Ukuleles in the 1920's


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Ukuleles in the 1920's

  1. 1. Ukuleles In The 1920s
  2. 2. can find ukuleles for sale in todays society inalmost every music store. This kind of instrument is inexpensive, promote social interaction and very easy to learn. Most of the people say thatukulele is making a comeback reminiscent of the early 20th century. Particularly, in 1920 or the Jazz Age, was the last time the ukulele was revered as much as it is today. The ukulele became prominent during that age since it was the very first time it was used by popular musicians, recorded and broadcast to a large audience.
  3. 3. 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition located in San Francisco, USA, is an event that can traced back the ukulele craze. Famous companies such as Harmony, Martin, National,Lyon and Healy, started producing ukuleles duringthat year. The increase in popularity as thought by many would ruin the industry that had historically been a Hawaiian niche. However, the Hawaiianmakers gained the right to brand their instrumentswith a sign that said made in Hawaii which made their particular ukuleles a collectors item.
  4. 4. During the first ten years of the 20th century, the ukulele became an integral staple in the tourist industry of Hawaii and is in fact credited withhelping to create the "soul" of the island. Those in- charge in dealing with the guest are called the Hawaiian Waikiki beach boys, they guide them around the islands and taught them to surf,sometimes humoured the guest by playing ukuleles at night. The ukuleles became the most popular instrument in the pre-war period because of thepopularity generated together with the international exposition.
  5. 5. After the First World War, ukuleles, asreported in a German newspaper wereactually helping the German population to pay its reparations debt. Musical instruments in Germany had a tax attached to them. The high sales ofukulele has increased the governments revenue.
  6. 6. notable public figure was also caught on to the ukulele trend. After the Prince of Wales, Edward, started to play his customized ukulele which is made by Harmony in 1920s, many companiesincreased the number of ukuleles for sale in their stores. His ukulele was engraved with gold and had sported his seal and coat of arms.
  7. 7. Ukuleles has continued on their ascent with performers playing the instruments like GeorgeFormby, Cliff Edwards, and Arthur Godfrey. In fact, this instrument has been played in dozens of silver-screen films because of Formby, the one responsible for the film debut of ukuleles. While Edwards also played the ukulele in his films, he was on the other hand, responsible for more promotion in the realm of radio. His music radio shows, were broadcast on over 400 stations, making the reach of the ukulele almost limitless.
  8. 8. Truly that the 1920s were the gold age for the ukulele. Almost each family had an individual who can play ukulele in countries like UnitedStates and Great Britain. This was an instrument that promoted unity, being played by different people of different kinds. After the catastrophic destruction of the First World War, the simple,pure, and uplifting sound of the ukulele was the perfect cure for the heavy hearted.
  9. 9. Ukuleles In The 1920s