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Company profile

  1. 1. Company profile If you take e-business seriously
  2. 2. 2If you take e-busInessserIously Company profIle We help to improve and enlarge customer If you take e-business seriously business through internet and mobile tech- Use all opportunities which intercative media nologies. new solutions build over them do and new technologies do bring to the area open new opportunities for business, or cus- of shopping, communiactions and marketing tomer relationship and care. and the rebuild Let us offer a proposal of a fresh design and of already existing projects and applications an architecture concept, or to set regarding brings new level of benefits. processes. We offer portal systems or inter- active presentations and content manage- Regarding our longterm activity in the scope ment systems. of internet business, we are ready to offer We stand on proffesional teams of con- our experience, and we could be the benefi- sultants, project and account managers, cial partner for our customers which want to analitics, programmers, testers, graphic de- focus on e-bussines. signers and bussines processes or design specialists. Let us offer solutions to fit your needs which are later easy expansible and editable to meet some new ideas.
  3. 3. 3 If you take e-busIness serIously Company profIle Lundegaard was founded in Czech republic Lundegaard has got two specialised divisions: in 1998, and has significantly contributed for rise of the commerce internet usage and in- The Interactive division focuses on the on- teractive media in general. line marketing, where our domain are ad- Framework pro aplikace rezervace zdrojů včetně přidružených služeb vanced web-based solutions which are often In 2002 we have initiated establishment of the closely interconnected with client‘s internal KDO JE LUNDEGAARD “Internet Solutions providers association”  – Lundegaard spol. s r.o. , v rámci své divize SYSTEMS vytváří aplikace a řešení na míru pro střední a velké tuzemské i zahraniční společnosti. Našimi službami pokrýváme všechny fáze systems. Lundegaard is also a member Framework pro aplikace rezervace zdrojů včetně přidružených systému od business analýzy až po následný servis a rozvoj. vývoj nové aplikace či služeb of the “Electronic Commerce association” and The Systems Division implements customized Během naší desetileté praxe jsme realizovali několik rezervačních systémů, díky kterým máme bohaté Lundegaard spol. s r.o. , v rámci své problematice. vytváří aplikace a řešení na míru pro zkušenosti know-how v této divize SYSTEMS KDO JE LUNDEGAARD “prague aCm Sigchi” union, which focuses on střední a velké tuzemské i zahraniční společnosti. Našimi službami pokrýváme všechny fáze vývoj nové aplikace či systému od business analýzy až po následný servis a rozvoj. applications and systems with Web-based buildind of community for people interested in Během naší desetileté praxe jsme realizovali několik rezervačních systémů, díky kterým máme „Na našem základním frameworku rezervace zdrojů lze stavět řešení, která vyhovují bohaté zkušenosti know-how v této problematice. user interface (thin client). They are devel- specifickým požadavkům našich zákazníků. Naším hlavním krédem je ‚Jedinečnost postavená user interface design and usability or acces- na ověřeném základu‘ “. oped in consideration of principles of service sibility of the solution. oriented architecture (SOA) with focus on re- „Na našem základním frameworku rezervace zdrojů lze stavět řešení, která vyhovují specifickým požadavkům našich zákazníků. Naším hlavním krédem je ‚Jedinečnost postavená Jiří Tonar, CEO quirements for security, scalability and easy na ověřeném základu‘ “. Profesní sdružení, kterých je Lundegaard členem: Jiří Tonar, CEO Lundegaard is placed on the leading positions zakládající člen Asociace.BIZ – poskytovatelé internetových řešení further expandability. Profesní sdružení, kterých je Lundegaard členem: in Web-Top 100 contest since 2006, it is the člen APEK – Asociace pro elektronickou komerci zakládající člen Asociace.BIZ – poskytovatelé internetových řešení website rating of 100 largest czech companies. Microsoft Certified Partner člen APEK – Asociace pro elektronickou komerci Microsoft Certified Partner “utilize the interaction of servicesin the interactive and the system domain” REZERVACE ZDROJŮ INFO@LUNDEGAARD.CZ 2/9 REZERVACE ZDROJŮ INFO@LUNDEGAARD.CZ 2/9
  4. 4. 4If you take e-busInessserIously LUndEgaaRd The InTeracTIve dIvIsIon Internet, mobile devices and other interactive Our strengths media do offer many opportunities to develop development of concepts and initial feasibil- relationships with customers or business ity studies. partners. productivity can be improved, busi- design of web pages and their connections ness plan can be implemented easier and with internal or external systems. faster, or invested funds can be used better. Creation and development of internet so- We strive to inspire our customers, helping lutions, web portals and specific projects them to gain overview and to find the right- within a short timeframe. path to the target. We do create an effective Fast implementation of robust Web and loy- solutions to earn money. alty systems. Creative graphic and user interface design. If you take e-business seriously on-line marketing and mobile communication ask for an extensive knowledge in the field channels integration. of online marketing and its tools. do not ex- SEo and SEm. pect the creation of a web presentation only, but get your target in connection to require- ments of the marketing department. Let us design the long-term online market- “utilize internet effectively” ing strategy, which flexibly adapts to actual trends in development and usage. Take advantage of reliable support and back- ground of the company, which is able to re- spond to any requirements in guaranteed times.
  5. 5. 5If you take e-busInessserIously LUndEgaaRd The sysTems dIvIsIon The Systems division is specialised to the Our strengths applications and systems development. We The analysis and solution design, including deliver specifically focused applications, as project management and requirements gov- well as extensive information systems, using ernance. established development methodology and Complete services: application and informa- management. We offer a large choice of suit- tion systems development (JaVa,. nET, mS able selectable areas for the project. We use Sharepoint, pHp), including integration, train- common well prowen technologies for the de- ing and support. velopment – especially Java (JEE), and micro- Comprehensive Intranet project implementa- soft. nET (C #) and the Sharepoint platform. tion including separate agendas on the mS Sharepoint platform. If you take e-business seriously Sales commission systems for financial in- Let us specify requirements of your new stitutions, Stock systems, Reservation sys- information system or software application. tems, Reporting systems and dashboards. Save your cost with adequate and safe in- Secure interconnections between web por- terconnection of internal system and inter- tals and internal systems. net solution. ask for guaranteed secure connection of “balance and strong basis” your internal IS/IT with the Web-environ- ment, including the business application and information systems or specifically focused systems development.
  6. 6. 6If you take e-busInessserIously paRTnERS and TechnoloGIes Partners Microsoft Partner Silver portals and Collaboration Silver Web development Silver Portals and Collaboration Silver Web Development Supported technologies Development platforms Java SE/EE/mE, microsoft.nET (C++, C#, aSp.nET, Sharepoint), SQL, XmL, dHTmL / CSS, Flash/Flex, pHp, android (dalvik), iphone (objective C) Aplication servers JBoss, glassfish, Tomcat, mS Sharepoint server / moSS Database servers oracle, microsoft SQL Server, mySQL, postgreSQL, Sybase aSE Operating systems gnU/Linux (debian, RedHat), Solaris, Windows Server, android, ioS, own publication platform CmS LaRS Vivo
  7. 7. 7If you take e-busInessserIously REFEREnCES corporaTe websITes and porTals Pražská energetika Web portal built up on CmS LaRS Vivo LdK (LaRS development Kit) LdK enables full control for clients who prefer own development and maintenance Subsidiaries websites Special applications WebTop100 winner Web portal for IT professionals portal development based on CmS LaRS Internet Effectiveness Awards 2009 winner in both the Best new Business category and in the Innovation! Cetelem Web portal for the biggest consumer credit provider on the Czech market Built up on CmS LaRS LdK (LaRS development Kit) in cooperation with clients developers Client zone
  8. 8. 8If you take e-busInessserIously REFEREnCES producT and communITy orIenTed websITes Cerealie (Nestlé) Calibrum (Zentiva) Interesting interactive concept and “fresh” Website for a famous brand in dietary sup- design plement Focused communication on specific target Interactive Flash games and post-cards groups Content, web and continuous newsletter Website development reflecting in-depths development online analytics jseMPro120 (3M) Vánoční opice (HP) The mini-projector interactive product web- Hp photosmarts – online presentation for site for 3m a new product line Creative competition for visitors Viral activities – „jib-jab” features
  9. 9. 9If you take e-busInessserIously REFEREnCES sysTems and applIcaTIons Cetelem ČR Citfin development of several mission critical robust Client internal devel team‘s involvement IS systems Transactional module in internal IS Realization of complete system’s life cycle, mS.nET platform including maintenance JaVa platform Wood & Company Sophisticated system building up reports from Zentiva various sources via XSL transformations, sys- Resources booking application tem integration Connection to active directory RIa (Rich Internet application) concept, com- bination of Flex and mS.nET technologies
  10. 10. 10If you take e-busInessserIously REFEREnCES InTraneT porTals Cetelem Intranet portal solution for internal commu- nication Interactive apps for efficient internal pro- cesses Up-to-date documents’ sharing Broad system integration Veolia Intranet portal solution as a gate to other in- ternal IS prompt dashboards, documents’ overview Build-up on CmS LaRS Wood & Company Intranet apps on mS Sharepoint 2007 platform Includes modules as Helpdesk 2.0 and HR
  11. 11. 11If you take e-busInessserIously CmS LaRS vIvo LaRS Vivo CmS is used for the easy web pres- (Content Repository) within document man- entation creation and content editing. product agement System offers wide spectrum of possibilities while Brand new built-in Full-text support customer does not have to know any program- operations audit ming language or to have an additional tech- multiple use for needs of intranet and extranet nical knowledge. The system is designed for at once medium and large organizations. There is also Enterprise portals the lightweight LITE, cost-effective version for management reports smaller Internet presentations. LaRS Vivo CmS High performance is a third generation of the CmS LaRS, which Cost effective is being developed continuously since 2004. CMS LARS Vivo Key features Quick and easy pages creation using a sim- ple WySIWyg editing tool Content pages versioning Web personalization prepared Site Type Libraries and functional modules The link consistency checking publication planner an appearance of presentations is easy to be changed all content is based in the Central repository
  12. 12. 12If you take e-busInessserIously WoRLd WIdE web servIce are you looking for a solution how to simplify guaranteed response with the selected ser- the process of managing multiple Web sites vice program. within countries or regions? you are not a dai- Established budget supervising with the im- ly CmS user, or do not want to learn how to pending exhaustion reminder. work with it because of different reasons? do Work reports. you want to focus on your core business and Latest web trends monitoring and sugges- would like to pass web maintaining to profes- tions how to improve presentations. sionals? Lundegaard offers a service that is Benefits at whole corporation level, and their based on the our previous praxis for our mul- spending within the level of individual depart- tinational clients. ments, regions or countries. What we offer We take an operation of your web presenta- tion (even built in your CmS) – to release you from update rutine. or we can create a new presentation in our own CmS including the data transfer. on-line marketing: To ensure that the presen- tation meets business objectives. Clear help-desk with the list of individual re- quirements, including their statuses or todo, and estimation date when request is planed to be resolved or implemented.
  13. 13. 13If you take e-busInessserIously SoLUTIonS BUILT on THE ms sharepoInT plaTform our company offers intranet and web-based Next to the Complete realisation solutions built on the mS Sharepoint 2010 or we offer single modules 2007 platform. Whole service includes the re- data Box quirement analysis, data and solution design, attendance and realisation itself. We design the solutions document management system with consideration to already created agen- Invoicing das and existing modules (schemes). our Helpdesk point is to cut development costs as much orders as possible. Human resources management project portal Task processing management Sharepoint competence Center Sharepoint startup Contracts and commitments products and store management.
  14. 14. 14If you take e-busInessserIously moBILE web Europe, as the fastest growing market for When you are serious smart phones is facing a reality in which big- with e-business ger and bigger part of "on-line" communication mobile web doesn’t mean only less texts will not go through pCs and notebooks, but and pictures for you. through mobile phones. mobile phones and you want to have a web that utilises the pos- other mobile and portable devices are still sibilities of touch control of mobile devices. smarter and more capable. and they define geolocations and accelerations sensors mean brand new requirements for “UX” – user ex- a challenge and new possibilities for you. perience. Current applications and services you want to simply keep abreast of the times. have to count with the fact that nowadays, it is possible to operate nearly anything from a mobile phone. Our strengths We do not focus only on issues related only mobile technologies are more and more sig- to mobile phones (such as JaVa games, na- nificant part of the “on-line pie” and they are tive applications, firmware, etc.). But we are starting to dictate their own standards. It is not everywhere, where the mobile world “touch- good to neglect them, whether you are solving es" the classical on-line one. an advertisement or internet application.
  15. 15. 15If you take e-busInessserIously USaBILITy TesTInG many companies create websites, portals or Lundegaard Usability Center other communication platforms for their cli- Lundegaard Usability Centre is a centre of ex- ents. But do they think about them during the perts focusing in consultancy and services re- whole creation? If the customers are not able lated to usability, accessibility and ergonomics to easily and quickly find what they want on of user interfaces, internet portals and other the internet, you are losing the possibility to ad- on-display realisations. dress them. How do the customers think, what are they looking for and how – that´s what the usability testing will help you to define. Our strengths achieving measurable results with direct When you are serious impact on improvement of defined business with e-business benefits. Evaluation of on-line activities of clients from Let your current online/mobile/IS projects to be usability point of view, analysis of users’ be- evaluated from the control ergonomics point haviour with use of modern analytical methods. of view (easy usability and user friendliness). analyze the users’ behaviour with use of modern testing methods. monitor the appearance and context of the key words being used in the internet envi- ronment, especially in social networks and discussions.
  16. 16. lundegaard spol. s r.o.e-business solution providerAll rights reserved.Version: 3.0Creation data: 30. 03. 2011Lundegaard spol. s r.o.Španělská 2, 120 00 Praha 2 – Vinohradytel.: +420 222 253 015fax: +420 222 254