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My trip to Acatlan de Osorio, Puebla Mexico.

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  • Welcome to Acatlan!
  • In route to Acatlan, Puebla.
  • In route to Acatlan, Puebla.
  • In route to Acatlan, Puebla.
  • In route to Acatlan, Puebla.
  • In route to Acatlan, Puebla.
  • In route to Acatlan, Puebla.
  • My aunt’s business--Nereda’s Hall.
  • Pan dulce/sweet bread.
  • Dolores buying and eating mangos.
  • Left to Right:Nachita, Uncle Polo, Dolores, Aunt Gloria, Santi, Memo, and Marisela.
  • My mom Eustolia and Aunt Gloria.
  • Lupe at her aunt Gloria’s house.
  • Yummies being sold at “El zocalo.”
  • Plants for sale at the “Plaza.”
  • Beans and pumpkin seeds sold by the kilo, oh my!
  • GBAcatlan Cemetery
  • RIP Dad. We love you.
  • Arranging the flowers at Dad’s grave.
  • Cemetery.
  • This structure was intended to be a church, but instead it became a family burial site. It is approximately 100 years old.
  • Marisela, Dolores, and Patricia buying pan dulce at the “Mercado.”
  • Hot chilies!
  • Francis and Mom walking through the mercado and eying the pan dulce.
  • Francis and Ines eating pancita (akamenudo).
  • Patricia eating breakfast. Hot chocolate and pan dulce.
  • Patricia and Dolores sitting on a bench at “el zocalo.”
  • An old fashioned sewing machine. My mother once owned one like this one back in the 70’s.
  • Have you ever seen such beautiful cilantro and radishes in your life! I just had to snap a picture.
  • Martha is going to sell us some lemon ice cream.
  • Yummy…
  • Mom eating lemon ice cream while Marisela waits for hers.
  • A church from Teplazingo ( a nearby pueblo).
  • Virgen Mary.
  • The Christmas decorations still adorne the church because the fiestas continue. People always have a reason to celebrate something.
  • This church is in Acatlan. This is where my dad’s funeral took place.
  • A hotel next door to my aunt’s house.
  • Patricia buying chapulines (grasshoppers). Yuk!
  • Acatlan has grown a lot. It’s a combination of the old and the new. You will find plaza’s (or mercados) as well as bodegas (warehouses such as this one). Guess who’s in town? That’s right—WALMART. In a few years, I’m sure that the mercado’swill disappear. Sniff, sniff.
  • This is a church called “El Calvario.” The English translation is Calvary. See the red arrow? It’s pointing at a clock. My mom raised the money (by selling tamales) to purchase and install this clock. Rumor has it that other people are claiming that they paid for the clock since there isn’t a plaque recognizing my mom’s hard work and contribution .
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