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    Methods of Payment Methods of Payment Presentation Transcript

    • Methods of Paymentor: how we waste money on the internet[BARCAMP BANGKHEN #3]@lunaticneko
    • Agenda Vicious Cycle of Spending Additional Costs when purchasing Physical Goods Steam Games & DLC Facebook Games Game Bundles Kickstarter Methods of Payment
    • The Components of Spending ProductDelivery Want Can Pay Money
    • The Vicious Cycle of Spending (1) They put up a sale
    • The Vicious Cycle of Spending (1) They pitch a promise “KICKSTARTER ONLY” they said! “LIMITED EDITION” they said!
    • The Vicious Cycle of Spending (2) You:
    • The Vicious Cycle of Spending (3)  You:The point of no return!!!
    • The Vicious Cycle of Spending (4) They deliver. You pay tax. You pay for shipping. You pay for everything you don’t get.
    • The Vicious Cycle of Spending (5) If you’re unlucky, you realize you have no money left.
    • How much do you really pay forPHYSICAL GOODS
    • Buy One …  Example: ThisDamage Counter:$72.04
    • … pay more than one!  Now there’s shippin’Damage Counter:$87.99
    • How to find Import Tariff Search from your Customs. In this case I searched for “เสื้อผ้า”
    • How to find Import Tariff After searching, we know our item is charged 100% tariff! (or “Import Duty”)
    • How to find Import Tariff Tariff is added AFTER Shipping. This means: Damage Counter: $87.99 + $87.99 = $175.98
    • There’s also VAT. In Thailand,VAT is 7% Damage Counter: $175.98 x 1.07 = $188.30
    • Total Price Breakdown Price $12.32 $72.04 List Price Shipping Tariff VAT $87.99 $15.95
    • What does this mean?  What we pay𝑃𝑟𝑖𝑐𝑒 + 𝑆ℎ𝑖𝑝𝑝𝑖𝑛𝑔 × 1 + Tariff × 1 + 𝑉𝐴𝑇
    • Forget physical, earthly things. Let’s get someDIGITAL GOODS
    • How about some game? Buy it digital so there are no Tariffs to worry about. No shipping, too! VAT is also avoided.
    • How about… Dungeon Defenders?
    • How about… Dungeon Defenders? Just $14.99! We can have a good game at lower price nowadays.
    • Bad news: It doesn’t end there. Good games usually have DLCs. DLC = DownLoadable Content = You want them = You have to pay.
    • Oh sh*t.
    • Price Breakdown again! MacTavish (Price is too old to play DD) Main Game DLCs
    • However… You’d be more willing to pay for virtual goods under some circumstances. Read good-market-boom/ for more details.
    • How much have we paid? Check at Amount shown is the total store price @ the time you check Anyone using Steam? Tell us your ID, now.
    • The most vicious thing everFACEBOOK GAMES
    • How Facebook Games earn money Advertisement
    • How Facebook Games earn money Product placement Balloons: SimCity Social (EA) Cars: 2 Toyota Priuses White one in the middle: Some Dove thingie Magnum sign & big Cornetto: Do I have to tell you?! On the Table: Samsung Galaxy S3
    • How Facebook Games earn money Charge you directly of course
    • More games for less withGAME BUNDLES
    • Cheaper Some game bundles are offered by Steam or other services. They are usually cheaper compared to buying them individually.
    • Example
    • Name your price Some even allow you to pay whatever you want. If you want some extra content you must pay a specified amount. e.g.
    • More information This website lists many bundles. Your “bundle hunt” will make you drain your pocket quickly, I promise!
    • Let’s give someone a kick onKICKSTARTER
    • WTF is Kickstarter? Someone makes a project You help fund it They do the project When it’s done, they give you stuff and thanks you
    • Why is it so good?  KS is FULL of creative projects!!!
    • Like what?  Boosted Boards: Electric Skateboards
    • Like what?  HEARTSAT: Launch a Satellite Balloon
    • Like what?  Galago: Prototyping Board
    • Like what?  Heck, even a game console: OUYA
    • So why is it related to this session?  Because they offer goodies too!  For example, that OUYA…$99 = $140 = LIMITED EDITION!
    • And how I wasted money… HEARTSAT allows messages to be posted on the flight vehicle. I chipped in and told them to write this:
    • Why KS for me? I want to help indie rather than established businessmen I feel exclusive when I get certain rewards I’m so artsy and indy – I don’t want common market items. I want PROTOTYPES or LIMITED EDITION. KS projects are REALLY creative!
    • Now, the thing you use to pay orMETHODS OFPAYMENT
    • Just one credit card! PayPal doesn’t even require an account. Any credit card will work. And that’s your money, gone.
    • No credit? No problem! Some banks support “online cards” Do this from e-banking in minutes. Done? Now, go shopping.
    • No bank a/c? No problem too!
    • No money? Work for it! Slave yourself on TrialPay  SimCash!!!
    • NO EXCUSES! They’ve found every single way to make you pay! The solution is in the next slide.
    • 1. Don’t drink Heard about “drunken eBay”? Result  lery/P9nvz
    • 2. Long passwords Stops logging in altogether when drunk Like this smart guy said …
    • 3. Think carefully This meme is fun. Just don’t do it for real. Please.
    • 4. Bonus: Get rid of all your desires He stopped all his desires forever. But for us, one hour is more than enough!
    • The Components of Spending ProductDelivery Want SELF- CONTROL Can Pay Money
    • The Components of Spending Product Delivery Want SELF- CONTROLI LIED!Can Pay theory like this in the world! There’s no Money
    • End of Discussion!THANK YOU!