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  1. 1. Soul of the Ultimate Nation Guide
  2. 2. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideGETTING STARTEDYou can register at and play Soul of the Ultimate Nation by the follow ingthe steps below.Dont worry if you dont understand English!Just click the different language tabs on this page to read all the explanations in otherlanguages (English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Polish).Account TransferIf you have played S.U.N at IJJI or ATLUS before, you can bring your old character toWebzen S.U.N! Transfer your characters and enjoy S.U.N at!Link: you are ne w to S.U.N, please chec k out the links below. Main Website S.U.N Websites Fan Sites Guide Movies Newbie Forum Newbie Tip & Guide S.U.N Pages for the Newbie Q&A http// New Players Make Friends http// Cash Shop Guide W-coin Help Twitter (English) http// Facebook (English) http// S.U.N SNS Youtube (English) http// Communities Orkut (Portuguese) http// MeinVZ (German) http// S.U.N Customer FAQ Service Direct inquiries
  3. 3. Soul of the Ultimate Nation Guide1. Click [sign up now] on the Webze homepa ge.2. Enter your id, password, birthday, a nd email a ddress.Please be careful when you enter your email address and birthday because you cannotmodify the email address once you have registered.Also you need to agree to the terms of service and privacy policy to make account. You should click the [SUBMIT] button after finishing the abovesteps.3. Validate your registered e-mail address.
  4. 4. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideLogin to your registered email and you w ill receive the confirmation email.In order to completely validate your account you must click the attachedlink in the received email.If you cannot find your validation email even though you checked your inbox:- Please wait at least 10 minutes before checking again.- Please check your Spam/Junk email folder.4. After completely validating your account using the email, you can login toWebze! You are now approved to use various services provided by
  5. 5. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideINSTALLATIONIn order to play S.U.N, you need to download the client first. Click on DOWNLOAD buttonon the top-left side of official S.U.N website or portal. This will take you tothe Download page.Link:
  6. 6. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideDow nload S.U.N client through P2P (TORRENT) or Mirror sites.Start the game client by clicking the [START GAME] button on the webpage.
  7. 7. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideIf you have connected to the game for the first time, you should install the auto -installer.Auto-install is a program that enables you to start the game on the webpage. Don‘t beconcerned, you just need to click the [INSTALL] button.After installing the auto-installer, you need to restart your web browser.4. Play the game by clicking the [START GAME] button on the launcher.After clicking the [START GAME] button on the webpage, you can see the launc her likethe following picture. Click the [GAME START] and play free online game!
  8. 8. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideManual Patc hIf you have trouble with auto-patching, please try our manual patch file at downloadpage.Link: ErrorIf you have trouble with Hackshield, please refer to S.U.N Hackshield Error Report Forumfor help.Link:
  9. 9. Soul of the Ultimate Nation Guide**Installation Tip:You need to install recent graphic card driver and/or Direct X according to your PCspecifications.System Requirements Minimum SYSTEM Recommended Settings Requirements OS Windows 2000, XP, VISTA Windows 2000, XP, VISTA CPU Pentium 4 1.8GHz or higher Pentium 4 3.0 GHz or higher RAM 512 MB or higher 1 GB or higher Geforce TI4200 or higher Radeon Geforce TI6200 or higher Radeon Video Card 9200 or higher 9600 or higher Video Card 128 MB or higher 128 MB or higher RAM Driver DirectX 9.0c or higher DirectX 9.0c or higher 3 GB or higher (including swap & 3 GB or higher (including swap & HD temp files) temp files)S.U.N Client Download Sites Recommended Download Host Site LINK Countries P2P Webzen All (Torrent) rrent Anglophone Countries Anglophone Countries Anglophone m Countries sions Mirror Sites Anglophone Countries Global Anglophone Countries Online:-Soul-of-the-Ultimate-Nation-Client Austrailia
  10. 10. Soul of the Ultimate Nation Germany m nation/downloads/aktueller-client-august-2010-1924/ Germany Germany nation,full-client-august-2010:download,1804559.html Germany nation/download/full-client-1804550
  11. 11. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideS.U.N WORLDS: WHERE TO PLAYIn S.U.N, there are three worlds you can select.The worlds have different IDC location (location of physical server) and peak time, soplease take the following facts into consideration when selecting the world to play. World IDC Peak Time (most populated time) 02:00 ~ 07:00 GST (time at Etherain Asia 18:00 ~ 23:00 GMT-2 (time in Singapore) 09:00 ~ 14:00 GST (time at Klippe Europe 18:00 ~ 23:00 GMT+1 (time in Germany) 18:00 ~ 23:00 GMT-6 (time in mid-United States) Triumph America 16:00 ~ 21:00 GST (time at
  12. 12. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideCHARCTERSBerserkerPartys tanker and leader with high strength and endurance.Combat Characte ristics- Strong destructive power- Short range attack warrior- Swords man beyond human power- Can command ultimate sword techniques, but sometimes runs reckless and endangersthe party.Member of the Merce nary UnionMost Berserkers are warriors who do not have any connections. They do not know abouttheir bloodline and past and have begun their fights in the battle field to make theirlivings.For them the only connection is the Mercenary Union. Gaining recognition as greatwarriors, they hear about the revolution forces and decide to join them. The MercenaryUnion still frequently calls him for duties other than those as members of the revolutionforces.SystematizationDe fensive De fenderAs vanguard of the party, defender Berserkers draws the enemies attention and securesstable damages to the enemies.Offensive Berse rkLeads the party with powerful damage skills and stable defense techniques.De fault Stats Stre ngth Agility Vitality Intellect Spirit Berserk De fende r Initial 26 13 27 4 10 0 0 Stats
  13. 13. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideValkyriePartys supportive damage dealer with high speed and spirit.Combat Characte ristics- Expertise in archery- Also has various combat skills including sword techniques an d can summon pets- Both long and short range attack skillsMembers of the ClanIn the early days of the establishment of the Empire, there was a dragon hunting of agigantic scale. During those days, large numbers of the Dragons moved to the West ofthe continent to escape from the evil tribes persecution. Engulfed by the conflictbetween the Dragons and the evil tribe, Valkyries who lived near the Dragons also had tomove to the West.After moving to the west, the Valkyries formed the Clan to restore the tribes power andto secure protection.The Valkyries who were the first to join the revolution forces were extremely hostile todragon knights who joined the revolution forces later. Such hostility is oppressed forachieving the common goal of defeat ing the Empire, however, one can never be assuredwhen the conflict between them would protrude.SystematizationAttacking OffensiveSplendid and strong skill damages.SummonStable hunting with pets and effective buff skills.De fault Stats Strength Agility Vitality Intellect Spirit Offensive Summon Initial Stats 16 23 15 7 19 0 0Elementalist
  14. 14. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuidePartys damage dealer or healer with high w isdom and spirit.Combat Characte ristics- Chief mage of the Revolution Forces- Offensive and healing spell-casters during battle- Manna is easily drained, therefore requires equipments to enhance magical powerMembers of the Magic LaboratoryThe royal mages of Altheim were divided into to factions of the Circle and Ether,depending on how they underst ood and used magic. After the break of war betweenRoshufelt and Altheim, these two groups supported different sides to prove their magicssuperiority. However, towards the end of the war, both sides were wretchedly defeatedby the evil tribe.In order to fight against the evil tribes mages, they united as the Magic Laboratory andput forth their energy to train masters of the four elements magic of humans. Younggirls w ith good mages disposition were carefully assorted and were isolated for focusingon studying the magic. After the formation of the Revolution Forces by Igness, the MagicLaboratory dispatched these young Elementalists to the Revolution Forces. Besidesfighting against the Empire troops, they also collect ancient documents and artifacts asordered by the Magic Laboratory.SystematizationOffensive Ethe rSplendid and strong fast spells to attack enemies.Healing C irc leVarious and strong buff spells to increase party members abilities and to heal and revivefriendly forces.De fault Stats Strength Agility Vitality Intellect Spirit Ether Circle Initial Stats 8 12 13 25 22 0 0
  15. 15. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideDragon KnightPartys supportive tanker with high strength and speed.Combat Characte ristics- Values honor and dignity- Splendid and skillf ul sword arts- Practical, single blow to attack enemies- True power of the DragonsMembers of the House of the Old Dra gonsHouse of the Old Dragons is a organization of which the members consist of the OldDragons who are the conscript fathers of the Dragons. Except for the Senator, allmembers are of equal status, and their gatherings are held at the massive temple in theValley of the Dragons. Currently the wasteland that the Dragons are residing is a placewhere communication with or moving back and forth between the external world isblocked by the spells cast by the evil tribes. However, the conscript fathers sometimesput a hole in the block, communicate with the outside or help dragon knights to escape.Most dragon knights who escape from the wasteland join the revolution force except fora few of them who are quite old and retired and work at the cities and villages asshopkeepers or messengers. Dragon knights frequently receive special assignments fromsuch messengers.Systematization- Stre ngthe ned CombatUses strengthening buffering magic for friendly forces.- Cursing DragonicUses cursing magic against the enemies.De fault Stats Strength Agility Vitality Intellect Spirit Combat Dragonic Initial Stats 23 16 23 6 12 0 0
  16. 16. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideShadowParts damage dealer. Also specialized for playing solo. Shadow has aspects of all classes.Combat Characte ristics- Whip-swords and daggers- Dark and cursed spells and skills- Curse skills weakens the enemies- Brings the dead monsters back into lifeRuna way from the Impe rial Hera ldImperial Herald are the messengers. Most of them were Helrons that report directly tothe Emperor w ithout being part of any groups.Shadow is a runaway from the Imperial Herald. Originally inherited the blood of Helron,he is the magician of the Dark Force, but joined the Rebellion because he was loyal toIgnis. He is as agile as felines and in combat, he elegantly throws a lethal attack.Shadow is proud and reserved by nature but cold blooded and shows no mercy even ifhis opponent is of his same race. Thus, he was called ―Ice Warrior.‖ However, he offershelp to those disadvantaged in danger.SystematizationDark Sorce rer—CursedNot dependant on weapon types. Normal + debuff styleFearless Assassin— DarkDagger: quick and fatal blows, strategic fighting style (combo attacks)Whip-swords: longer range attacks possible, single hit but fatal skills available.De fault Stats Strength Agility Vitality Intellect Spirit Cursed Dark Initial Stats 20 18 15 13 14 0 0
  17. 17. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideCHARACTER CREATION1. Create C haracter You will be moved to Character Select ion screen after you log in.1) Click on ―Create‖ then you will be moved to character creation page.2. Create c haracte r 1 – Choose your cha racter
  18. 18. Soul of the Ultimate Nation Guide- You can create Dragon Knight, Berserker, Elementalist, Valkyrie or Shadow.1) You can choose your character by clicking on the character on the screen.3. Create c haracte r 2 – Name your characte r- You will see the character when you click on the character you want to choose. Themaximum number of characters you can make in one server is 51) The name cannot be longer than 16 alphabet characters and you will get a message ifthere is duplication.2) Click on the customization tap to customizing your character.4. Create c haracte r 3 – CustomizationYou can customize your character‘s hair style, face and height.Delete Character
  19. 19. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideTo delete a character, you should click [Delete] at Character Selection screen.If you click [Delete], a warning message will appear.Message: Character level, EXP, inventory items and Heim can‘t be recovered oncecharacter is deleted. Are you sure you want to delete?If you click [OK], the character will be deleted automatically if it is under level 70. If thecharacter is level 70 and above, it will have a waiting period (7 days).**Please note:If you are a guild master/member or have a group, you have to disband guild or leaveguild/group to be able to delete your character.
  20. 20. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideINTERFACE1. Character StatusShows player characters HP, MP, SP, level and buffer status.2. Party Membe r StatusParty members HP, MP, SP, level, ID and buffer status.3. Radar (Mini-map)Mini- map, also used as radar to detect enemies shows the locations of players in yellow,monsters in red and NPCs in sky b lue.Keyboard shortcut: N4. Chatting WindowMessages exchanged between user and other players are displayed. Chatting windowstabs include general, party, guild and channel chatting windows which can be selected atusers convenience.Keyboard shortcut: Enter5. System Message WindowExperience points and items collected are displayed.
  21. 21. Soul of the Ultimate Nation Guide6. Character InformationCharacter information window shows the characters level, ID and various status.Keyboard shortcut: C7. Character InventoryInventory w indow shows the characters game money and items. It also shows the itemscurrently equipped by the character. Players can change items worn in this window.Keyboard shortcut: I8. MenuBy clicking on the me nu icon, interface menu, character, skill, inventory, quests andsettings windows can be accessed.9. Quic k SlotIn quick slots, the skill and items that player wants to use can be placed. Normal skills,character skills and potion and various items can be executed or consumed using thequick slot.
  22. 22. Soul of the Ultimate Nation Guide10. Endurance DisplayDisplays endurance statistics of weapons and armors.As endurance is lowered, the color of the display changes from white > blue > green >yellow > red. If the Endurance goes below 0 the armor w ill break and it cannot berepaired or recovered, so don‘t forget to repair it frequently.11. Quic k Slot GuidesGuides to keyboard short keys are illustrated.Keyboard short key: F**Video Guide: also, it would be very helpful to see the instructions in video.
  23. 23. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideMULTI-LANGUAGE SERVICEMulti-language service is available for S.U.N client!When you log in, S.U.N c lient will check the language of your OS and run S.U.N in yourlanguage automatically. In case we do not have your language ready, the language willbe set to English.At the moment, S.U.N provides English/German service.**You can change language settings manually at Game Options window.
  24. 24. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideCHAT SYSTEM Command Chat Type Description ! normal White text; people around you will hear what you type and enter @ /d area message Blue text; people on the whole map will hear what you type /shout Yellow text; people on the whole server whole server (both @@ Server-wide message channels) will hear what you type (requires Proclamation of Liberation Army) # party Green text; message for party members only $ guild Violet text; message for guild members only & Orange text; message for certain channels channel /c make/ chanel: /join <name>, leave: /quit; e.g.: /join channel name channel Command to join or leave channel /quit channel name /whisper whisper Pink text; private message for one player only ― whisper Respond to the last person you whispered with /r Right-click player’s communication opens communication menu name (chat text) Left-click player’s whisper whisper name (chat text)
  25. 25. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideBATTLE ZONEWhat is the Battle Zone System?Description- System which allows users to create battle zones to clear a mission or level up theircharacters.- When battle zone is created map settings and details can be selected by the user.Creating Battle Maps- Create battle maps at villages or worlds by players choice.- By encountering battle zone NPCs posted at villages, users are provided w ithinformation on the battle map and its geography. Players can choose from differentoptions displayed on the bat tle zone interface.- Battle maps are divided into mission and competitive hunting maps.Creating & Closing MapsCreating and Moving into Maps- All character above level 5 can click on the battle zone NPCs in the village and createmaps in the lobby interface.- By encountering battle zone NPCs posted at villages, users are provided w ithinformation on the battle map and its geography. Players can choose from differentoptions displayed on the battle zone interface.
  26. 26. Soul of the Ultimate Nation Guide- Player character is always moved back to villages when they die during battle or leavethe party during mission or hunting.Closing Maps- Competitive hunting maps disappear 1 minute after all users have left the map.- Mission maps disappear 1 minute after all users have left the map and 10 seconds afterclearing the mission.Mission Maps- Missions follow the game scenario story plot, game story is automatically completedwithout separately receiving quests.- Missions are strategically structured to offer role playing game exc itement.- Players can control objects, traps, and facilities within the mission maps.- After a mission is cleared, EXP, items, game money (currency: Heims) are given. Samemissions can be cleared repeatedly for winning such rewards.Competitive Hunting Maps- Simple maps for leveling up characters.- Focused on hunting various monsters, suitable for obtaining experience points anditems.- Players can set limits on the number of party members, party members level, classesand rewards.Creating battle zone flowGame Lobby Interface
  27. 27. Soul of the Ultimate Nation Guide1. AllList of all rooms that are open within the Battle Zone.2. Available RoomsList of all rooms that are currently allow ing users to enter.3. Search by ID / Room NumberAllows users to sears other users by specific ID or the mission or hunting room number.4. Mission Battle Zone buttonQuick start, auto connecting button to mission rooms that the user can currently enter.(When there are no mission rooms, system message appears)5. Hunting Battle Zone buttonQuick start, auto connecting button to hunting rooms that the user can currently enter.(When there are no hunting rooms, system message appears)6. PVP Battle Zone buttonQuick start, auto connecting button to PVP rooms that the user can currently enter.(When there are no PVP rooms, system message appears)7. Enter Battle ZonesAfter selecting a room on the list, click to enter the selected room.8. Create Battle ZoneBy clicking, move to creating battle zone interface.● Creating battle zone inte rface1. Room TitleTitle of the room can be entered here.
  28. 28. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideTitle: 40 Character Limit in Alphabet and Numerical Characters.Password: Up to 6 Alphabets, 6 Numbers.2. Se lecting MapsLeft click on the map to select3. Se lect Map TypeChoose type of the room from menu (mission/PVP/hunting)4. Set LimitsSet limits for the number, (max & min) level, and class of party members.5. Create Battle Zone/CancelCreate battle zone by clicking Create Battle ZoneMove back to lobby interface by clicking Cancel● Waiting Room Window (Mission)1. Enter PasswordIf the room requires enter password set up by the room- master to enter, the password isdisplayed in the box.2. Invitation ListBy clicking on this button, list of player characters who can be invited t o the room isdisplayed.3. Map Desc riptionSelected maps location, character level limit set by the room- master and recommendedcharacter level for the map is displayed.4. Character SlotDisplays the players character who has entered the room and await ing for staring theparty. room- masters can open/close slots by left clicking on the slots.5. Se lect Missionroom- masters can select field type, difficulty level, bonus item and degree of EXP points
  29. 29. Soul of the Ultimate Nation Guide(Missions can be chosen between main and sub- missions)6. Start Gameroom- master interface displays Game Start button and Ready button is shown to otherparty members After all party members have clicked Ready, room- master can StartGame.7. Leave the RoomUser can move back to create battle zone interface by clicking on Leave the Roombutton.
  30. 30. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideSKILL/STYLESkill SystemSkill WindowSkill Expertness Displayed in Character Info Window (e.g. Berserker)Skill Tree- There are two types of skill expertness and bonus points given at each leveling up canbe used to increase each skill expertness.- As skill expertness increases upper level skills can be activated. As bonus points areused to level up each skill, it increases the effect of the skill.- Skill effects increases as skill level, stat points, and skill expertness increases.Style System
  31. 31. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideCharacteristics- Warrior characters can choose their combat style. (Currently only Berserker andDragon knight can do this)- Combat styles can be changed during game play.- Depending on different styles, users can experience different combat style disposition.- Skill points can be used to level up different skill & weapon masteries. Skill expertnessfor each specific skill is not affected by this.Choose Sty le- Style is automatically applied when character uses suitable weapon.(Each style may require different weapon)- Styles are activated by right -clicking on the icon.Use Style- Click on Passive tap in stat window and verify style icons.- By placing the cursor onto the pertinent style icon, style description pops up.Upgrading the StyleSkill points are used for upgrading Styles.
  32. 32. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideACQUIRING SKILLSActivating Skills with Skill Expe rtnessSkill Expe rtness by CharacterBerserker : defender, berserkDragon Knight : combat, dragonicValkyrie : offensive, summonElementalist : ether, circleEach time a character levels up, stat points are given and such points can be used tolevel up skill expertness. As skill expertness is increased, higher level skills can beactivated.When skill expertness (In case of Berserker, skill expertness are divided into twodifferent trees of Defender and Berserk) goes up, deactivated skill can be activated byclicking the +sign on the button next to the skill icon. (*note* each time you click onthe +sign, a skill point will be consumed.)New ly activated skills can be verified at the Skill Window.Using the SkillsAcquired skills are displayed in the skill windowSkill icons can be clicked and dragged from the skill window to the quick slots on theleft-below corner of the game interface.
  33. 33. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideAREA CONQUESTAC (Area Conquest) System?Each map has achievement percentages up to 100%. As more percentage is achieved,various rewards are given.Achievement pe rcentage is increased by various activ itiesAC (Area Conquest) pe rcentage is increased by the following activities- Clearing main/sub/hidden mission- Collecting specific items- Collecting reward items from winning 30 consecutive competitive hunting rounds- Acquiring hidden treasure boxes- Hunting monsters- Acquiring PVP points- Slaying captains- Clearing quests- Hunting special monsters- Slaying hidden bosses- Other various activities within game playRe wards by ac hievement perce ntageIncreasing achievement percentage in certain AC area means the gamers contribution inthe pertinent area is increased. Therefore, the gamer is compensated with various usefulrewards including special benefits or items.After achieving 100% AC achievement, the gamer is given the name, Master and isprovided with huge benef its when playing in the pertinent area
  34. 34. Soul of the Ultimate Nation Guide1. Collecting treasuresTreasure maps, beasts key and treasure box are displayed.8 treasure maps need to be collected, 5 fragments need to be collected and assembledfor creating the beasts key.(Assembly of treasure box will be realized aftercommercialization)2. HuntingThe number of captains slain by the player in either battle zone or field.3. Collecting AC itemsAfter collecting 7 different types of AC items, collected item can be registered to ACwindow by right clicking on the item icon in the inventory window.
  35. 35. Soul of the Ultimate Nation Guide4. Ac hievement perce ntageDisplays the percentage achieved as contribution to the AC area. As more percentage isachieved, certain rewards and benefits await the player.5. Se lecting areas (maps)AC areas can be selected to show different areas AC status.6. MissionsDisplays the number of missions cleared (Main/Sub/Hidden missions)Re wards by AC achievement pe rcenta ge- There are parts which will be released in the future. More items and rewards will beadded as the service progresses. Forest of Etherain Frozen Valley of the Aiort AC % Beasts Sewer Palace Dragonkin Graveyard Lesser Minor Superior Superior Rejuvenation 10 Rejuvenation Rejuvenation Rejuvenation Rejuvenation Potion(10) Potion(10) Potion(10) Potion(10) Potion(10) Berserk Berserk Berserk Berserk Potion Berserk Potion Potion Potion Potion Lv.4(10) Lv.4(20) Lv.1(10) Lv.2(10) Lv.3(10) Awakening Awakening Awakening 20 Awakening Awakening Potion Potion Potion Potion Lv.4(10) Potion Lv.4(20) Lv.1(10) Lv.2(10) Lv.3(10) Dash Potion Dash Potion Dash Potion Dash Potion Dash Potion Lv.1(10) Lv.2(10) Lv.3(10) Lv.4(10) Lv.4(20) Maxi Over Strength Ring Agate(10) Ring Agate(15) Stone(5) Stone(3) Stone(3) Shining Shining Noblesse Strength Strength 30 Crystal(3) Crystal(3) Crystal(5) Stone(5) Stone(5) Noblesse Mega Stone(5) Crystal(5) Heim Unique Unique Lucky Coin(5) Magic Coin(5) Coin(10) Crystal(1) Crystal(1) 40 Fate Coin(5) Fate Coin(10) Lv.2 Mayan Lv.3 Mayan Lv.4 Mayan Lv.4 Mayan Lv.4 Mayan Jewel(10) Jewel(10) Jewel(2) Jewel(3) Jewel(4) 50 Lv.2 Mayan Lv.3 Mayan Lv.4 Mayan Lv.4 Mayan Lv.4 Mayan Metal(10) Metal(10) Metal(2) Metal(3) Metal(4) Ring of Snowflower Ring of the ONeils Ring Ring of Flames Beasts Ring Altar 60 Necklace of ONeils Snowflower Necklace of Necklace of the Beasts Necklace Necklace Flames Altar Orharcon(3) Orharcon(5) 70 Orharcon(2) Orharcon(2) Orharcon(3) Extra Stone(5) Extra Stone(3) 80 Stat Point Up Stat Point Up Stat Point Up Stat Point Up Stat Point Up Jewel of Jewel of Jewel of 90 Spirit Stone(1) Spirit Stone(3) Montshine(1) Aukra(1) Roshfelt(1) Slime Corrupted Ice Golden Pudgy 100 Fimbulbert(PET) King(PET) Spider(PET) Queen(PET) Dragon(PET)
  36. 36. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuidePARTY SYSTEMForest of Beasts : Maximu m 7 players/party (Battle Zone)Etherain Underground Waterway : Maximum 8 players/pa rty (Battle Zone)Field : Maximu m 7 players/partyFrozen Palace (Battle Zone), Village : Maximum 10 players/partyParties in mission and hunting zones- Players who enter the battle zone waiting room made by the room- masterautomatically become party members.- Dropped items from hunted monsters are equally distributed to all party members.(Same item to every one)Parties in fie lds- Parties are formed by inviting members in the village and field.- Experience points distribut ion: First hit – 30%, normal hit – 60%, critical hit – 10%- Final item points : (First hit + critical hit + 60) * (Damage given to monster byparty/Monster HP)
  37. 37. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideGUILD SYSTEMWhat is a guild?- A group of S.U.N players formed for their own benefits- Guilds, which consist of relatively small communities, strengthen communicationsamong members and are able to claim such rights as ownership of a castle (>> castlesiege)Seven basic eleme nts of & Conditions for forming a guild Guild Name Members Prerequisites Level 1 LEGION 20 Guild master level 20 / 100,000 Heims UP points submitted by members / 5 million 2 KNIGHTS 40 Heims UP points submitted by members / 30 million 3 GUARDIANS 60 Heims UP points submitted by members / 90 million 4 CRUSADERS 80 Heims Guild Level Special Conditions Basic functions including guild 1 creation/enrollment/expulsion/withdrawal/Dismissal 2 Guild Notice is available / use guild storehouse / Corps system available Alliance or Allying with and opening hostilities against other guilds / Can 3 extend 1 slot in Guild storageCreating / Liquidating GuildsConditions for creating a guild- Guild master should not be a member of another guild.- Guild masters level exceed 20 or over.- Guild master must have at least 100,000 Heims.Conditions for dismissing a guild- Guild master can dismiss guild through guild manager NPCs.- Guild dismissal application must be made by the guild master.
  38. 38. Soul of the Ultimate Nation Guide- Guild master has to be the only member in the guild.- Guilds which own castles by winning a castle siege are not allowed to dismiss theirguilds.Tip* Guild master must let all guild members withdraw from the guild before applying fordismissal.* Other payers or new ly formed guilds are not allowed to use the name that was onceused by a dismissed guild.Joining / Seceding from GuildsEnrolling into a guild- The guild to be enrolled must have available space for the new member and the newmember should not belong to another guild.- Normal players guild enro llment can be allowed by guild master or guild members whohave such authority.- After successfully being enrolled to a guild, rank called [temporary member] is given tothe new member.Withdrawing from a guild- All members except for guild master and sub- masters can withdraw from the guild bypressing [Leave Guild] button in the guild window.- Guild master and sub- masters cannot withdraw from the guild without reassigning theirposition to other guild members.- After pressing [ Leave guild] button in the guild window, confirmation pop up appears >Press Yes to finalize the withdrawal.- Waldchen Guild Manager NPC - > Eriss- Tringel Guild Manager NPC - > Ariss
  39. 39. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideCURSED TOWERSBasic SettingsThe structure of Cursed Towers is simple—entrance on the south and exit on the north.Players that belong to the same party will enter the same dungeon.Trial of Earth (Emerald Sanctuary)Key Name: Key of WiesbadenNumber of Floors: 10Recommended Level: 20~ 40Description: You will encounter monsters from ‗Forest of Beasts‘ area. The final bossmonster waiting on the top floor is Beast man MasterTrial of Water (Sapphire Sanctua ry)Key Name: Key of LurienNumber of Floors:Recommended Level: 41~ 60Description: You will encounter monsters from ‗Forest of Beasts‘ and ‗Frozen Palace.‘ Thefinal boss monster waiting on the top floor is Master of the Castle.Trial of Fire (Ruby Sanctuary)Key Name: Key of MaraNumber of Floors: 30Recommended Levels: 61~ 80Description: You will encounter monsters from ‗Valley of the Dragonkin.‘ The bossmonster waiting on the top floor is Prince of the Flames.Trial of Wind (Diamond Sanctuary)Key Name: Key of DespinionNumber of Floors: 30Recommended Levels: 81 ~ 100
  40. 40. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideDescription: You will encounter monsters from ‗Forest of Beasts,‘ ‗Etherain Sewer,‘‗Frozan Palace‘ and ‗Valley of the Dragonkin.‘ The boss monster waiting on the top flooris Kalbus.Trial of DarknessKey Name: Key of PilnusNumber of Floors: varies (depending on hunting speed)Description: Trial of Darkness is the final stage of Cursed Towers. Trial of Darkness is atime attack dungeon. First, you need to start the trigger to summon monsters and thenyou have to kill required number of monsters before the time limit to move on. If you failto kill required number of monsters in time, you will not be able to continue.Boss monster changes, also depending on hunting speed. If you manage to kill all themonsters on the ay, you will be able to meet four final boss monsters. ( NecromanticElementalist, Dragon Knight of Cursesl, Corrupted Valkyrie, Destroyer- God Berserker)
  41. 41. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideHow to Ente r C ursed Towe rsKeys can be crafted with materials or you can purchase the Keys from the Item Shop.You can only enter the Cursed Towers at certain times. To enter a Cursed Tower, theparty leader should use an appropriate Key item w hen the towers are open.If your Key item is purchased from the Item Shop, you can enter the Cursed Towers atany time.**Please note:There is a level limit to enter the Cursed Tower:Party members ‘ level difference should not be more than 10 levels higher or lower.
  42. 42. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideMAYAN ITEMSWhat are Mayan Items?There are Mayan Jewels and Metals (from level 1 to 4) and five Mayan Items can becrafted into higher level Mayan ItemsMayan Je welsMayan Jewel Lv1 (5) = Mayan Jewel Lv2 (1)Mayan Jewel Lv2 (5) = Mayan Jewel Lv3 (1)Mayan Jewel Lv3 (5) = Mayan Jewel Lv4 (1)Mayan MetalsMayan Metal Lv1 (5) = Mayan Metal Lv2 (1)Mayan Metal Lv2 (5) = Mayan Metal Lv3 (1)Mayan Metal Lv3 (5) = Mayan Metal Lv4 (1)STEP 1You can acquire Mayan Jewels and Mayan Metals from f ield monsters (Monsters in BattleZone or Cursed Towers do not drop Mayan Items) or purchase them f rom the Item Shop.
  43. 43. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideSTEP 2You can visit the Crafting NPCs and craft Mayan Items (under Jewel category)※ Please note there is failure probability for crafting Mayan Jewels or Metals.
  44. 44. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideSTEP 3You can create elite armors and Kalbus special accessories just from Mayan Jewels (Lv4)and Mayan Metals (Lv4).※ Please note there is failure probability for crafting elite armors.Mayan Items Re quire d for Crafting Items Type Mayan Metal Lv4 Mayan Jewel Lv4 Gloves 10 8 Boots 10 8 Protector 10 6 Belt 8 6 Shirt 6 4Elite Armors for Each Class
  45. 45. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideMayan Items and othe r items required for Kalbuss Special AccesoryAll Kalbuss special accessory crafting requires six (6) Mayan Jewels (Lv.4) , four (4)Mayan Metal (Lv.4) and Kalbuss Cut-off Arm.
  46. 46. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideLUCKY ARMORSWhat Are Lucky Armors?Lucky Armors are equipments that have its own Physical Def., Magical Resistance,Durability and Available time randomly decided by an Authentication Ritual.After the Authentication Ritual, Lucky Armors gain its defense decided(Low/Medium/High/Best) and available time (30, 60, 90 and 365 days).The only requirement to equip Lucky Armors is your character level. Lucky Armors havebetter defense and cooler looks than regular armors. Also, since Lucky Armors have norequirements other than character level, they are very useful for low/middle levelplayers.Rules and LimitsLucky Armors cannot be traded, sold in private shops, dropped, sold to NPCs or movedto storage.Lucky Armors can be enchanted with jewels.Rank up is not available for Lucky Armors.Expired Lucky Armors can be crystallized.Before the Authentication Ritual, Lucky Armors‘ available time will not be counted down.Before the Authentication Ritual, Lucky Armors cannot be equipped.The Authentication Ritual starts by right -clicking on a purchased Lucky Armor item.Expired Lucky Armors can be crystallized.
  47. 47. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideTime Exte nsion for Luc ky ArmorsYou can extend time for expired Lucky Armors at Item Shop.
  48. 48. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideMOUNTSMountsMounts are items that help characters move faster.Various kinds of mounts will be updated in the future.
  49. 49. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideMount Equipme ntsThere are three kinds of Mount Equipments: head/body/leg. Mount Equipments increasethe speed of mounts that equip them.There are different Mount Equipments for different Mounts. Higher-level MountEquipments make mounts move even faster.WaxWax can be applied to Mount Equipments. Once applied, the equipments will have
  50. 50. Soul of the Ultimate Nation Guideenchanted effects.There are five kinds of Wax items at the moment.Eggshell Wax- Deletes all Wax effectsPlain WaxHigh Quality WaxType I Premium WaxType II Premium WaxEnchants Mount Equipments (in order of enchanted effect level)How to use Mounts and related items:MountsMounts can be purchased from the Item Shop.After you purchase a Mount item, right -clock on the Mount icon. Your character will rideon the mount after it is summoned. (Right-click on the icon again to release the Mount)Mounts cannot be used after they reach their expiration date.**Please note:Even if Mount equipments have available time left, they will be deleted if the mount thatis wearing the equipments expires.If you unequip the Mount equipments before the mount item expires, the equipmentswill not be deleted.
  51. 51. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideMount Equipme ntsYou can purchase Mount Equipment items from the Item shop.After you purchase a Mount Equipment item, right -click on the icon to equip it to yourMount item.If your Mount Equipments do not fit the Mount item you have, they will not be equipped.Mount Equipments increased speed for Mounts.Mount Equipments cannot be used after they reach their expiration date. (If Mounts ha veavailable time left, they will stay to be available)WaxWax is a consumable item that can be purchased from the Item Shop.You can use Wax item on Mount Equipments repeatedly, but the level will not go upmore than the level set for the Wax item. (Please do not use the same Wax item againand again on the same Mount Equipment)After you purchase a Wax item, right -click on the Wax icon and click on the MountEquipment you wish to Wax. (Mount Equipments will display Wax Lv.)
  52. 52. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideHow to purc hase Mounts and re lated items:Mounts- Mounts are under Package Item category and it can be purchased with W Coin(C) and(P).- You can purchase different packages for different kinds of Mounts and available time.- Mount Packages include Mounts, Mount Equipments and Wax items.- Mounts are not tradable.Mount Equipme nts- Basic Mount Equipments are included in Mount Packages.- Higher level Mount Equipments (faster movement speed) are under PP Card Onlycategory and they can only be purchased with W Coin (P).- Mount Equipments can be traded.
  53. 53. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideWax- Eggshell Wax and Plain Wax are included in Mount Packages.- High Quality Wax is under PP Card Only category and it can only be purchased with WCoin(P).- High Quality Wax can be traded.
  54. 54. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideLUCKY HEIM SYSTEMGet Bonus Heim for the Amount of Heim You Spend!Heim spent for waypoints, item repair, rank-up, crafting, purchasing items from shops(not including recovering items you sold to NPCs) during the week will be added togetheras Lottery Pool.You can check accumulated Lottery Pool in real time at Lucky Heim Object.At 8:45 PM on every Friday, four numbers will be selected between 1~25.You can apply with auto/enter select mode (you cannot select same number twice).
  55. 55. Soul of the Ultimate Nation Guide**Winners1st prize: all 4 numbers1/2(Lottery Pool Heim - 3rd prize Heim)2nd prize: 3 numbers1/10(Lottery Pool Heim - 3rd prize Heim)3rd prize: 2 numbers1,000,000 HeimIf there are multiple winners for 1st and 2nd prize, the Heim w ill be divided equallybetween the winners.Winners w ill be notified by memo system. Heim will be given automatically given viamemos.You can apply to Lucky Heim w ith Lottery Tickets that can be obtained from the ItemShop, via Lucky Heim Objects in each town.
  56. 56. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideOnline Points SystemYou will be rewarded 1 Coin for every two hours of Online Time.The coins can be used to get a random reward item.Once you log out and log in again, Online Time will be added up f rom the time you hadbefore you logged out.Your Online Time and Coin can be checked ant Character Information [C] and rewardscan be received from the same w indow.1~10 coins can be used at once. There are different reward items for each day of theweek.Select the number of coins you want to be rewarded and click [REWARD ITEMS] to getrewards. Different rewards are given every day of the week, from Monday to Sunday.
  57. 57. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideGROUP SYSTEM Category Details Common You can have one Senior Member/up to five Junior Members You can have up to five Junior Members by sending member requests. You will get 3% of your Junior Member‘s EXP gain as a bonus. Senior **Junior Members‘ EXP gain will not be reduced Member **If the senior member is offline, bonus EXP will be obtained after the character logs in. You can accept member requests from a Senior Member Junior Member If both Senior/Junior Members are online, you will receive 3% of your Senior Member‘s Heim gain as a bonus. If a junior member‘s level becomes the same or higher as the senior member, no group bonus will be given. Exceptions If offline status continues more than eight days, EXP will be saved only until the 7th day. **EXP can be saved up to 3,000,000 while senior member is offline.Group applies for characters and not for accounts. For example, you can be in a samegroup with different characters.Enlist Membe rIf you accept a member request, the character that sent the member request willbecome your Senior Member.All characters that accepted your member request will become your Junior Members.If the character‘s level is higher than your character, you cannot send member request.You can have one Senior Member/up to five Junior Members.You can only send member requests for characters that are online.Dismiss MemberYou can dismiss members freely without others‘ consent in group window.**This applies to both Senior/Junior Members.You can dismiss members freely regardless of their connection status.Group BonusGroup bonus applies to all group members.Junior Member: If both Senior/Junior Members are online, you will receive 3 % of yourSenior Member‘s Heim gain as a bonus.Senior Member: You will receive 3% of your Junior Member ‘s EXP gain as a bonus(regardless of connection status)If the senior member is offline, bonus EXP will be obtained after the character logs in.**EXP can be saved up to 3,000,000 while senior member is offline.If offline status continues more than eight days, EXP will be saved only until the 7th day.ExceptionsIf a junior member‘s level becomes the same or higher as the senior member, no groupbonus w ill be given.
  58. 58. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideIf the character transfers server, all group information will be deleted.If the character is deleted, all group information will be deleted.
  59. 59. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideTERRITORIAL TAKEOVER SYSTEMTe rritorial Takeover System: Temple of BloodThe Temple of Blood Overvie wThe Temple of Blood battles are held every Sunday, same time for all fields, differenttime for each server. The attacking and defending guild can have up to 20 members atThe Temple of Blood (20 vs 20 Territorial Takeover Battle).Guilds can register for Temple of Blood fights from Monday to Saturday. There arevarious benefits for winners.How to Register for the Temple of BloodTerritorial Takeover can be requested by attacking guild‘s guild master through TemplePassages regardless of the guild level.**Temple Passages can only be found on Channel 1 of each server.The guild that bids the most Pledge of King item through the area‘s ‗Temple Passage‘until Saturday 24:00 will have higher chance to fight against the defending guild. Theselection is random, although the calculation is based on the number of Pledge of Kingitems.Pledge of King item will be randomly dropped from field boss monsters.Revoke RegistrationOnce you make your bid, it cannot be canceled.
  60. 60. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideIf your bid was uns uccessful, your ‗Pledge of King‘ will be returned to you after theTerritorial Takeover.How to Participate for Territorial Ta keoverAttacking Guild: Attacking guild can enter the Temple of Blood 1 hour before the battlestarts (up to 20 members can enter the Temple of Blood)De fending Guild: Defending guild can enter the Temple of Blood at any time w ithoutmember limits. However, only 20 members can participate in the Territorial Takeoverbattle.Basic Guide to Temple of BloodThe Temple of Blood battle is held for one hour, 20 versus 20 guild members.There are three Castle Walls and four Ether Pillars (three Rings of Blood and oneCrystallized Blood).Once you enter the castle through the walls and break the Crystallized Blood, theattacking guild c an start the inscription.When the inscription is successfully finished w ithin the time limit, the attacking guildwins the battle.Strategy is a must since the number of guild members allowed in the Temple of Blood islimited.Temple of Blood RulesCastle WallsThere are three castle walls (triangle shape) outside. Each wall has its own defense andHP, and the defending guild can modify the settings. The modifications can only be madebefore Takeover Battle Preparation & Waiting time.Warp C rystalsYou can summon Warp Crystals during the battle and use them to move from one pointto another.All guild members can summon Warp Crystals with a special action skill during theTemple of Blood.Warp Crystals have delay time when summoned.Each Warp Crystal has its own HP and you can attack opponent guild‘s Warp Crystals.Warp Crystal that can only be used within The Temple of Blood will be added. You cansummon two Warp Crystals to move freely. You can also attack your opponent‘s WarpCrystals.Destroying C rystallized BloodTo win the battle, the attacking guild must break through the castle walls and destroythe Crystallized Blood inside the Temple of Blood.The Crystallized Blood and three Rings of Blood are connected to one another.Crystallized Blood is connected to 3 Ring of Blood. Each time a Ring of Blood is destroyed,HP of Crystallized Blood will be decreased by 25.InscriptionTo win the Territorial Takeover battle, the attacking guild must destroy defending guild‘sCrystallized Blood and suc cessfully inscribe in the north Inscription Room to activate Sealof Rulership.Inscription can be done by any of the attacking guild members.To finish inscription, you must click the inscription object for a certain amount of time.Resurrection
  61. 61. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideIf characters die during the battle, they will respawn at each team‘s starting point.Te rritorial Takeover Bene fitsGuild HallThe guild members of winning guild w ill be able to use the Temple of Blood as guild hall,without member or time limitations.Guild BuffMembers from the guild that owns a territory w ill receive different buffs for each territory.If a guild owns multiple territories, multiple buffs will be applied without limit.Members from the guild that owns a territory will not be attacked f rom all monsters fromthat area.Members from the guild that owns a territory will gain 20% additional Heim from thatarea.If the guild loses in Temple of Blood, all the buff effects will be removed instantly.You can see the guild and the guild master that owns each territory at the moment onContinental Map (B).When you enter each field, the guild name and guild mark that owns the territory will bedisplayed.
  62. 62. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideITEM SHOP GUIDEHow to access Cash Shop- Click on the ‗C‘ icon located at the bottom right side of your screen.Cash Shop and W Coin
  63. 63. Soul of the Ultimate Nation Guide- Certain restrictions may apply when purchasing Cash Items.Any Cash Items categorized under ‗PP Card Only‘, can only be purchased with W Coin(P).As for other Cash Items, you can purchase them with either W Coin(C) and W Coin(P).‗Buy‘ button will allow you to proceed to checkout window.W Coin TypesW Coin(C): If you purchase W Coin using credit cards or eWallets, the payment amountwill be credited under WCoin(C). Cash Items bought through W Coin(C) are not tradable.W Coin(P): If you purchase W Coin using pre-paid cards or Electronic PINs, the paymentamount will be creditedunder W Coin(P). Cash Items bought through W Coin(P) are tradable.You must purchase items from PP Card Only category to get tradable cash items.W Coin (P) can only be purchased with certain payment methods selected by Webzen.Please note that W Points are different from W Coin(P).Game Money: This is your Total W Coin balance. W Coin(C) + W Coin(P) =Game MoneyBuy W Coin: Click on this button to open ‗Buy W Coin‘ page.If the remaining W Coin balance is not sufficient enough for the purchase, you will not beable to purchase the item.Please visit to purchase additional W Coins.Buy W Coin03. Purc hasing Cash Items
  64. 64. Soul of the Ultimate Nation Guide- Please note that all cash items are not refundable. Please check carefully before youconfirm your transaction.1. Choose any Cash Items and click on the ‗Buy‘ button.2. Select the W Coin type.1) W Coin(C): W coin(C) w ill be deducted from your account2) W Coin(P): W Coin(P) will be deducted from your account3) Cancel: the transaction will be canceled.- Please note that you will not be able to select W Coin Type when you purchase PP CardOnly Items. W Coin Type will be automatically set as W Coin(P)04. Selecting an Item
  65. 65. Soul of the Ultimate Nation Guide1. Remember to double check your item!2. This displays the item quantity, duration and price.3. Click the check box next to items you wish to purchase.4. This shows your current W Coin balance.5. Click on ‗buy‘ button.
  66. 66. Soul of the Ultimate Nation Guide1. Please double check if you are purchasing the right item with right quantity.2. If everything is correct, click on ‗OK‘ button to proceed. You can click o n ‗Cancel‘button and select again.Please note that this is the last chance to cancel your transaction.
  67. 67. Soul of the Ultimate Nation Guide1. You can check the items you have purchased, deducted amount and remainingbalance.05. Item Shop Category1. Cash Item- You can see the list of items you can purchase.2. Package Item- You can buy Package Item.3. My page- This will be available later.
  68. 68. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideW CoinW Coin(C) and (P) in S.U.NAll cash items cannot be traded if purchased with W Coin(C)All cash items can be traded or moved if purchased with W Coin(P)Items from boxes will have the same C/P effect even if the original box items were used.W Coin(C)W Coin(C) is the credit deposited into users‘ account upon purchasing W Coin by meansof credit card and Click&Buy.There are daily/monthly maximum purchase limits for W Coin(C).Purchase limits can be adjusted according to the user‘s purchase history(total W Coins purchased, number of transactions, member registration date, etc).Items purchased with W Coin(C) cannot be traded in game.Payment Methods for W Coin(C)Type Payment Method W Coin Country Direct Link Buy W Coin Buy W CoinCredit Cards All Buy W Coin Buy W Coin W Coin(C) BELGIUM Buy W CoinReal-time Bank AUSTRIA,Transfer GERMANY, Buy W Coin SWITZERLAND Buy W CoineWallets All MoneybookersW Coin(P)W Coin(P) is the credit deposited into his/her account upon purchasing W Coin by meansof prepaid card (PaysafeCard,Wallie, Ukash), Electronic Serial (EPIN), and Bank Transfer.There is no purchase limit on W Coin(P).Availability of payment methods to purchase W Coin(P) may differ for each regions(i.e.: Paysafecards can only be accessed in number of countries).W Coin(P) can be used to purchase PP Card only Cash Items.Items purchased with W Coin(P) can be traded in game.Payment Methods for W Coin(P)Type Payment Method W Coin Country Direct Link AUSTRALIA, AUSTRIA, BELGIUM, CANADA, CHINA, CYPRUS,Pre paid / CZECH REPUBLIC, W Coin(P) DENMARK, UkashVouche r ESTOINIA, FINLAND, FRANCE, GERMANY, IRELAND, ITALY,
  70. 70. Soul of the Ultimate Nation GuideFor more information, please read our W Coin Help page. Forum SectionsS.U.N Ne ws and Announceme nts: official announcements from S.U.N Support TeamS.U.N General Discussion: gene ral topics about S.U.NS.U.N Ne wbie Forum : forums dedicated for new S.U.N Family Members. Here you canfind people who want to help you, make friends, and get tips and guides for S.U.N.S.U.N Multi Language Forum : talk in your native language! Be part of the community!S.U.N Class Forum : discussion about classes and skill builds.S.U.N Guild: for players looking for a guild & guilds looking for new membersS.U.N General Q&A: ask questions here—please read through Answered Questionsbefore you post!S.U.N Store: trade your S.U.N items here.S.U.N Forum Events: ongoing and finished forum eventsS.U.N Suggestions: ideas, suggestions and opinions about the game, website orforums.S.U.N Bug Submission: bug reports for S.U.N game2. Forum IconsIn S.U.N Forums, you will see different icons. Here‘s a guide to distinguish them.While GMs and Volunteers have special forum icons, there are many more fun forumicons to enjoy. If you don‘t have one yet, don‘t be disappointed! We w ill continue to haveforum events! Game Maters (GMs):GMs are employees of WEBZEN and they represent WEBZEN Inc. GMs provide supportfor game users in and out of the game. This includes forums, direct inquiries, events, etc. Official Voluntee rs:**Please note:Volunteers are players that are supporting GMs and administrators. Please rememberthey are users as well as other players. Official Volunteers are selected by the GMs andyou can ask for their help in and out of the game. However, please do not ask much orflame at the Volunteers as they do not represent WEBZEN since they are not employeesof WEBZEN Inc.Event Icons:These are icons for users who participated for events.A few examples: is from WEBZEN.COM 1st anniversary event. is from World Cup event. is from Saint Patrick‘s Day event.