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Made by Maria Woodhouse ECU Library

Made by Maria Woodhouse ECU Library

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  • Who has heard of, or used Slide Share before?If not, don’t worry SlideSare is simply what the title says it is ...a means for people to upload, view and share their slides online.
  • For those who are anxious about yet another website, the web address is easy to remember, and if you forget, it is easy to find on google.
  • Post to other social network sitesBloggerWordPressTwitterFacebookDeliciousYou are welcome to attend a seminar presented by Professor Jan Damsgaard of Copenhagen Business School.Date: Wednesday 10th of June at 11.00-11.50Title: The Wireless Internet: innovative business models and disruptive technologies
  • Click the link to open the slideshare home page.
  • A site like slide show, has a number of obvious advantages:You can use it for inspirationWhen you need something fastFor sharing your own workFor easy viewing
  • The downside.As with all internet sites, there are inherent problems with slide share:Too much choiceInappropriate contentCan waste time surfingCan’t find a slide you saw yesterdayThe site is not always reliable
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Slide share<br />Web 2.0 <br />By <br />Maria Woodhouse<br />
    • 2. Slideshare<br /><ul><li>What is it ?
    • 3. Where is it?
    • 4. How does it work?</li></li></ul><li>What is it?<br />Oh no! Not another web 2.0 thing to learn?<br />SlideShare:<br /><ul><li> website to share presentation files
    • 5. users can
    • 6. upload
    • 7. view
    • 8. share</li></li></ul><li>Where is it?<br /><br />The URL looks simple enough. But perhaps I’d better bookmark it anyway.<br />
    • 9. How does it work?<br />1. Search by:<br />Topic<br />Author<br />Category<br />Browsing<br /><ul><li>Small
    • 10. Large</li></ul>2. View slides:<br />3. Share slides by:<br /><ul><li>Creating a login account
    • 11. Uploading
    • 12. Saving
    • 13. Posting </li></li></ul><li>Let’s give it a try!<br /><br />Just click on the link and hope that it works!<br />
    • 14. Upside<br />Inspiration<br />Need something fast<br />Easy viewing<br />Sharing<br />
    • 15. Downside<br />Inappropriate content<br />Too much choice<br />Not always reliable<br />Can’t find the slide show you saw yesterday!<br />Can waste time “surfing”<br />
    • 16. Downside<br />
    • 17. Image credits<br />Microsoft Clip Art, Free images (2007). Emotions. June 6, 2009 from au/clipart/default.aspx?ver=12&app=mstore.exe<br />