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Centrica, Briana Whitlock - Reporting Workshop. 3rd Lundquist CSR Online Awards, Venice 27-28 Oct 2011
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Centrica, Briana Whitlock - Reporting Workshop. 3rd Lundquist CSR Online Awards, Venice 27-28 Oct 2011


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Transparency,materiality anddialogueOur approach to online CR communicationsBriana Whitlock28th October 2011
  • 2. What we’ll cover• About Centrica• Our approach to online CR communications• 2010 CR Report• Digital media• Challenges• Future plans2
  • 3. Our brands North America UK As well as the UK and North America we also have operations in Norway, Germany, The Netherlands and Trinidad & Tobago (and have outsourced operations in South Africa and India)3
  • 4. The energy value chain : what we do4
  • 5. Our approach to corporate responsibility• Centricas corporate responsibility (CR) ambition is to be the most trusted energy company, leading the move to a low carbon future.• A key element to building and maintaining this trust is talking about our material issues – and what we’re doing with them - in an open, interactive way• Annual reporting on CR is fully integrated into our website• Our digital media platform, ‘Centrica views’, helps us share messages throughout the year5
  • 6. CR strategy – prioritising our material issues To be the leading integrated energy company in the markets where we operate To be the most trusted energy company, leading the move to a low carbon future Energy for a low carbon world Health and Customer Supplying People energy safety trust needs Supported by responsible business practices Underpinned by values, business principles and behaviours6
  • 7. 2010 CR Report• Structured around our CR strategy pyramid• Covers the performance from the year, progress against existing commitments and targets and challenges for the future• PDF downloads of relevant sections are available but no full offline report  Progress against commitments, assured KPIs, stakeholder engagement, etc  Individual section downloads  ‘My report’ functionality  Overview summary PDF and leaflet7
  • 8. Content interactivity• Progress against commitments• Carbon map• Strategy map• Energy for a low carbon world widget• Understanding our business8
  • 9. Tools and functionality• Videos• Case studies• Data centre• Stakeholder quotes• Downloads• Comments• ‘My report’• Notes• Glossary• Highlight boxes9
  • 10. CR communications• Pre-launch – blogs and • Post launch tweets to set context  Themed communications 8• Launch weeks following launch  Direct email to website  Drawing out themes from the mailing list and to CR report that may have been professionals mailing list lost a bit in the content  Pushed out through other CR  Engaging with CR community channels with blogs and discussion  Videos posted on Youtube  BITC example - wellbeing  Employee communications  Twitter example davidcoethica Apr 19, 9:56am Happy to help :) Good report! Would you like to explore using @3BLMedia to spread the CSR word?10
  • 11. 11
  • 12. Digital media – Centrica views12
  • 13. Challenges• Balance of transparency with content  2010 CR report overwhelming in size (about size of 300 pg novel!)• Web metrics have shown us:  There are some standard things people are looking for  Fewer people visiting the site but of those users who visit, they spend much more time on the site. We are exploring how to increase visits across more stakeholder groups.• Presenting stakeholder information in an engaging way proves to still be a challenge  Stakeholder dialogue sections among the least read  Are we reaching the right stakeholders?• Annual reporting still necessary, but want to provide more frequent updates  Social media will help with this but need more two-way dialogue  Revisiting our approach to be more proactive13 Powerpoint title goes here: go to view > header & footer to change
  • 14. Future considerations1. How to meet the varied needs of our different stakeholder groups?2. What’s the right balance for communicating our strategic progress and giving updates on our wide range of initiatives?3. How can we improve the delivery of our online CR communications and build on the success of our Report and digital media platform?14 CR Report review and planning
  • 15. Questions? Briana Whitlock Corporate Responsibility Officer Centrica plc @centricaplc views@centrica.com15 Powerpoint title goes here: go to view > header & footer to change