The Emerson Legacy 1.4


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The Emerson Legacy 1.4

  1. 1. The Emerson Legacy 1.4
  2. 2. Natalie, who realized that taking care of twins was rather hard work, decided that perhaps it was time toget started on earning a gold badge in Flower Arranging. If she could do that, then maybe she would beable to stock up on Snap Dragons for future generations to come. She had a long way to go, but knew thatshe could do it.
  3. 3. Even though the twins couldnt walk yet, they seemed quite proficient and doing some things forthemselves, such as getting out of their cribs on their own.
  4. 4. With the new house that they had bought, the family could actually enjoy mealtimes together without feeling cramped."I think we should build a greenhouse," Natalie said one evening."Mom, whats a greenhouse?" Tara asked."A greenhouse is where well grow different sorts of fruit and vegetables," Trevor answered."Oh..." Tara stared down at her corn before looking back up at her parents. "But why would we want a greenhouse if we can just buy buy it fromthe store?""Its because your mother wants sparkly food that really fills you up," Trevor said, directing his teasing towards Natalie who rolled her eyes.
  5. 5. Another birthday was underway, the twins were growing up and outgrowing their diapers, much to therelief of their parents.
  6. 6. Once their hair and clothes had been sorted out, the twins were invited to hang out in one of thebedrooms, namely Tara and Angelas bedroom.
  7. 7. "I cant believe your parents wont let you have your own room, Angela. Thats hardly fair. I get my ownroom," Scarlett said smugly.
  8. 8. Angela scoffed and shrugged. "Thats because you dont have any siblings yet. But since your mom lookslike shes about to pop, youll probably have one and then youll probably have to share your room likeTara and me."
  9. 9. "It makes me happy that Mom and Dad didnt have anymore boys. I get an entire room to myself," Ryansaid smugly.The two girls looked at each other and rolled their eyes.
  10. 10. Colby looked down and twiddled his fingers. "I-I wouldnt mind a brother or sister," he said shyly. "I askedMom if I could have one, but she said no. She doesnt want anymore kids."
  11. 11. "Look at it this way," Scarlett said. "At least you wont have someone else pestering you when you getolder, especially in front of your girlfriend."
  12. 12. "Ew!" Colby cried. "Im never going to have a girlfriend. Kissing is gross! My parents do it all the time andmake nasty slurping noises when they do. No thank you!"
  13. 13. Trevor ended up reaching the top of the Architecture Career Track and therefore, obtaining a Perma-Platinum Status for the rest of his life.
  14. 14. Meanwhile, at the middle Emersons house, Grace was giving birth to her second child.Little Zack Emerson was welcome into the family.Well see more of Zack later when he becomes a toddler, but now back to our main family!
  15. 15. Ryan seemed to have no problems making friends. His best friend was a girl named Demi. She didnt seemto mind his er...interesting habits."Do it again! Do it again!"Shes cute. I think Ryan might marry her if they have bolts.
  16. 16. Tara had been begging for a pet so her mother and father finally caved and ended up getting little Heidifor her.
  17. 17. Not wanting a big fuss over a birthday party, Tara grew up quietly and headed off to the skating rink withScarlett and Colby who had become teens the day before."Hey, looking good out there!" Scarlett said shooting her the finger gun.It was clear he cousin was showing off. Tara merely rolled her eyes. "Shows what you know Scar."
  18. 18. Colby would have fallen if it hadnt been for Scarlett supporting him before he could land on his rear end."Yeah, you suck at this," Scarlett said non-chalantly."Its harder than it looks!" Colby snapped as he tried to regain his balance.
  19. 19. The rink was empty and proved dull after the three skated around in circles so they went to the spa. Theymade a beeline for the hottubs on the roof and after changing into their bathing suits, climbed into thehot water, which soothed their tight muscles."Ugh, I cant believe were not allowed into Crypt-O-Night," Scarlett groaned. "Can you believe that?"
  20. 20. "Uh...maybe it has something to do with us being just a little bit underaged," Colby said shrugging hisshoulders. Personally, he would rather stay away from places like that. Too many vampires frequentedthose places and he definitely didnt want to end up as one of them.
  21. 21. "Well they should have a club that allows people our age," Tara said. "Its not fair that were stuck baby-sitting our siblings while the adults have all the fun."
  22. 22. They ended up at The Lulu Lounge, which was their last stop for tonight. Tara and Scarlett were hits on thedance floor. While Colby...well lets just say he had a thing or two to learn.
  23. 23. my simself believe it or not. I didnt even know she was on the lot. But here she is in all of herglory. Now, what the hell happened to you?"The rain...the rain...I cant stop playing in it." simself is a complete moron. Thats all I need.
  24. 24. The three headed towards the bar in order to enjoy a nice stiff drink. The bartender seemed pretty laidback about servingteens."Now that is the scariest effin thing Ive ever seen," Scarlett said looking over to the woman who clearly liked to play inthunderstorms. She suppressed a shudder."Shes looking your way, Scar," Tara said winking at her cousin.Scarlett glared at Tara.
  25. 25. Then my simself proceeded to do this. She has no shame, I tell you."Hey, is this seat taken?""Best. Day. Ever!"Er...moving on.
  26. 26. The house was becoming unbearably cramped. While it was a nice house, some of the rooms were toosmall to move around in. Wanting to expand the size, the family needed to be out of the way so theconstruction workers could do their job. They all decided that a vacation to Twikki Island was in order, sothey packed away their vacation clothes and headed in that direction.
  27. 27. The first thing the family did when they arrived, after they booked their rooms of course, was go to thefamous Ruins where Tara made a wish.I wish for a boyfriend, she thought mentally. If she said it out loud, it wouldnt come true. She tossed thecoin into the water.
  28. 28. "Isnt this fun, Ang?" Ryan asked as he dipped his hand into the cool water. at the shrine.Angela shrugged. Already the gears were churning in her head.
  29. 29. The youngest child of the Emersons got up from her spot and pulled a box of soap from her purse. Howshe could fit it in there without anyone seeing was a question no one knew the answer to. Perhaps shewas really an offspring of Mary Poppins.With a little evil "butter wont melt in her mouth" grin, she poured the soap."You have angered the Gods of Jumbok!" a voice boomed causing Angela to shriek as the water turned aboiling red."Great job, Ang," Tara said sarcastically walking past.
  30. 30. Ryan, who didnt realize what had happened, dipped his hand into the water again, only to pull it out,screaming."What did you do, Ang?!" he cried, clutching his burning hand.
  31. 31. The family headed to South End beach next. Tara chose to sunbathe and attempt a tan while the twoyoungest built a a small home for the critters that dwelled in the sand.
  32. 32. There was nothing more romantic than making out on what is thought to be a haunted pirate ship, whichwas what Natalie and Trevor were trying to prove.
  33. 33. By the time night fell, Taras skin was different, but not in the way she wanted."Oh you have got to be effin kidding me," she said with frustration as she poked at her sunburn, wincingas she did so.
  34. 34. Before settling back down into their rooms that evening, the family sat down for a family meal at the hotelrestaurant."I think we should see about getting our own beach home next time," Trevor said. "Itd be much cheaper.""I definitely agree," Natalie responded. "Perhaps during our next vacation, well have a nice vacationhome here."
  35. 35. Tara had always wanted to learn the fire dance so the next morning, the family headed out to the otherend of the beach where a man was teaching fire dances...for a price of course and while the rest of thefamily sunbathed, Tara spent her time and money to learn this specific dance."And youre sure thisll impress the boys?" she asked as she struggled to twirl the stick."The teacher said nothing, but only remained still, watching her with a stoic expression.
  36. 36. "Hey, I bet Im going to find something before you do," Angela said tauntingly."Nuh-uh! I am!" Ryan argued.Trevor looked over his shoulder. "Now now you two. Stop arguing or there will be no dessert at dinnertonight.""Oh let them have their fun," Natalie said pulling her husband closer, but taking great care to mind hissunburn.
  37. 37. Ryan won the little bet and set to teasing his sister. "See my pretty seashell. See it? Isnt it pretty? See! Itold you Id win!""Stop it!" Angela whined.
  38. 38. On their last night of vacation, the Emerson family sat around a campfire talking about the fun theyd hadand all the stuff they wanted to do next time they visited. They would have many memories to bring homewith them, some good, some bad. But each memory was to be treasured for it was theirs.
  39. 39. As they held their marshmellows over the fire, they made a pact that their future generations would beable to come here as a tradition.
  40. 40. The next morning, it was time for the family to head home, but not before creating an awkward scene forthe tour guide of course by way of an innocent little "Goosing".I hope you enjoyed this chapter! Until then...Happy Simming!