Why I Eat Meat
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Why I Eat Meat



Digital story of my diagnosis with Celiac disease; prepared for ITEC 816.

Digital story of my diagnosis with Celiac disease; prepared for ITEC 816.



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  • I haven’t always been the meat-eater I am today.
  • When I turned 12, I decided that I would no longer eat meat of any kind.
  • Instead, I started to eat a lot of tofu.
  • I went on this way until I turned 24.
  • I was a graduate student at the University of British Columbia
  • When I started feeling tired and sick to my stomach quite frequently.
  • I went to many different doctors
  • And I had many different tests
  • But the tests could never find anything wrong with me.
  • I spent most of each day in bed
  • And only got out of bed to drag myself to class
  • I ate almost nothing but soup and crackers
  • But still felt nauseas, especially after I ate.
  • Finally, after 9 months of feeling sick, I had an appointment with a Nurse Practitioner. She suggested that the source of all of my problems might be…wheat.
  • After confirming a diagnosis of Celiac disease with a simple blood test, I started a diet of only chicken and vegetables.
  • After only a couple of months without eating any wheat, barley, rye, or oats…
  • I felt healthier than ever!
  • And that is why today, I love barbeques
  • But don’t care much for bakeries.

Why I Eat Meat Why I Eat Meat Presentation Transcript

  • Why I Eat Meat
    By Jess Spencer
    April 2011
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