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  1. 1. The AlternativeFinnish DictionaryVe rsion date : 1 J une 2 00 4© 19 95 - 200 4 T he A l te r n a tiv e D ic t io nar i esW e b s i te : ht t p : / / w w w .no t am 02 . no /~ hc ho l m /a lt l a ng /
  2. 2. PREFACE, DISCLAIMER AND COPYRIGHTThis dictionary consists of contributions made by voluntary Internet users. The contributors are notpaid for their entries in any way. Due to several incidents of abuse in previous version of thesubmission system, contributors who made entries then are made anonymous in this version.Contributors who want to be credited for old entries should contact the editor (see web site for contactinformation).The entries are not guaranteed to be accurate. No responsibility is taken for the content. Although theentries may describe terms that are racist, sexist, blasphemous or derogatory in other ways, thedescriptions themselves should be in a neutral language. If you find entries with derogatorydescriptions, you may contact the editor (see web site for contact information).This dictionary, or part of it, is not to be used for commercial purposes. “Mirroring” on other web sitesis not permitted. The dictionary may be copied freely for personal use. Shorter excerpts of the contentmay be quoted, as long as the source is referenced, including the URL to the web site. Permissionmay be given to use entire dictionaries for special non-profit scientific, artistic or similar purposes.The Alternative Dictionaries are a non-profit project. An exception to this is sponsoring to help theproject survive, if that should become necessary. Donations in form of books or other printed matterrelevant to the project are welcome!Hans-Christian HolmEditor, the Alternative DictionariesWeb site:
  3. 3. jumalauta ‡ (God Help) Oppositive euphemism b to god (evil).bölsiä (verb) † to fuck NOTE somewhat old- juntti (noun) simple people NOTE city peoples fashioned or small town/countryside slang expression for the dumb rural people jätkä (noun) lumberjack; rowdy, scumbag NOTE h Originally the designation of a profession, this word has undergone a pejoration of meaninghaista (verb, in 2nd pers. imperative) sniff! so that it is now a common term of abuse. NOTE Important element used to make Especially effective in combination with several important Finnish expressions of mulkku prick, penis as in Sä oot yks mulkku contempt or abuse: Haista paska! Sniff shit! jätkä approx. Youre one fucking son-of-a- Haista vittu Sniff cunt! Haista kusinen muna! bitch. Sniff a pissy prick! Haista kukkanen, jonka lehmŠ eilen sši! Sniff the flower that the cow ate yesterday! (A demure way of saying k Haista paska!) kikkeli (noun) a little boys penis, prick NOTEhaista vittu ‡ sniff cunt neutral if used to refer to a childs penis,haistattelu (noun) insulting people by telling somewhat stronger if used to refer to the them to sniff things NOTE This is general term adult organ. The word (middle-class) women referring to the use of curses beginning with tend to prefer when they have to refer to a Haista! As in En siedä sun haistatteluas "I penis, either child or adult. cant stand your cursing at me by ordering me kulli † dick, shlong to sniff things!" kyrpä ‡ prick, shlong, wangHevon vittu! ‡ Bullshit NOTE Literally Horses cunt Used when angry, exasperated, or l convinced that someone is putting you on. lerppu (noun) a penis that has just lost itshomo a gay male person, homosexual NOTE erection NOTE Lierally a drooper, the word is commonly used also by gay people also used in Finnish computer slang to mean themselves. it can also be a strong insult floppy. when directed to a straight man in an expression: Saatanan homo! literally Devils m gay. mela a big dick, literally: a pole that is used tohuora † a female prostitute, whore NOTE useful propel a boat NOTE most common in when insulting a woman by calling her underlined expression: Pirkko p:a:atti saada Saatanan huora, literally Devils whore. The _melaa mekkoon_. Pirkko made a decision of verb for calling someone with the name getting laid, literally: Pirkko made a decision whore is huoritella. of getting an oar to her skirt. j
  4. 4. Minua vituttaa! ‡ Im pissed off! NOTE This Perkele! ‡ devil literally means It cunts me. It is one of the perse (noun) † ass, arse NOTE Refers to the most common expressions of irritation in buttocks; also used as a euphemism for contemporary (urban) Finnish. sexual intercourse in the expression antaamulkku (noun sg.), mulkut (noun pl.) † penis persettä to give some ass.inter (sg.), penis with shaft and testicles (pl.) NOTE perse (noun) † ass, arse NOTE Refers to the The plural form refers to the entire assembly: buttocks; also used as a euphemism for Hän otti aurinkoa mulkut paljaana. He was sexual intercourse in the expression antaa sunning himself with all of his equipment persettŠ to give some ass. bare. pieru (noun), pieriä (verb) † fart, to fart NOTEmuna dick, penis Note derivatives: piereskellŠ to lay a series of short farts, pierŠhtŠŠ to fart suddenly n pillu † cunt NOTE used for girls between 18 - 25naida (verb), nainti (noun) to marry; to have pimpsa (noun) a little girls vulva; cunt NOTE sex; having sex NOTE This verb must be used Neutral slang in its original meaning, stronger with caution. Depending on whether the direct if used humorously to mean cunt object is in the accusative or the partitive it piru † devil has completely different meanings: Hän nai naisen. He will marry the woman vs. Hän nai r naista. He is having sex with the woman. The noun nainti refers exclusively to having runkata (verb) † to masturbate, to whack off sex. runkkari (noun) wankernarttu bitch räkä (noun) snot NOTE Syö räkäs! Eat yournussia ‡ fuck NOTE Yees snot! is a common expression of contempt. o sOlen kyrpiintynyt. ‡ Im pissed off; Im fed up. saatana ‡ satan,devil NOTE Literally Im pricked up. The feminist slerssi (noun) † cock, prick NOTE Usually equivalent of Minua vituttaa. means a cock that is in normal state, not in erection. p stondata (verb), stondis (noun) † to have apallit (noun pl.) testicles, balls NOTE A recent hard-on, hard-on NOTE The verb is used borrowing from English. impersonally with the subject in the adessive case: Mulla stondaa Ive got a hard-on.paskan marjat † crap, bullshit NOTE Literally shitberries Used to express disgust, suksi vittuun! ‡ Fuck off! NOTE Literally Go ski contempt, or exasperation. into a cunt! Culturally, an extremely Finnish way of telling someone to get lost.paskat † shit
  5. 5. suoro (noun) a horses or bulls penis NOTE Used humorously to refer to a larger than average human penis wvedä käteen! ‡ go fuck yourself! literally masturbate. NOTE very offensive. useful when getting unwanted suggestions. :-)vedä käteen! ‡ go fuck yourself! literally masturbate. NOTE very offensive. useful when getting unwanted suggestions. :-)vetää käteen (verb) † masturbate, wank NOTE Literally pull into ones hand. Can be used for an act of masturbation, or as an insult: vedä käteen! approx. fuck offvittujen kevät ja kyrpien takatalvi ‡ Oh fucking fuck! NOTE Most naturally used after the sentence initial Voi,..., literally Oh spring of cunts and cold spell of pricks, an expression of extreme disgust.vitun äpärä † fuckin bastard!voi helvetti † bloody hellvoi vittu ‡ fuck this