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Richardsjohnson painternxpowerlite-090514125257-phpapp02

  1. 1. RICHARD.S.JOHNSON PAINTER 21.05.10 05:59 PM Ceaikovsky Waltz from Sleeping Beauty
  2. 2.   The luminescent beauty and lyrcal quality of Richard S. Johnson's work is what captivates collectors today. "Old Masters" technical virtuosity, pre-Raphael romanticism, and contemporay expressionism and abstraction all combine to create his unique works of touching depth and artistry. Rick's expressive skill for capturing the human form has brought him numerous commissions: John F. Kennedy at the JFK Memorial Library in Boston. A commemorative painting of the presidents from Eisenhower to Bush currently hangin at the President's Council on Physical Fitness in Washington D.C. Rear Admiral Richard S. Truly, USN, the first commander of the NASA Space Shuttle Challenger. Limited Edition Lithograph for the USA Olympic Ski Team Promotional poster for the Biz International Classic Soccer Championship in Mexico .
  3. 3. Born in Chicago to an artistic family, his earliest reminiscences are of pouring through Charles Dana Gibson, N.C.Wyeth, and John Singer Sargent books on rainy afternoons. While still in grade school he won a scholarship to the presitgious Art Institue of Chicago. He later attended the American Academy of Art and upon graduation began a very succesful career as an illustrator. Turning his attentions to fine art after winning a competition in International Artists Magazine, Rick was invited to Japan where his one man show was so succesful that he has been invited back numerous times and has developed an international base of collectors. He has also won many awards in competitions here in the United States including the Award of Excellence, in the Oil Painters of America 2003 Midwest regional Juried Competition. Perhaps the term that best describes Rick's work is "Poetic Intimacy". His sure brush strokes, bold use of color and impasto, and delicate rendering of the human face and form all work together in a harmony that refuses to draw attention to themselves for their technical virtuosity, but rather to draw their viewer into the awareness that they are sharing one, serene, contemplative moment; that the light that pours over the subject's skin also caresses theirs.
  4. 4. Peonies and White The Villa
  5. 5. Poetry and Amber Sunshine and Lace
  6. 6. The Cottage Porch Lady and Roses
  7. 7. Summer Gold
  8. 8. Beauty's Gaze
  9. 9. The Dreamer
  10. 10. Spring
  11. 11. Embers Glow Forsythia
  12. 12. Garden Path
  13. 13. A Summer Moment Golden Field
  14. 14. Daydreams
  15. 15. For Dinner Little Boy Blue
  16. 16. Bluebirds Roses and Venice
  17. 17. Lilly Cherry Blossoms
  18. 18. Golden Afternoon Venetian Summer
  19. 19. Morning Romance
  20. 20. Lilac
  21. 21. The Tea Rose Ruby
  22. 22. Dreams of Gold Aurora
  23. 23. The Spell of Summer The Golden Canal
  24. 24. Le Danse de la Sylphide Day's End
  25. 25. In Dreams
  26. 26. Peonies and White Soflened in Sunshine
  27. 27. Luna
  28. 28. Lilly of Dawn
  29. 29. The Shoals Willow
  30. 30. T H E E N D May.14.2009 A.C