Ten Years of Lulu


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Ten years of publishing success.

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Ten Years of Lulu

  1. 1. February 2002 Lulu is founded. After experiencing his own frustrations with traditionally publishing his book“Under the Radar,” Bob Young determines there has to be “a better way to publish” and Lulu.com is founded. Lulu believes in the power of ideasand the potential of everyone to create something powerful.
  2. 2. January 2003Lulu expands its product line withdigital artwork and images.
  3. 3. October 2003First “Best-Selling Author”Lulu.com names its first best-selling authorwho holds the title for three years.
  4. 4. April 2004 Better Print-On-Demand TechnologyThrough a new primary print partner, Lulu provides true one-off production for authors.
  5. 5. June 2004Largest Traffic Influx to DatePromotions from Lulu’s presence atHeroesCon in Charlotte, NC were sosuccessful, the site crashed over thefollowing weekend.
  6. 6. July 2004Lulu.com gains coverageon Slashdot.comLulu’s arrival to the technology circuit istrumpeted by its first Slashdot.com story.
  7. 7. March 2005 Lulu introduces professional services.Lulu users can now take advantage of editing and formatting options to make their content more marketable.
  8. 8. July 2005 Lulu offers even better distribution options.Amazon marketplace distribution is available without an ISBN for the first time.
  9. 9. August 2005 Lulu begins globalization.Lulu adds the United Kingdom marketplace.
  10. 10. November 2005Lulu offers hardcover options.New print partner Berryville Graphicsexpands Lulu’s product line.
  11. 11. November 2005 Lulu.com is now home to over 10,000 published works. A milestone moment for Lulu.com.
  12. 12. February 2006 Lulu makes their first move.Lulu moves to a larger office space in Morrisville, NC to accommodate continuing expansion.
  13. 13. April 2006 Lulu goes international.Lulu.com expands international reach and is now available in Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Italian.
  14. 14. June 2007Lulu makes publishing even easier.Lulu becomes the only place where users canpublish a single ISBN for a book.
  15. 15. June 2007Lulu wins Web 2.0 award. SEOMoz.org awards Lulu with theFirst Place Web 2.0 award in Books.
  16. 16. September 2007Lulu introduces the Lulu Studio.™The Lulu Studio™ offers new photo book products withenhanced image options.
  17. 17. May 2008 Lulu increases image selection.Lulu adds stock imagery. Now Lulu users can seamlessly pull in a huge selection of stock photos to enhance their work.
  18. 18. July 2008Lulu announces 38% growth over last year.
  19. 19. April 2009Lulu moves to its new globalheadquarters.The abandoned NC Equipment Company buildingin Raleigh, NC is revitalized after being convertedinto the new global headquarters for Lulu.com.
  20. 20. May 2009Lulu expands author servicesand adds professional publishingpackages.
  21. 21. August 2009Lulu services increase business 300%.Lulu’s “done-for-you” service packages help peoplemake their book look as professional as possible.Lulu services can increase sales an average of 34%within a year.
  22. 22. September 2009Lulu announces Life-TimeRevenue SharingThe Lulu Publishing Partner Program encouragesUS organizations to motivate employees to publishby offering a lifetime revenue share of all servicespurchased and books sold.
  23. 23. October 2009Lulu’s global headquarterswins the Sir Walter Raleigh Award.Since 1983, the prestigious Sir Walter Raleigh Awardhas been presented to various designers, developersand organizations that have helped improve theoverall character, environment and appearance ofthe Raleigh community through unique design.
  24. 24. November 2009Lulu adds over 200,000 eBooks to its catalogue.Lulu pioneers “open-publishing” by literally placing Lulu authoredbooks right next to traditional titles like Dan Brown. Lulu treats all content equally and gives all authors an equal shot at success.
  25. 25. November 2009Traditionally published authorsbegin switching to Lulu.An exciting and validating time at Lulu as more andmore authors such as Cory Doctorow and Warren Ellisturn down traditional publishing methods and decideto publish through Lulu.
  26. 26. December 2009 Revenue is up 40%.Lulu reports the largest number of total salesin the company’s history on “Cyber Monday”.
  27. 27. February 2010 Lulu Opens Doors to DevelopersLulu provides direct access to its publishing platform, creating new opportunity for publishing innovation.
  28. 28. March 2010 iBookstore Aggregator Status. Lulu becomes one of only seven aggregators for the iBookstore.Acclaimed, traditionally published author John Edgar Wideman turns to Lulu to gain more control and reach more readers.
  29. 29. June 2010Wall Street Journal Names LuluOne of the “Stars of Self-Publishing.”
  30. 30. October 2010 Lulu adds printers to serve explosive growth.Seeing an 80 percent growth in creator registrations, Lulu expands it global print network to France, cutting shipping costs and time for delivery for customers across Europe.
  31. 31. March 2011 Cooking Up Success with Paula Deen.Kraft Cheese and Paula Deen partner with Lulu to publish acommunity cookbook to be promoted on Paula’s web-show, The Real Women of Philadelphia.
  32. 32. May 2011 Lulu Launches World’s First True Open-Publishing Platform.Lulu adds to its APIs with tools for document conversion and the first glimpses of an eCommerce platform. Lulu also expands its print network to Canada to serve growth.
  33. 33. September 2011 Lulu simplifies eBook creation with a new EPUB converter. New free eBook converter technology speeds up time to market forself-published authors seeking to capitalize on the growing e-reader trend. Later, Lulu announces a partnership with Barnes and Noble, expanding eBook distribution to the NOOK.
  34. 34. November 2011 Lulu Short Story Contest In support of popular annual writing event National Novel Writing Month, Lulu provides authors with a chance to upload a 600-wordshort story, have it distributed to popular retailers and devices like theiBookstore and NOOK and can win some incredible prizes including a NOOK and $500 cash. Lulu received over 2300 submissions.
  35. 35. December 2011 Award-winning Author Stephen Stark Comes to LuluStephen Stark, award-winning author of the New York Times BookReview “Notable Book of the Year” Second Son, and his publisher, Shelf Media Group, have chosen to release Stark’s latest work through Lulu.com, breaking from the traditional model he has used to successfully publish his previous titles.
  36. 36. December 2011Lulu Names December 26thNational Download DayThe day after Christmas, Lulu sees a spike in e-sales due to people loading up their new e-readerdevices. Interestingly, print sales tripled threedays later indicating that e-sales drive print salesand vice versa.
  37. 37. March 2012Lulu partners with NACS; ProvidesCustom Community-Based PublishingSolutions for College StoresLaunching a beta platform for campus stores, Luluseeks to empower these stores to become centralizedhubs for cultivating knowledge-based content amongtheir customer bases – furthering their ability to helpeducators, students, and others share their valuableideas and expertise for years to come.
  38. 38. March 2012New York Times Bestselling Author David Thorne publishes through Lulu. Thorne shares his latest collection of the hilariously entertaining emails andarticles he is known for in his new book I’ll Go Home Then, Its Warm and Has Chairs.
  39. 39. March 2012 Lulu raises the bar in self-publishing – again. After a year of hard work, Lulu launches a new eCommerce platform along with major site upgrades that will give authors and readers the absolute best self-publishing experience for buying and selling books in any format across the globe.
  40. 40. April 2012 Congressional Candidate and Political Bestseller Kevin Powell comes to Lulu. Former TV star and current activist Kevin Powell, publishes his11th book, Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan, and the Ghost of Dr. King through Lulu.
  41. 41. April 2012 Lulu releases new Google Drive App. In what Triangle Tech Talk calls a “company milestone,” Lulu announcesintegration with Google Drive, enabling creators to take a document fromcollaboration to published in one-click, right from their Google accounts. Lulu is one of only 20 companies invited into the Drive beta program.