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This brochure describes Luristic, its products, and services.

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Luristic Corporate Brochure

  1. 1. Corporate Brochure
  2. 2. Company As technology matures, it gets commoditized, and when it satisfies basic needs, user experience dominates. Luristic is a software company specialized in Rich User Experiences (RUE) for websites, web applications, desktop applications, mobile applications, embedded applications, and games. We are experts in Rich Interactive User experience Applications (RIA) platforms such is everything. as AIR, Flash, Flex, and Silverlight. We develop amazing Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) that turn the complex into Luristic turns the simple, and the simple into powerful, but if you’re on your own, making things simple complex into can be difficult. simple, and the Luristic is a new breed of firm that combines the technical skills of an innovative simple into software company along with the creativity of an avant-garde agency. While one skill powerful. set alone is difficult enough to master, we are raising the bar and doing the hard work so that you don’t have to. We make the What interests us at Luristic is the extraordinary. So whether we are your short-term hired guns or your long-term partner, we produce killer applications for you. We get useful usable, motivated by demanding customers who want it all – from functionality to efficiency, and the functional from reliability to scalability, from flexibility to security, from usability to beauty, from desirable. function to form, from art to science, from intuition to analytics, from quantitative to qualitative, and everything in between. As a result, we take a holistic approach by offering a comprehensive set of products and services that deliver world-class, award-winning, and state-of-the-art applications and websites with very rich user experiences that lure, attract, engage, convert, and retain users with extensive features, robust architecture, logical taxonomy, flexible workflow, intuitive navigation, and stunning graphical user interface. With its products and services, Luristic helps you nail down your “look & feel”… 2
  3. 3. Specialty Rich User Experience (RUE) is a complex yet very exciting field which requires the precision of a software engineer, the analytics of a computer scientist, the heuristics of a cognitive behaviorist, and the creativity of an artist. RUE combines function & form, substance & style, art & science, tangible & intangible, and quantitative & qualitative. RUE invokes the wow! factor. It ignites emotions in users by first impressing them and then making them loyal, addicted, and contagious. RUE goes beyond the aesthetics of the fancy Flash applications of the yesteryears. RUE goes beyond the interactivity and portability of Rich Internet Applications (RIA) which bridged the gap between desktop applications and web applications. RUE goes beyond the conventional point & click interface by incorporating a gesture interface and speech recognition making the user experience truly immersive. RUE applications are incredible, extraordinary, and sophisticated applications that are highly useful, usable, and even desirable. They show off their industrial robustness while making no apologies for Rich User their striking elegance. They cleverly address both the front-end and the back-end. Experience (RUE) is a complex multi On the front-end, RUE applications are stunning, compelling, engaging, enticing, entertaining, exciting, disciplinary field. connected, dynamic, alive, immersive, interactive, It combines collaborative, intuitive, customizable, personable, and function & form, beautiful. substance & style, On the back-end, RUE applications are scalable, and art & science. reliable, portable, flexible, extensible, expandable, adaptable, maintainable, manageable, reusable, accessible, searchable, available, resilient, robust, agile, unobtrusive, responsive, efficient, secure, and private. RUE applications include user-centric or task-centric taxonomies or folksonomies, social features, intelligence, remembrance, self-learning, and self- diagnosis with the capability of making recommendations based on users’ preferences, behaviors, and attitudes. 3
  4. 4. Products Luristic offers products that help companies develop applications or websites with Rich User Experiences (RUE) that lure, engage, convert, and retain their users. Our products are meant to complement some of the most popular Rich Interactive Applications (RIA) platforms such as Adobe AIR, Adobe Flex, and Microsoft Silverlight. The basic philosophy behind our products is to offer the ideal user experience by merging the best practices of all three words: desktop, web, and mobile computing. The main objective behind our products is to diffuse the usage of RIA in the mainstream instead of being restricted to niches. All of our products are based on open industry standards which protect your Information Technology (IT) investments, reduce the learning curve, increase productivity, reduce maintenance, and thus reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Currently, our products are delivered along with our services which allow us to customize them based on the needs of each customer. Eventually, those products will be available for purchase as separate packages and will incorporate all the necessary customization The Lure suite capabilities that customers will be able to easily configure on their own. enhances user Our products consist of a suite called Lure which includes the following components: experience, increases usability, LureBar LureDoc strengthens LureBar allows users to select a webpage from LureDoc allows users to navigate, browse, a bar r a dock with Genie effect, to preview the search, and annotate documents such as loyalty, boosts selected webpage in a thumbnail, and to brochures, catalogues, papers, reports, productivity, navigate to the selected webpage. articles, manuals, books, slide presentations, and photo albums. reduces the learning curve, reduces maintenance, LureList LureMap and reduces the LureList allows users to manipulate a list of LureMap allows users to navigate through items by selecting a particular view of the the website by choosing different total cost of list, sorting the list in ascending or navigation paradigms such as the descending order, define the columns to be accordion, drop down menus, tree, or ownership. sorted on, arrange the order of columns, and thumbnails. In addition to some very drill down on a particular item in a list. useful shortcuts, LureMap offers some . suggestions for webpages to visit such as similar webpages, top rated webpages, and recommended webpages. . LureMedia LureSurf LureMedia allows user to view a video or a LureSurf allows users to navigate through slide presentation. It also allows users to a document with multiple webpages using refer, rate, review, share, tag, bookmark, different navigational paradigms. favorite, embed, and download the content. . . 4
  5. 5. Services Luristic offers a complete set of services focused on Rich User Experience (RUE). They include the following: Researching Consulting Researching consists of discovering the Consulting consists of providing advice, key elements of usability of an application counsel, recommendation, strategy, or a website including establishing the audit, due diligence, and expert witness needs, understanding motivations, testimonial related to usability and user defining personas, identifying workflow, experience. observing behaviors, conducting ethnography, etc. From researching Designing Engineering to consulting, Designing consists of Information Design Engineering consists of architecting, from designing to that produces the right taxonomy or programming, installing, integrating, folksonomy, Navigation Design that delivers testing, documenting, and maintaining engineering, and applications and websites which must an intuitive access and flow, Graphic Design from testing to that charms with beauty and elegance, and nowadays meet high standards. Knowing the intricacies of the entire training, Luristic Animation Design that intrigues and marks a development cycle is paramount to a lasting impression, all working well together successful launch and eventual adoption offers a of an application or a website. in unity to form Experience Design. comprehensive set of services focused on Rich User Experience (RUE). Testing Training Testing consists of testing the usability, the Training consists of private and public usage, and the user experience of an courses focused on Rich User application or a website using different Experiences (RUE). Those practical methods including design heuristics, human courses cover specific RIA tools, factors, GUI standards, cognitive walkthroughs, personas, web analytics, concepts, methodologies, or best screen captures, mouse movement, and practices. Those courses are intended eye tracking. to programmers, designers, information architects, usability testers, and managers. 5
  6. 6. 1036 Quail Ridge Irvine, California 92603 Tel: (949) 678-9930 © 2010 Luristic Corporation