The Emerson Legacy 1.2


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The Emerson Legacy 1.2

  1. 1. The Emerson Legacy 1.2
  2. 2. It had been precisely one month since Natalie hadfound out she was pregnant and since Phil had outrightrefused to marry her. While she had enough money toexpand on her house a little bit, she could not live in itwhile it was being worked on, so she had moved in withher sister, Grace until it was finished. The workerspromised that it would only take around two months tofinish.Natalie sat in Grace and Callahans bedroom withMargaret and Grace. Margaret was making threatstowards Phil, which may or may not be carried out."Just a hundred a month?!" she cried incredulously. "Ioughta chop off his left nut and make him eat it! Whatkind of dick just pays a hundred?!""Youre not thinking about how Nat feels," Gracesnapped. "The man is refusing to help her raise thechild and its apparent that she liked him."The two of them started bickering. Natalie listened insilence, her knees hugged up to her chest, but she tookgreat care not to squish that baby inside. The doctorhad said she was only having one although even thoughhe knew the gender, she had begged him not to say aword. She wanted it to be a surprise.
  3. 3. Natalie was often out of the house as she did not want to burden her sister and her family by always being there. While she didtake part in some mealtimes with them, she would often go downtown and shoot some pool."You should really find yourself a man," her opponent, a woman named Gwen Thayer, said as she lined up her shot."If only it were that easy," Natalie sighed.
  4. 4. In order to keep her sisters mind offof the prospect of raising a childalone, Grace often invited Natalie tofamily dinners."Have you decided on names for thebaby yet?" Grace asked.Natalie had thought about iteveryday. "I think if its a boy, I wantto name him Ryan and if its a girl, Iwant to name her Tara.""Those are nice names," Callahancomplimented as he took anotherbite of his pork chops.Scarlett swung her tiny legs backand forth and banged on the tray ofher high chair.
  5. 5. Before Natalie could say anything more, there was the sound of a maleclearing his throat. Natalie looked up. Before her stood a young man whoappeared to be in his late twenties, early thirties."Im sorry for interrupting, but I just opened a new church in town and I waslooking for new members. I usually dont outright ask, but I was wonderingif you and your companions would like to join?"Natalie looked up at him. He had a gentle nature about him. His hair wasneat, but was still unkempt in a way that made him appear casual and hiscomplexion was not too tan, yet not too pale either. But it wasnt hisappearance that drew Natalie in. was the fact that when he looked ather, he was actually looking at her and seemed to see her as a person andnot some object. His emerald eyes met hers and did not travel over anyother part of her body. "Im sure we could do that," Natalie said as she tookthe clipboard and gave the information that she needed. She then passedthe clipboard around for the others to sign."Thank you very much," the young man said. "Church is every Wednesday,Saturday, and Sunday from 7 till noon. If you cant make it on account ofwork or another event, Ill understand. It isnt mandatory." He fell silentbefore speaking up again. "Well, I will see you all tomorrow," he said. It wasthen that Natalie realized that she had yet to ask his name, but he had leftbefore she even had the chance.Authors Note: It was after this point that I turned my game off because Ineeded a break from playing and it wouldnt come back up so I had toreinstall. Not to worry, I got everything back up and running. There are afew differences though, just minor ones such as a neighborhood change anddifferences in housing, but thats about it.
  6. 6. The next day, Natalie, Grace, and Callahan sat in the front pew listening to the the youngman who they they had met last night. Scarlett was inside one of the childrens roomsplaying with a few toys."And so...while boolprop may make our lives easier, it is the will of Will Wright, himself,that we try to do things for ourselves no matter how tedious they may be."
  7. 7. "I cant believe Margs didnt come," Grace said in disbelief."Well, she did have a big case today," Callahan whispered." know you guys arent supposed to talk," Natalie said softly and upon those words,the three looked towards the front again.
  8. 8. When the service was over, Natalie approached the young man.She at least wanted to get his name."That was a wonderful service," she complimented.He laughed. "Im glad you enjoyed it and Im also glad you couldcome, Mrs...""Oh, its Miss," she corrected him. "Emerson, but you can call meNatalie." Was he the type of religious figure that would judge herfor being pregnant when there was no sign of a husband?He didnt. In fact, he didnt even comment on her pregnancy."Natalie then. My name is Trevor...Trevor Meade.” TrevorMeade...Beautiful name and beautiful man. "Its nice to meetyou.""Likewise," Trevor agreed. "Listen, I would really understand if yousaid no, but I was wondering if youd like to get some dinner withme one night."Dinner? With her? "Sure, Id love to," Natalie said. "How abouttomorrow night, sometime?" she asked."Tomorrow night sounds good. Ill call you tomorrow during theday and we can set up the time and place."And with that, Natalie had a date...or at least an outing.
  9. 9. "So tell me about your family," Trevor asked.Natalie and Trevor were at the cafe downtown. After having agreed on a place to eat, they met each other at the restaurant.Natalie had almost suggested Londoste, but she didnt want to eat at the place where her marriage proposal had beenrejected. Besides, this restaurant seemed to have a more homey feel to it as opposed to the stuffy Londoste."Well, I have two sisters. Youve met one of them already, Grace. My other sister is named Margaret. Shes a lawyer. She worksall the time, so I hardly see her. I also have a niece and a nephew."
  10. 10. Their food arrived. Being that Natalie was with child, she had a craving for Lobster Thermidor whileTrevor ordered the ribs."What about you?" Natalie asked curiously. "Do you have any siblings?""I used to have a sister, but she died of Lieukemia," Trevor said. There was a saddened expressionupon his face.
  11. 11. Before Natalie could stop herself, she reached out and touched his hand. It was so warm. He looked up ather."Im sorry for your loss. It must be hard to lose a family member. I lost my parents two years ago."Trevors lips curled into a smile. "But theyre all in a better place now.""Of course," Natalie agreed reluctantly letting go of his hand.
  12. 12. After dinner, the two decided to go to the Sugar Cube Bowling lanes."Now sit down and watch a pro at work," Trevor said teasingly."Oh, really now?" Natalie said with equal playfulness.
  13. 13. "Woo! Now thats how you do it."" missed one," Natalie said with a smirk."Id like to see you do better."This teasing felt natural and not forced. Natalie could feel comfortable around him.
  14. 14. Natalie took her place, holding the ball up and contemplated the best way to knock down the pins. "Watch andlearn," she said smugly.However, she caught something out of the corner of her eye that caused her elated mood to fall a few notches. Afew feet behind her stood Phil Haggerty, the man who was the child of her father. He didnt look at Natalie. In fact,it was like she didnt even exist.Natalie felt a surge of anger and the temptation to lodge the bowling ball into his skull, but she was the betterperson. If he wanted to pretend she didnt exist, then so could she.
  15. 15. The floor was rather slippery, so when Natalie threw her ball forward, she slipped. Butluckily, the way she fell wouldnt have hurt the baby. She watched as the ball rolled evercloser to the pins.
  16. 16. Her spirits were lifted once again as she made a strike. "And thats how you do it!" shesaid doing a little happy dance."Good job!" Trevor complimented her.
  17. 17. After about an hour of bowling,Natalie and Trevor sat next to eachother on the bench. Trevor surprisedNatalie by putting an arm around herand pulling her close."We should do this again, sometime,"he said caressing her hand."We should," Natalie agreed. "Therenovations on my house should bedone within a week or so. You shouldcome over.""Id love to," Trevor said.Natalie found herself resting herhead on his shoulder. Was she fallingin love too fast? Who cares if shewas. She felt comfortable with him.She could be herself and he treatedher like a person and not some objectof physical pleasure.
  18. 18. Natalie loved her new house. It was alittle on the small side, but there was anice beachfront and it had threebedrooms plus a nursery for the baby.Trevor came over nearly everyday. Hedidnt seem to mind laying on the sandand looking up at the stars with her."So, Sunshine. When is the baby due?"he asked rubbing her baby bumpgently.""I still have a few more months to go,"Natalie said."Youre going to be a wonderfulmother. I just know it."He never seemed to bring up the factthat she was raising the child alone.
  19. 19. Many hours passed and after they had passed, Trevor announced that he needed to go."Ill call you tomorrow or come by," he said pulling her close and whispering in her ear.Natalie nodded, a soft blush upon her cheeks before she was helped up by Trevor.
  20. 20. Trevor leaned down to rub her belly before he kissed it. "Now dont give your mother toohard of a time. She needs her sleep you know," he said teasingly, but also with a hint oflove for the tiny life growing inside of her.He would be a good father someday, Natalie thought. He was so full of love.
  21. 21. Trevor then surprised Natalie by dipping her down and pressing his lips against hers. How different thiskiss was from Phils. It was so gentle and soft as opposed to Phils rough kisses. Trevors hands didntwander either. Instead, he held her securely as if she were a fragile porcelain doll that needed care andaffection.After she was right side up again, he kissed her once more before bidding her a good night.
  22. 22. Months passed and one evening while coming in, Natalies water broke.Oh no! she thought. Im going to have the baby right here!The pain began and Natalies screams reverberated throughout the entire neighborhood.
  23. 23. Natalie soon held her child up. She had blonde hair that could have come from either hermother or her father, tan skin, and silvery grey eyes that came from her father."Welcome to the world, Little Tara," Natalie cooed at her daughter.And so, the heiress of Generation Two was born.
  24. 24. That next day, Trevor came over to see little Tara."Shes beautiful, Nat," Trevor said looking down at Natalies precious child."Yes she is," Natalie agreed. She had thought long and hard about her feelings for Trevor. She knew he would be a goodfather and it had nothing to do with the fact that he was family oriented. "Um...Trevor? Can you meet me down at thebeach?" she asked.Trevor nodded and followed Natalie outside.
  25. 25. Once Natalie had Trevor outside, she leaned down on one knee."Nattie? Whats this?" Trevor asked."Trevor, I know weve only known each other for a few months, but I feel something with you. Youregentle, youre sweet. I can see that you love Tara even though you just met her. I can see that you willone day be a wonderful father.""What are you asking of me?"
  26. 26. Natalie produced a box with a ring inside that shed bought a few weeks ago. "Im askingyou to marry me," Natalie said.Trevor gasped. There was that fear in Natalies icy blue eyes. Would he reject her? Wouldhe run? What would he do?
  27. 27. Trevor took the ring and placed it on his finger. It was a perfect fit. "Of course Ill marryyou! If you werent going to propose to me, then I was going to propose to youtoday...right this very spot."
  28. 28. Natalie threw her arms around Trevor. He had just made her the happiest woman in theworld. She knew that nothing could ruin this moment.
  29. 29. Natalie and Trevor were married in a simple, yet beautiful beach wedding surrounded bytheir friends and loved ones.
  30. 30. The party ended up being a roaring success to say theleast. What was in store for the newly weds? Well, theywould just have to find out.Thats it for this chapter! Join us next time!
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