Simple machines


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Simple machines

  1. 1. Simple Machines By: Glizyl Luna
  2. 2. Wedge ● A wedge is a machine that pushes materials apart and cuts things. ● A kitchen knife is a wedge that cuts food and it is found in the kitchen ● A pair of scissors is also a wedge and it cuts paper and it can be found in my pencil case
  3. 3. Wheel and Axle ● The wheel and axle machines make it easy to move things by rolling them and reducing friction. ● A car is a wheel and axle because it makes it easier to move people from one place to another. ● A wheel barrow is a wheel and axle because it can move an object easier by rolling it anywhere.
  4. 4. Lever  Levers are simple machines that makes lifting weight easier by using a fulcrum to redirect force over a long distance.  A broom is a lever because the handle help make it easier to clean.  A screw driver is a lever be- cause the fulcrum is closer to the load which reduces the force to screw some- thing together.
  5. 5. Inclined Plane ● An inclined plane is a simple machine that makes it easier to move objects upward, but you have to go further horizontally. ● Stairs are inclined planes because they make it easier to go up and down each floor. ● A sidewalk ramp make objects easier to move and carry heavy objects out of a truck or car.
  6. 6. Screw ● A screw turns rotation into lengthwise movement and takes many twist which holds things together. ● A jar lid is a screw because it turns and takes many twist to open and close it. ● A light bulb is a screw because it has a turning rotation that takes a twist to provide light.
  7. 7. Pulley ● A pulley makes lifting things with a rope easier by redirecting force and the addition of additional pulleys. ● The window blind is a pulley because it helps pull up the shade. ● The garage door is also a pulley because it helps lift the door so cars and other big objects can go through.
  8. 8. Compound Machines ● A compound machine is combining two or more simple machines to work together. ● A bike is a compound machine because the wheels of the bike is a wheel and axle and the gear shifts and bike handles are levers. ● A garden hoe is a complex machine because the handle is a lever and the blade is a wedge.