  an  automaBc  12 500 price   increase   mechanism.   Now   as   in   the   past,   this   crates stocks concerns   principally   the   best   wines   of   Bordeaux   and   Burgundy. 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 years History of LCellar 1 – LCellar 2 Through  sampling   and   the   selecBon  of   reliable,   stable  23 000 € LCellar  1 wine   producers,  our   LCellar   1  and   LCellar   2  selecBons   +  8  % have  seen  modest  but   posiBve  growth  of  8%   on  average  20 500 € LCellar  2 over  the  last  quarter  2011.   Because  the  choice  of   years  is  important,  our   experBse   in  selecBng  wines  from   various  domains  and  châteaux  is  18 000 € essenBal  in  order  for  us  to  provide  you   with  the  highest   -­‐  22  % CAC  40 potenBal  for  value  increase  in  the  medium-­‐term.  15 500 € For   anyone   with   savings   seeking   to   diversify   their   por4olio,   this   opBon   remains   an   investment   that   is   stable,  real,  tangible,  even  consumable…  in  moderaBon  13 000 € of  course. 11 1 11 11 12 11 11 1 g pt ct ov n y c Ja Au l Ju De O Se N 1   The   figures  used  in  these  charts  are  for   information  only,  with  the   aim   of  describing   how   the   investment  works.  They   in  no  way   predict   future  results  and  cannot  be  construed  as  a  commitment  to  their  profitability  or  a  capital  guarantee. 2  Liv-­‐ex  Fine  Wine  100  Index:  main  rating  used  by  professionals  in  the  wine  market.
  5. 5. Main  characterisBcs  Type                                                                                                                              Non-­‐financial  asset  soluBon  based  on  the  purchase  of  real  assets.  Currency                                                                                                                      Euro  Minimum  investment                                                                                €20,000  TaxaMon                                                                                                                  No  taxes  to  be  paid  upon  selling  if  it  is  not  a  regular  acBvity.  In  case  of  inheritance,  the  contents  of  the  wine  cellar  are  included  in  the  inherited  assets.  ParMculariMes                                                                              InvesBng  in  grand   and  second  cru  wines  is  a  way  to  diversify   one’s  capital,  with  the  advantage  that  it  is  not  subject  to  the  risks  of   financial  markets  and   characterised  by   the  fact   that  the  quanBBes  are   limited   and   the   amount  known.  However,  clients  who  wish  to  invest  in  this  market  for  speculaBve  purposes  must  be  able  to  protect  themselves  against  the   risks  related   to   it.  These  risks  may  include   massive  withdrawal  of   buyers,  name-­‐risk  issues  or  raBng  issues  concerning  their  acquisiBon.Luxe  Corp.   France  is  a  part  of  Luxe  CorporaMon  and  specialises  in  exporBng  French  and  European  fine  food,  wine,  champagne  and  spirits.  Present   in   Europe   and   in   Asia,   the   company   is  a   major   player   in   the   fine   gourmet   food   distribuBon   that   has  founded  its  success   on  the  careful  selecBon  of   its  suppliers  as  well  as  through  a  close  relaBonship  to  well-­‐known  financial  partners.WarningsBefore   making   any   purchase,   investors  must   carry   out   their   own  analysis,   consulBng   a   financial   advisor   when  necessary.   Investors  must  consult  the  brochures  and  the  general  sales  condiBons  before  making  an  investment.  This  brochure   is   a   promoBonal  document   and   carries  no  contractual   obligaBon.  Luxe   CorporaBon  and   Luxe   Corp.   France   cannot  be   held  responsible  for  any  consequences,  including  financial  consequences  of  an  investment.Expected   tax   processing:   the   enjoyment   of   gains   and   the   tax   consequences   described   in   this   document   depend   on   each   investor’s  individual   situaBon,   the   country   of  residence   and  all  applicable   laws.  This  tax   processing  is  subject   to  change   at  any  Bme.   We   advise   any  investors  who  wish  for  addiBonal  informaBon  regarding  their  tax  situaBon  to  consult  their  financial  advisor.Past  performance  is  not  an  indicator  of  future  performance.Warning:  abuse  of  alcohol  is  dangerous  for  your  health,  drink  responsibly.  According   to  French  law   L.   3342-­‐1   concerning   public   health   which   sBpulates  that  the   sale   of  alcohol   to  minors   under   the   age   of   16   is  prohibited,  the  purchaser  declares,  by  filling  out  the  order  form,  that  he/she  is  16  years  of  age  or  older  upon  purchase.
  6. 6. May  contain  typographical  errors  -­‐  All  rights  reserved  -­‐  Actual  product  may  differ  from  photos.  In  accordance  with  laws  granBng  literary  and  arBsBc  property  rights  and  all  related  rights,  the  reproducBon  or  representaBon  of  some  or  all  of  the  elements  in  the  Luxe  CorporaBon  Group  or  the  Luxe  Corp.  France  documents  are  strictly  prohibited. Wine Investment Distributor contact information Luxe Corporation   5,  rue  Vauban Luxe  Corp.  India 33000  BORDEAUX Vittal  Mallya  Road Commercial  office: Luxe  Corp.  France +33(0)5  56  81  54  88 560  001  BANGALORE No  102,  Eden  Park,  20 SAS,  simplified  joint-­‐stock   registry  under  n°  B  532  301  561 company  with  capital  of  €30,000   contac4rance@luxe-­‐corporaBon.com Registered  with  the  Agen  business  
  7. 7. ORDER FORM / RESERVATIONYour commercial intermediary:Name:Work address:You: Ms. Mr. Surname First nameAddressStreet and numberResidence, Building, appt n°Post code RegionTelephone Mobile EmailOffer chosen LCellar 1 LCellar 2 LCellar 3 Other (specify the châteaux)For a total amount of € Signed in three copies in on Purchasers signature: For Luxe Corp France:In keeping with article 32 of the information technology and civil liberties act of 6 January 1978, modified by law n° 2004-801 of 6 August 2004, we inform you that the body responsible for managing your personal data is the Contractmanagement department of Luxe Corp. France – Wine Investment, at 1, impasse de la Fontaine 47340 Laroque Timbaut – France ; that is whom you should contact if you wish to access or modify the data concerning you, a right granted inarticles 39 and 40 of the aforementioned law. The personal data gathered is absolutely necessary for the sale and it will be used, with the strictest respect for personal data protection, exclusively for keeping your records and sending youdocumentation. Failure to provide the information requested may result in your request not being processed." " " " " " " Ex. 1: Luxe Corp. France - Ex. 2: Commercial intermediary - Ex. 3: PurchaserLuxe Corp. France - Wine Investement : 5, rue Vauban - 33000 Bordeaux - FranceSAS, simplified joint-stock company with capital of €30,000 – Registered with the Agen business registry under n° B 532 301