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What kind of media institution might distribute your
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What kind of media institution might distribute your






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What kind of media institution might distribute your What kind of media institution might distribute your Presentation Transcript

  • What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?
  • Why have you chosen your production company logo? • I have chosen this logo as it is appealing and looks conventional. It is similar to other production companies such as New Line Cinema and can be related to the appropriate genre, Action. The red and black colours connote danger, blood and serious themes. It can also be related to a supernatural being, Phoenix. However, the darker colours imply that the main theme is action. Furthermore, the bird Phoenix can be related to superhero’s that are often seen in action genre films. This means Hollywood institutions such as Sony would fit best as my company mainly focuses on action.
  • What is a production company? What do they do?• Production companies are responsible for producing and distributing a film.• They may also take care of fundraising but sometimes there are ‘Parental Companies’ that provide financial support.• Production companies take care of the schedule, scripts, resources, staff, pre-production, production,• post-production, distribution and• marketing.
  • What is the job of a film distributor?• A film distributor might be a company or be an individual responsible for the marketing of a film. He sets the release date for certain platforms such as: cinema, DVD or television programmes.
  • Which film distributor would you choose for your film and why? What other films have they distributed that are similar to yours?• I would choose Warner Bros because they distribute similar films such as “Sherlock Holmes” or “Clash of the Titans”. Furthermore, they distributed “Final Destination 5”, “The Matrix” and “Firewall”. All these titles are associated with the action genre, and most are also with the thriller genre. Therefore, this would be a good choice as it would give a hint at the genre of my film.
  • How would your film be funded?• My film will be funded with another party that has enough money to help. I would take a loan from a well known Production Company to promote my film and later pay it all back if my film would be a success.• I could also use lottery to partially fund my film.
  • Titles - Why do you need them? How have you presented them?• Titles advertise the most important people that were involved in the making of the film. This emphasizes their importance as they are shown at the beginning of the film instead of at the end. I need this because it will promote the people that helped, including myself.• I have added freeze frames and a distinctive colour change to each one of them making it look unique and original. This might look attractive to some people who would pay more attention to the titles.
  • What films have influenced you from the industry and why?• “Sherlock Holmes” has been a big influence for me because it has a very similar genre to mine and uses a similar idea of freeze frames, but different style.• “Wanted” has also been an influence, as I used the idea of someone being on the run from an antagonist.