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This presentation is an introduction to the Lunette menstrual cup and explains our products as well as philosophy. ...

This presentation is an introduction to the Lunette menstrual cup and explains our products as well as philosophy.
Over the past 70 years, a woman's choice for internal menstrual care has pretty much been limited to tampons. Wouldn't you like something better, something . . . nicer?
Now there is an alternative that is healthier for our bodies, our environment and our pocketbook — the Lunette menstrual cup.
Made in Finland, the Lunette menstrual cup is an easy-to-use, safe, and clean alternative to pads and tampons.



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Lunette brand presentation_Oct 2013 Lunette brand presentation_Oct 2013 Presentation Transcript

  • What is a Lunette menstrual cup? A Lunette cup is a nicer alternative to tampons and pads. Sold in 40 countries around the world, Lunette is gaining popularity in the U.S. as women become more health, environmentally and economically conscious. 2
  • It works like this . . . It is soft, pliable and made of medical grade silicone. Just fold and insert like a tampon. Inside, it opens. It collects rather than absorbs blood. You empty it rather than change it. A little bit different. 3
  • How can a Lunette menstrual cup make periods nicer? 4
  • It’s convenient The small size holds twice as much flow as a super plus tampon. It can be safely worn for up to 12 hours. That means, with normal flow, the cup only needs to be attended to twice a day: once in the morning and once before bed. 5
  • It’s comfortable The medical grade silicone, is soft, conforms with the body and takes on one’s body temperature. It can’t be felt. 6
  • It’s clean and hygienic Another great thing about silicone − it does not offer a friendly surface for bacteria to thrive. Tampons and pads, by virtue of their material, provide a moist, dark environment that encourages bacterial growth. Also, silicone doesn’t feel hot or sweaty like pads. 7
  • It’s natural Traditional disposables use bleach in pre-production and contain dioxin as well as anti-microbials. Trace amounts to be sure – but what amount is safe? Chemicals can easily be absorbed into the body through mucous membranes, such as the vaginal canal. Not an issue with a Lunette cup. 8
  • It’s an eco-thing Lunette creates zero waste. No wrappers. No applicators No bio-waste. 9
  • It’s economical A one-time $39.99 purchase pays itself back in about 6 months compared to buying disposables every month. A Lunette will last 2 to 3 years, but many find theirs have lasted 5 to 10 with proper care. No more unexpectedly running out of supplies. 10
  • It’s easy! Fold, insert, live your life. 11 Heli Kurjanen – Lunette founder
  • It’s safe Unlike tampons, a Lunette leaves behind no fibers to embed in vaginal tissue that could potentially lead to TSS (toxic shock syndrome). Menstrual cups have been around for ~ 80 years and have not been linked to TSS. 12
  • It’s lifestyle friendly Sports, swimming? Sure. Other little known, “no strings attached” benefits: •  Makes sleeping naked loads more comfortable. •  Your period is a secret even when walking along a nude beach . . . or while wearing a thong bikini. ;) •  Some say it is so discreet that oral sex is suddenly a possibility during your cycle. Really. 13
  • It’s non-drying Unlike tampons, a Lunette will not wick one’s natural moisture. Ever pull out a dry tampon? . . . bet your toes curled when you read that . . . 14
  • It’s high quality U.S. Standards: The Lunette cup is approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Australian Standards: We are approved by the TGA, the Therapeutic Goods Administration, Australia’s regulatory agency for medical drugs and devices. Finnish Standards: Lunette products have received the Key Flag emblem, a certification by The Association for Finnish Work for first-class Finnish quality products. Lunette products also have the Design from Finland certification.  15
  • How is Lunette different from other brands? The shape & dimensions: •  Shorter length allows for more comfortable wear. Less likely to protrude. •  Stem designed for comfort: Lunette’s stem is flat, soft and flexible – more comfortable – yet substantial enough not to tear. No ridged, hollow stems to poke or trap blood. Thus, easier to clean. Ridges allows a grip for easy removal. •  Rim is thin: Rim is less pronounced – makes insertion easier. Air holes are larger: Easier to clean. Interior is smooth: No inscriptions to collect stains, easier to clean. Choice of 2 consistencies: Our smaller size 1 is soft for younger •  •  •  users or women with low cervixes or sensitive bladders. The larger size 2 is firmer and pops open easily. Neither feels “plastic-y”. Colors: •  Lunette offers colored versions that are don’t contain heavy metals or phthalates. 16
  • The Product Line 17
  • Lunette classic clear cups The Lunette™ menstrual model 1: Recommended for women with light flow or who have never had sexual intercourse The diameter is 41 mm (1.6 inches) by 47 mm (1.9 inches). The stem measures 25 mm (1 inch). The volume of the cup is 25 ml (0.85 fl oz). The Lunette™ menstrual model 2: Recommended for women who have a heavier flow. The diameter is 46 mm (1.8 inches)  by 52 mm (2 inches). The stem measures 20 mm (0.8 inches). The volume of the cup is 30 ml (1.0 fl oz). *Model 1 is made from softer silicone than the larger model 2. This consistency is easier for younger users or for women with sensitive, low cervix positions. Each clear cup comes with a satin pouch randomly selected from a variety of colors. 18 Suggested retail: $39.99
  • Lunette’s colored cups The color ingredients do not contain heavy metals or phthalates. What’s up with the goddess names? When we began to introduce menstrual cups in colors, we thought typical names were kind of boring. They just didn’t capture the essence of our culture. Thus, we began the tradition of using women-honoring, mythological names to represent each color model. Each color has a story to symbolize the infinite remarkable traits of women. Every woman is a goddess at heart 19
  • The Lunette Selene We named this new member of the Lunette family after the Greek Moon Goddess, Selene. She might be more familiar to you by her Roman name, Luna. Symbolizing femininity, this lunar deity is depicted as goddess with the power to ease childbirth and inspire love. Because of her highly developed sense of intuition, she was also known as the patron of solutions. The Selene comes with a matching blue satin pouch that compliments the cup. Suggested retail: $39.99 20
  • The Lunette Cynthia Cynthia is one the names of Goddess Artemis. This Greek Goddess of the moon, hunt and the night sky was later connected to Selene and Diana and so she is continuing our chain of Moon Goddesses. Cynthia is an important symbol for young independent and unmarried woman. In Goddess traditions today she is worshipped as a Maiden Goddess. A flower sacred to Cynthia was Amaranth, with a deep purple color that inspired us to create this beautiful purple Lunette Cynthia. This cup comes with a purple satin bag. Suggested retail: $39.99 21
  • The Lunette Áine Áine is the Goddess of moon, love, fertility and Midsummer in Irish mythology. She was later known as an Irish Fairy Queen. Áine is also a Finnish word that means “substance” and “matter”. And this cup really matters! This coral cup cup comes with a fuchsia satin bag. Suggested retail: $39.99 22
  • FeelBetter Cup wash 250 ml bottle with pump dispenser This calming cup wash is scented with lemon and eucalyptus oil for their feel-good properties, but lightly enough that your skin won't get irritated. It's even mild enough to suit most people with allergies. A few more facts: it's made in Finland, never tested on animals, suitable for vegans, free of artificial colors and preservative agents, and its pH is a well-balanced 3.5.   Washing the cup with regular hand soap is known to cause irritation, swelling and infections for some women which is why we recommend the FeelBetter cup wash. This product was researched and vigorously tested over a long period of time until we found just the right formula that is good for both you and your cup. Suggested retail: $9.99 23
  • Lunette Disinfecting Wipes Box of 10 individually wrapped wipes Lunette™ Disinfecting wipes are a great option for sanitizing the Lunette menstrual cup when no clean water is available. The disinfecting wipes are packaged separately and are small in size so they fit in a purse or pocket. The Lunette disinfection wipes are environmentally-friendly as well. These wipes are made from viscose – a biodegradable material that breaks down quickly. This product will decompose in less than 6 weeks. Perfect for camping as well as for everyday use in public restrooms. Suggested retail: $4.99 24
  • Company history In 2004, Heli Kurjanen, the Lunette founder, was a new, at-home mother who ordered a menstrual cup from an online shop. She encountered some problems using it, but was thrilled about the idea of the product. Heli was convinced that the product could be better. With encouragement from her progressive husband, she decided to design her own improved menstrual cup that was easier and safer to use. In late 2005, Lunette was brought to the Finnish market where it achieved strong sales, and by the end of that year, Lunette was also available online for international customers. In 2010, Lunette reached the USA. All Lunette subsidiaries are women-owned. We are the market leader in Finland and northern Europe. In Finland, 90% of menstrual cup users use Lunette. Lunette products are currently sold in Australia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, the UK and USA. 25
  • Lunette’s vision Our overall vision is to make the menstrual cup a mainstream product … all over the world. But our vision isn’t just about the cup. It is about . . . winning women over against prejudices we have learned from culture about our bodies. It is to build body image, reframe ideas about menstruation and womanhood in a positive way, to promote health and to support women. Lunette is about nicer periods.... ...We develop products ...We spread the word ...We lead by example ...We help and support ...We're honest and brave ...We're nice! 26
  • How we live our philosophy   Our headquarters in Finland is uses wind powered electricity.   Our packing plant employs adults with disabilities and special needs.   Our packaging is made of recycled materials and is biodegradable.   We partner with an organization in Kenya to provide menstrual cups and anatomy education to women in need in the community of Nakuru. We have not only donated funds and product, but have personally traveled to Africa to participate in clinics as well as food and product distribution. Hosted community dinner for 100 ppl. Kate Brooks of “A Future & A Hope, with Caron Rohman of Lune North America, Inc. 27 Taught about product use and anatomy. Distributed menstrual cups.
  • Contact Information Lunette, U.S. Subsidiary Lunette Headquarters North & Central Americas, Caribbean accounts Global accounts Lune North America, Inc. Caron Rohman Park City, UT 84098 USA Lune Group OY LTD Heli Kurjanen: CEO and founder Juupajoki, Western Finland Finland Tel: (435) 649-6130 Tel: +358 50 3554 061 Direct Tel: +358 50 3554064 Ans svc Tollfree: (877) LUVCUPS (877-588-2877) 28