Little Luxuries Roundtable Series: Beverages
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Little Luxuries Roundtable Series: Beverages



Luminosity Marketing is pleased to present the next installment of our Little Luxuries Roundtable Series. Little Luxuries are products/services that consumers WANT, but don’t necessarily NEED, and ...

Luminosity Marketing is pleased to present the next installment of our Little Luxuries Roundtable Series. Little Luxuries are products/services that consumers WANT, but don’t necessarily NEED, and generally speaking they do not require significant planning before purchase.

We discovered several key themes throughout this Roundtable series, including: 1) the importance of influencers–both proximate and distant–in catalyzing trial, 2) the persistence of heritage in beverage choices made as adults, and 3) how consumers convey passion as a function of loyalty and willingness to hunt down important brands.

Check out the Little Luxuries-Beverages Intro video to see an overview of our learning!



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Little Luxuries Roundtable Series: Beverages Presentation Transcript

  • 1. The Little Luxuries Project
    Little Luxuries Roundtable Series:
    All About Beverages
  • 2. 2
    What is a Little Luxury?Little Luxuries, as defined by Luminosity Marketing, are products and services that consumers WANT, but don't necessarily NEED. Different consumers categorize Little Luxuries differently, based on their personalities and disposable income levels, but the overall definition remains the same: these are relatively small-ticket items that satisfy consumers' emotional, rather than rational needs.
    What is the Little Luxuries Project? The Luminosity Little Luxuries project is a series of marketing research studies that focuses on products and services that fall into that category. Given the current economy and the evolving relationship consumers have with Little Luxuries, we started this project in order to help marketers better position and communicate their product benefits. The ultimate goal is to determine how to position brands as necessities in the minds of consumers, rather than as Little Luxuries.
    What Is The Little Luxuries Project?
  • 3. Methodology
    For this Roundtable Series, our focus was to learn more about consumer’s beverage choices
    We recruited 10 adults ages 22-35 years old to participate in the focus group
    The discussion was based off of a moderator’s questions about participants’ drink choices
    Participants were asked to bring 3 beverages that they had purchased during the past week in order to learn more about their drinking habits
    The Series also featured individual interviews with each participant to learn additional information about their behavioral choices
    A White Elephant game was played with unique drink options to learn more about participants’ decision process
  • 4. Methodology
    The results of this study revealed several insights into the role of beverages and Little Luxuries in general on consumer’s everyday lives
    Three Key Findings:
    Influence is a key driver of beverage trial
    Many consumers cling to beverage choices because of heritage
    Generating loyalty should be a key motivation for marketers
  • 5. 5
    “Snapple Troparocka. It comes from Bret Michaels from the Celebrity Apprentice last year. I like Bret Michaels, I like the show, so I decided to try the drink.”
    Finding #1: Influence Matters
    Consumers’ inner circles are important for encouraging drink trial
    • Friends
    • 6. Celebrities
    • 7. Family
    • 8. General acquaintances
    • 9. It is not really important who recommends the beverage, just that someone does. In a category with so many options, many just need some form of encouragement to try something new.
    Watch the video!
  • 10. Finding #2: Heritage Leads to Loyalty
    Consumer heritage is surprisingly critical in making beverage choices
    • Family and inter-generation influences are important in creating habits in drinking behavior
    • 11. Many consumers still continue habits in adulthood that were started during their youth
    Watch the video!
    “I always drank milk growing up. That’s how my parents influenced me. So I drink milk almost every night with my meal. I have to.”
  • 12. Finding #3: Loyalty Is The Key Goal
    Watch the video!
    “Dog Fish Head Festina Peche it’s a seasonal beer, it’s so hard to find. I wait for this every year.”
    Once consumers become loyal to a beverage, they will treat it like a necessity rather than a luxury
    They will go to great lengths to seek out and find their beverage
    They also will know everything about it:
    How long they have been drinking it
    When and where they can find it
    Which stores have the best deals / most consistent supply
  • 13. Additional Information
    Watch all the videos at: Little Luxuries Roundtable Series
    For more information contact:
    Kimberly S. Conon
    Sr. Manager, Strategy & Analysis
    Phone: 646-213-4860
    About Luminosity Marketing
    Luminosity is an analytical marketing communications firm specializing in target audience definition, message framing and connection strategy. We use our combined expertise in research an media to generate powerful connections between brands and target consumers. Learn more at