Madrasas In Tamil Nadu


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It is a brief introduction of the Madrasas in Tamil Nadu.

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Madrasas In Tamil Nadu

  1. 1. Madrasas in Tamil Nadu First, the bad news. There is no standard, up to the mark, genuine madrasa for Ladies in the state. Although there are a couple of them - madrasa-e-niswan in Vaniyambadi; uswathun hasanath in Pallapatti and a couple of recently established ladies madrasas in Chennai, Madurai and Kayalpattinam. But none of them could be held on par with prestigious institutions like Jamia Darussalam,Omerabad or Baqiyatus salihath, Vellore. For a state with a century old history of best, famous, well established Madrasas this state of affairs is pathetic. True. We could not have co-education in Madrasas. Nobody demands it. But, what prevents to establish exclusive madrasas for ladies. The state has produced a number of great scholars of international repute. It is yet to produce a lady scholar or alima who could be treated on par with say a Jalaludeen omeri or a Abdul Wahab baqawi. Needless to say, there is a dearth of research scholars among ladies. The Muslim society has failed to produce lady writers, thinkers, translators, journalists etc etc. The root cause is the lack of madrasas and deeni institituitons exclusively for ladies. There may be socio, religious and historic reasons behind this lacuna. But atleast the big players in the field viz Jamia Darussalam Omerabad and Baqiyatus salihat people should ponder over the matter and with all their resources and infra structure at their disposal could branch out and establish Ladies madrasas too. Now the good news. Scores and scores of Madrasas and Hifz madrasas have sprout up in every patti and thotti of Tamil Nadu. More Alims are coming out of madrasas than ever before. More Alims are writing books and papers indicating an increase in research. There has been five folds of increase in the number of books published and more and more titles are being covered. According to a conservative estimate there are more than fifty full fledged madrasas in the state. Each and every Muslim townships boasts a Madrasa. There is an another peculiar development. Madrasas catering to the needs of various school of thoughts. Viz Deobandi type Madrasas tiptoeing the traditional trend. Tawheed Madrasas with rigid outlook and the quintessential Ahle Hadith with their focus on Hadith. Here we take a cursory glance of the two pioneer Madrasas: Madrasa Baqiyatus Salihat, Vellore, the frontrunner and Jamia Darussalam, Omerabad the trendsetter. The frontrunner is the historic Madrasa-e-Baqiyatus Salihat, Vellore. This premium deeni madrasa was established way back in 1884 by a legendary scholar Moulana Abdul Wahab afffectionately called as A'ala Hazrat.
  2. 2. The story of Baqiyatus Salihat goes like this : ’' It all started with the trip to Thittacherry. There A'ala Hazrat saw to his utter discomfiture, a number of panjas, koodu and kodi(flag) of Muharram placed in the pupit of the Masjid itself. A'ala Hazrat was very much annoyed. He gave a fiery speech condemning the transgression and appealed emotionally to shun away such non-senses. The public obliged and duly removed those panjas etc. Then one gentleman by name Ghanithambi Alim Sahib asked a pertinent question. “ In your presence these people removed those pieces. In your absence over a course of time they would return to their old ways. Besides you cannot visit each and every village of this state. The need of the hour is to create a battalion of Alims who would do deeni service everywhere. What are you going to do to fulfill the need?” The question got imbibed in A'ala Hazrat’s mind. He started giving lessons in his courtyard. This arrangement went on for a couple of years. When the number of students increased he shifted his madrasa to the musafirkhana of the Masjid. This went on for six years. Then with the help pf philanthropists like Haji baba Miyan Sahib, Sowcar Shamsudeen Sahib and Alinji Muhammad Usman Sahib he established the Baqiyatus Salihat. This premium institution has imprinted indelible marks in the Tamil Muslim society. The baqavis –as the graduates of baqiyat are called–have played important role in the socio, economical, religious and literary scenario of Muslims of Tamil Nadu. They have translated the Holy Quran, Ahadith and Islamic books into Tamil language. Notable among them are Moulana A. Khutbudeen Ahmad Baqawi, Moulana K.J. Mastan Ali Baqawi, Moulana Kanji Abdur Rawoof Baqawi and Moulana Abdul Hameed Baqawi. Moulana Muhammad Khan Baqawi has translated the voluminous Sahih Bukhari in Tamil. Various Islamic Tamil journals such as Madeena, Pirai, Pasunkadhir, Hilal, Darul Quran, Manarul Huda and Sinthanai were brought out by Baqawis. Infact, Darul Quran is the largest circulated Tamil Islamic Journal in the state. Sinthanai is received well by non- Muslims too. If Madras-e-Baqiyatus Salihat could be called as the Darul Uloom Deoband of the South and front runner of the Madrasas in Tamil Nadu the Jamia Darussalam Omerabad could definitely be called as the Nadwatul Uloom lucknow of the South. Besides Jamia Darussalam is the trendsetter in many respects. Whether it is the case of infra structure or good faculty Jamia is the undisputed leader. With its ambience, the plurality of its students, its curriculum Jamia remains the trendsetter. Established by Kaka Muhammad Omer way back in 1924 Jamia Darussalam is a well known International centre of Islamic learning in South India. It continues to attract students from all parts of the country since its inception. It has well established Urdu, Tamil, Arabic departments. It brings out a research monthly Rah-e-itidal which is well received throughout the Urdu speaking world. It is yet to bring out a Tamil Journal. But given its all India appeal it has always been inclined towards Urdu. By and large the Omeris have done yeoman service to the cause of Islam. The Jamia has produced innumerable scholars of international
  3. 3. repute. Suffice to say that it has been the cradle of knowledge in this part of the world and continues to be the same. Another brilliant aspect of this pioneer institution is its diverse activities. It has established a technical institute in its campus, the first madrasa to do so. It has established a separate course for training Dawah. It conducts Summer Islamic Camps successfully for the past 25 years. It is a pioneer in this field. Besides the social service sector is also impressive one. It has a modern hospital equipped with all the facilities. List of prominent Madrasas in Tamil Nadu. 1. Madras-e-Baqiyatus Salihat, Vellore (Estd 1884) 2. Darul Uloom Latheefiya, Vellore (Estd 1885) 3. Madrasa-e-madanul Uloom, Vaniyambadi (Estd 1887) 4. Jamaliya Arabic College, Chennai (Estd 1898) 5. Jamia Darussalam Arabic College, Omerabad (Estd 1924) 6. Madrasa-e-manbavul Anwar, Lalpettai 7. Madrasae-misbahul huda,Needur 8. Madrasa Anoorun Muhammadiya, Podakkudi 9. Madrasa-e-Dawoodiya, Erode 10. Madrasa-e-Qasimiya, Rajagiri 11. Madrasa-e-Faizul Baqiyat, Koothanallur. 12. Madrasa-e-Mazahirul Uloom, Salem 13. Madrasa-e-Arabiya Imdadul Uloom, Tiruvannaamalai 14. Madrasa-e-Faizul Anwar, Kadaiyanallur. 15. Madrasatul Amaniya, Devipattinam 16. Madrasa-e-Islamiya, Thondi 17. Madrasa-e-Faizul Uloom, Sankaranpandal. 18. Madrasatur Rahmania, Adirampattinam. 19. Madrasa Siratul Mustaqeem, Perambaloor. 20. Madrasa Darul Uloom, Athikadai. 21. Madrasa-e-Salahiya, Adirampattinam. 22. Madrasa-e-Rahmania, Killiyanoor. 23. Madrasa Sirajul Muneer, Pudukottai. 24. Madrasa-e-Manarul Huda, Ayapadi 25. Jamia Anwarul Uloom, Trichirappalli. 26. Madrasa Manbayus Salah, Tuticorin. 27. Madrasa Faizul Barkath, Mettupalayam. 28. Madrasa Zainul Uloom, Pandaravadai. 29. Madrasa Faizul Baqiyath, Arangakudi. 30. Madrasa Jamiul Anwar, Thiruvidhankode. 31. Madrasatul Fouzia, Kayalpattinam. 32. Jamia Imdadul Uloom, Coimbatore. 33. Kashiful Huda Arabic College, Chennai. 34. Madrasa-e-Hisnul Uloom, Ervadi. 35. Madrasa Riyazul Jinan, Pettai, Tirunelveli. 36. Jamia Firdausia, Nagerkoil.
  4. 4. 37. Bukhari Alim Arabic College, Chennai. Suffice to say that it has been the cradle of knowledge in this part of the world and continues to be the same. Lastly an exhilarating news. It is about an unique madrasa which has surpassed all the existing big players and carved out its own path. I am talking about Kilakarai Bukhari Aalim Arabic College. It is situated in Chennai and is just five years old. It has just produced its first batch. What makes it different? Its curriculum. It has blended deeni as well as secular education in its own way. It is the only Madrasa in Tamil Nadu which prescribes a pass in SSLC (10th standard) as a basic minimum qualification for admission. Says Moulana Masood Ahmed Jamali, Principal of this college, “We take 10th pass student and teach him Arabic in first year. In the second year we prepare the student for Higher Secondary exam. Then we get him enrolled for Bachelor of Business
  5. 5. Administration. When he finishes the Alim Course he would have finished BBA; he would have gained Afzalul Ulema diploma from University of Madras; Everything gets accomplished in five years.” In this way a 10th pass student becomes well versed in Arabic and becomes proficient it the language and masters Quran, Hadith, Fiqh, Usool-e-Fiqh, Usool- e-hadith, Tafseer, Islamic History, Islamic political History, Muslim Intellectual History, Arabic prose and poetry etc etc. Besides he gets Afzalul Ulema diploma too. Not only that. He gets BBA degree too. With his BBA he could easily get admission for MBA in any Indian University. Come, think about it. A Moulavi with MBA. Great..! Isn’t it?