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Zhaowuchaopainter 110102090410-phpapp02 (1)

  1. 1. ZHAO WUCHAO painter Click
  2. 2. Click• Male, born in 1944, is a native of Nanhai County, Guangdong Province. He is now a member of the Chinese Artists Association, Guangdong Branch.• Zhao was passionately interested in painting from his early age. In the early 60’s, he has followed famous artists, such as Hu Gentian, Ye Shaobing, Lu Zishu and Sun Wenbin, to study traditional techniques of Chinese painting. Zhao is adept in painting both landscape and flower-and-bird genres. He has developed a solid artistic foundation with many years of thorough and intensive research. He has traveled widely in Mainland China to search for inspiration and nourishment for creation. In recent years, he concentrated on developing innovations for his Chinese paintings and has resulted in numerous good works.• Zhao is persistent in upholding the realism and romanticism approach in his works. After long years of practice and research in Chinese art, Zhao has synthesized the styles of the Southern, the Northern, Zhejiang and Shanghai Schools. His works exhibit not only the strengths of the Lingnan School, such as accuracy in portrayal, use of brilliant colors and vigorous strokes, but also the ascetic subtlety of the Shanghai School. On the other hand, he does not flinch from adopting Western techniques in coloring and contrast. His works therefore constitute a strong sense of layering and great originality. Zhao’s landscape and carp is vigorous and subtle. His works have a strong flavor of individuality and sense of modernity.• Zhao’s paintings have frequently been shown in various exhibitions in the mainland and overseas. While enjoying great praise from critics and viewers, his paintings have also been published in journals at home and abroad. In 1988 and 1991, he held solo exhibition in Hong Kong and his first painting album was also published during that time. In 1996, Zhao again held solo exhibitions in Beijing, Taiwan, Malaysia and Hong Kong.
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  7. 7. Source : WAN FUNG ART GALLERYPPS: vinhbinhpro ,bachkien ,chieuquetoi http//my.opera.com/vinhbinhpro http//my.opera.com/bachkien http//chieuquetoi.blogspot.com